Restless Leg Syndrome: The Hidden Benefits!


Restless Leg Syndrome is a fun disorder to begin with, but now it’s even more fun. The hot new medication for RLS is a drug called Mirapex, which has a cute little TV commercial showing some legs that end up rested and content.

One of the noteworthy side effects to ‘worry’  about is an increased compulsion for gambling or sexual activity.

I love this! It reminds me of those old cartoons  where someone tries to  use their finger  to plug a hole in a bulging dam.  Other holes start sprouting somewhere else. If you stop your legs from twitching, boom, you need to gamble or have sex. Nature is trying to tell you, Move it, Buddy! Either your leg or your ass, It doesn’t really care.

I suggest keeping a bottle of Mirapex around, just in case you get caught engaging in some form of, ahem, behavior.

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  1. honeypants says:

    “IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT MIRAPEX: MIRAPEX may cause you to fall asleep without any warning, even while doing normal daily activities such as driving. When taking MIRAPEX hallucinations may occur”

    I like the part about hallucinations! Though I’d be worried about the narcolepsy. I’m pretty sure I have some form of RLS, and though I wouldn’t want the gambling jones, Steve would approve of the increased sex drive. We’re like that scene in Annie Hall where Woody and Diane are both at their therapists and he’s saying, “She never wants to have sex! Only about 3 times a week.” And she’s saying, “He always wants to have sex! Like, 3 times a week!”

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