Plays Well With Others

An anonymous commenter suggested that I have been Needlessly Savage toward other, younger bloggers.   I don’t understand the word “needlessly” in this context. And I can’t really attack older bloggers, because Ha, there aren’t any!

Anonymous (and I know who you are because I can see your IP,) help me out. Who are the bloggers I should champion? Just point me to them! God knows I am always looking for something interesting to look at or read.

I’m finding that style-driven blogs are falling into two camps, and I’m sorry about using “driven” like that. I’ve already complained about the Clueless Goth blogs here, and I’m standing with those complaints. If you can judge a blog by its comments, these are the worst by far. The “Fuck yeah!”, “Hell yeah!” and “Sick!” quotient is just off the chart. The accompanying blogrolls are full of like-minded girls who love the word “black.” Is it mean to make fun of this shit? Fuck yeah! But you’re tough, you leather-and-chain girls, you can take it.

The other camp I will have to call the So What Blogs. They are the work of average looking women who want you to look at their average looking outfits all the time. They have nothing to say and they don’t say it with any distinction. They sometimes show us pictures of themselves drinking with friends or taking vacations. It’s the kind of stuff that only their families would care about. When they stop posting for a few days, they apologize, like the whole world was gasping like a fish out of water in their absence from the blogosphere. (Sorry about the word blogosphere.)

The one blog that stands above all the rest is Kingdom of Style, and it’s the one I would miss the most on a desert island. The Queens never waste my time, and they’ve created an atmosphere of grown up creativity that always gives me a lift. My friendship with the Queens has been one of the chief perks of blogging. If I ever make it to Loch Ness (one of the 5 things on my bucket list)(sorry about bucket list), I’ll be stopping off first at Marie’s house for a cup of tea.

Is there a great blog out there that I’ve been missing? I promise not to be Needlessly Savage about any recommendations.

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61 Responses to Plays Well With Others

  1. Dru says:

    Sister- don’t miss out on this one, please!

  2. TheShoeGirl says:

    I’m afraid I may fall into the category of So What Blog.

  3. Dru says:

    ^same with me, to be honest.

  4. serpentine says:

    Re the catorialist. Yes, that’s bad, but it’s not as bad as those fucking blogs written from the cat’s point of view. I also at this point feel compelled to share that my sister-in-law buys my brother greetings cards from their 4 cats “to Daddy”. I love my cats but that makes me want to puke.

  5. anjuna says:

    I so agree with Julia. Of all things said..what SW wants to know is the definion of ‘need’.

    Well then, ‘need’ as in, ‘in order to breathe’, because that’s exactly how I perceive your hating. As an obligation, a requisite for you being ‘yourself’ so much as others, in order to live. They need to hate.

  6. Whad the forgue ees wrarng weeth a blarg wreeden frarm the cad’s poin’ ob view?

  7. RedHeadFashionist says:

    There are some big name blogs that I just don’t understand the appeal of. Susie Bubble, for example, dresses like a 5-year-old and is touted as a style pioneer, while women wearing boring, everyday wearable clothes are ignored. While in the middle ground are the try-hard, semi-cool youth bloggers who subsequently get verbal abuse here for just expressing themselves man! *cuts wrists*. Maybe I should just delete my blog 😛
    Oh, and as much as I love Kingdom of Style, it’s only a few iota away from being try-hard. In my opinion. Obviously I’m too young/naive to have an opinion.

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