Saudi Arabia and Conjoined Twins


Did you know that Saudi Arabia maintains a website about conjoined twins? According to the website, King Al Saud’s benevolence has earned his country the status of The Kingdom of Humanity. The King apparently has a special interest in conjoined twins, and has sponsored surgery to separate thirteen sets of twins since 1990.

There is a page on ethical and religious considerations, which is interesting, and a chart that depicts the most common types of conjoined twins.

There is also a photo gallery where you can see a lot of stuff you’ll regret looking at. Don’t come whining to me, because I’ve just warned you!

That said*,  god bless King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for his humanitarian efforts and this unique website.

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2 Responses to Saudi Arabia and Conjoined Twins

  1. Laurabob says:

    I read this blog with horrified fascination.

  2. Suebob says:

    Hey, that’s my sis up there in the comments. We are only conjoined at the mental level.

    I am always fascinated by stories of conjoined twins who go on to have somewhat normal experiences, like dating. I mean, for me dating is terribly difficult. I can’t imagine what it would be like with a literal hanger-on. How do you put THAT in an ad? But it rocks that they do it.

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