The Steinbeck Overalls

Steinbeck Overalls APC

“Overalls are back this season.” (I’m just quoting net-a-porter, personally I hate them except on toddlers.)

The Steinbeck overalls in chambray, by A.P.C., are ‘a breathable cotton and linen blend.’  $365

I know this is exactly what Steinbeck had in mind when he wrote The Grapes of Wrath

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4 Responses to The Steinbeck Overalls

  1. Dj says:

    Why why why??? Toddlers, yes. Grown men who are really farmers, ok. Men who wear them shirtless or with tank tops, hell no. $365 would have kept the poor Joad (?) family going for two years!

  2. Andrea says:

    I personally love overalls. Not the Steinbecks but vintage ones. I have been wearing them since I was a teenager in the 60s. Easy to throw on over a tank & you’re done. & really comfy if you’re at the end of pregnancy when nothing fits. The APC ones are a joke, however. I don’t think the working man’s clothing was meant to cost almost $400. I guess those are meant to be worn when drinking artisanal wine. : )

  3. Bessie the Cow says:

    I’m seeing them everywhere, and as a cow . . . they scare me. I think they’re coming to take away my calf and milk me with those metal milk suckers.

  4. Andra says:

    I used to have a pair of overalls very similar, except mine were denim (about the only denim I ever owned) and very tight and very sexy. In fact, I had a bit of trouble sitting down and also keeping the boobs in their defined area.
    Ah, them were the days!

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