That’s Our Amy

I was amazed that Amy WInehouse actually made it to the concert for Nelson Mandela. Just days ago at death’s door, she looked like a little Q-tip under her giant hair. Not only did she wear that crazy Blake thing in her beehive, but during her wailing rendition of the old anthem “Free Nelson Mandela” she substituted the lyrics: “Free Blakey, my fella!”

Hahaha! Amy is nuts but godammit I love her. If only we could save her!

You can watch her performance here. Listen up at 5:25 for the shout out to Blake Incarcerated.

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10 Responses to That’s Our Amy

  1. enc says:

    She’s on a collision course. She will soon arrive at the gates of death or insanity.

    Her voice is unparalleled, though.

  2. The Nag says:

    Yes. much safer to watch her online. Apparently she punched a fan at Glastonbury yesterday.

  3. Juri says:

    Hahahaha .. I saw the Glastonbury clip and didn’t mind the punching, really. At least She did the show. I was more concerned about the mental state of an Amy Winehouse backup dancer/hand clapper. No matter how wasted poor little Amy is, the dancers must jump, smile and clap their hands like everything were hunky dory and the lady was giving a spotless performace.

    It must suck balls to be an Amy Winehouse backgroung dancer with a mortgage and children to feed these days. I wonder if the guys are secretly sending out resumes.

    As for Mandela, the Free NM hymn is getting quite annoying by now as the man has been out of prison for quite some time already. It was about time someone updated the lyrics!

  4. Juri says:

    Furthermore, she is a mess but all she has to do is to whisper my name and I’ll run away with her!!

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Same here, Juri.

  6. Mark says:

    Love her and Dammers, though Dammers should check out the Specials album covers and note that he used to be presentable.

    I’ll be so bummed if she OD’s. That “Gloria” song of hers is better than Lexapro.

  7. Mark says:

    I meant “Valerie”

  8. hammie says:

    Maybe she just needs to hear that Mark “I’ll be so bummed if she OD’s”
    That could be her saving grace.
    And she doesnt need to die young; I think she will be a faboulous looking old gal. Like Marianne Faithful or Chrissie Hynde, with a beehive.

  9. It’s painful to watch her self-destruct so publicly, but her voice is amazing!

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    I keep hoping that someone will kill Blake Incarcerated and thus free Amy from his evil spell.

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