Play-Doh and Miracles

I haven’t bought any Play-Doh in years, but I’m very excited about this 50th Anniversary pack, with 50 different colors. Remember how hard it could be to get just the right color?

Actually, I used to be pretty good with Play-doh.   I have told this story before but it’s worth telling again because of the Miracle:

When my son was around two years old, I had to watch the O.J. Simpson trial every day, just like everyone else who had a TV.   While it was on, my son and I worked with Play-Doh on the tray of his high-chair. I remember making a little Marcia Clark figure and a little O.J. too. One day I was just absent-mindedly squishing some Play-Doh when I looked down and to my surprise, this is what I had made:

As you can see, it’s a familiar image! I had to think for a moment to place it, but I know that you will recognize it at once as a portion of The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh.

This is known as The Play-Doh Miracle, and it will be on file at the Vatican when I am formally declared a Saint.

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5 Responses to Play-Doh and Miracles

  1. hammie says:

    We had that multi-playdough pack and it was great for making teletubbies and their accessories, but I can safely say we never made a Marcia Clark.

    Will playdough be releasing a “if you did it; this is how to do it” edition?
    (that the Goldman family can buy and squash!)

  2. I’m very impressed! Are you the reincarnation of van gough? You better not absent mindedly lop off an ear.

  3. enc says:

    It’s incredible! I never knew you were so hard core! 😉

    I was never any good with Play-Doh.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    enc, if you’d spent less time being a biker and more time with your Play-Doh, think where you’d be now!

  5. Charponnaise says:

    Play-Doh tastes nice. I stay away from it because I know I will want to eat it.

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