Send in the Clowns

“Rick Perry is like George Bush without the ethics or intelligence”   – Jim Hightower

Michelle Bachman poses with her children and her gay homophobic husband. Who wouldn’t want these fine Christians in the White House?

And here are Mrs. Palin’s toenails as she relaunches her “family vacation”.

Since Mitt Romney is already toast, we can look forward to a nasty competition over which candidate is the most Christian, plain speakin’, and determined to cut social security and social services to the American People who are presumably longing for fewer regulations of aviation standards, air quality, and whatnot.

It’s the stupidity and the hate-mongering that make me gag. I’ve given up on waiting for Obama to live up to his campaign promises.   But seeing Rick Perry morph into a g’ droppin’ , Bushian fake cowboy makin’ crazy charges about treason…it’s going to be enraging.

I mean, enragin’.

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37 Responses to Send in the Clowns

  1. Cricket9 says:

    Right you are, it is totally enragin’. And these toenails are scarin’ the shit out of me – WTF?!

  2. Tina says:

    I know some really conservative people (hey, I live in Texas!) who can’t stand Perry! Did you hear Jon Stewart talk about him the other night??

  3. carla fox says:

    Hahahaha…… said it, Sister! Better than I ever could! “…the American People who are presumably longing for fewer regulations of aviation standards, air quality, and whatnot.” Priceless.

  4. Muffy says:

    Amen Sister Amen

  5. MG says:

    All three of those fucks are insane.

  6. honeypants says:

    I’m so scared. Seriously, do the people of this country have NO idea what a laughing stock we are? At least I can still watch shows like Curiosity and see Steven Hawking twitch his eyebrow while his robot voice denies the existence of a god.

  7. carey says:

    goddamit i’m mad as hell about the gop candidates from hell, too! can people really be that stupid? never mind, don’t answer that…

  8. Kimberley says:

    Not that I love our right wing, Conservative, cold-fish Prime Minister in Canada, but these people repulse me.
    It should be a horrifying campaign season.

  9. Romeo says:

    “A bow tie announces to the world you can no longer get an erection.”
    – David Sedaris

  10. Audi says:

    OK, here’s what we do: everyone registers Republican and votes for Fred Karger in the primaries.

  11. Artful Lawyer says:

    Oh Lordy, I just googled Bachmann and I think she does have a gay husband. With poor fashion sense. Spare us!

  12. jlynn says:

    Jon Stewart re: Dr Bachman’s “pray the gay away” therapy practice:

    “Is he teaching people not to be gay or is he like the Green Mile guy, just absorbing it all?”

  13. jlynn says:

    Seriously though, just like the Palins, the Bachmans seem so mired in repression and denial that unless they’re secretly compensating somehow (via self medication, cutting, eating disorders, sexual dalliances, etc,) they’re bound to SNAP.
    Either way, to give them such enormous power/influence over millions of lives would be… ill advised…

  14. Cricket9 says:

    @Kimberley – you’re right, we have our Canadian politician fucks (the only redeeming quality of our PM is that he likes cats), but for some reason they did not sink to the level of the US fucks…yet? If Tim Hudak wins in Ontario, I may have to pack and immigrate again, but I’m running out of ideas where to…

  15. Andra says:

    Always a bed in Cairns, Cricket…. bring the cats.

  16. JK says:

    Well Romeo ol’ boy – bow-tie or not Michelle is capable of going some lengths to ensure that’s not a problem. I did wonder the other day that Ann Coulter announced she as quite a number of gay admirers. I wondered to myself, “Now what in the hell is it with with these otherwise respectable people and these lady Republicans?”

    Advisory!!! for you delicately dispositioned female readers here, keep in mind it was the Iowa State Fair for Chrissakes – and what fare can one reasonably expect at a state fair in Iowa?

  17. JoJo says:

    Palin’s toe nails are cool. I think she is a cool lady, tough and original, and as gay friendly as any politician. At least we know she has gay friends. Michelle B on the other hand is a throwback to Anita Bryant, and she won’t last.

  18. Aja says:

    Second drollgirl. Actually no, I think we’re in for a fine season of good entertainment.

  19. Andra says:

    Don’t bother. They’re here.

  20. Andra says:

    That Rick Perry is kind of cute, though, in a village-idiot sort of way.

    The Bachmann husband is SO gay. Who’s in denial here then?

    The Bachmann offspring look just way you’d expect them to look.
    I would imagine they have been cloned, or artificial insemination was involved somewhere.

    The Palin toenails are more proof of the trailer trash mentality, if any more were needed.

    Duff, we need to think about an intervention for you.

  21. Andra says:

    OK, I got him.
    We have a choice: The Fatal Mountaineer – the high altitude life of Willi Unsoeld.
    Or, The Drumof War – to do with Walt Whitman and the Civil War.
    I’m guessing the mountain one.
    I’m on the case and will file a book report in due course.
    Over and out.

  22. littlebadwolf says:

    doesn’t it depend, sorta, on where you’re wearing the bow tie, romeo?

  23. David Duff says:

    I have long worshipped at teh feet of MDS (My Darling Sarah) and now you know why!

    JoJo, above, is a lady of exquisite taste and discernment and, providing she changes her mind concerning MDM (My Darling Michele), I may in time allow her to have my babies!

  24. Kimberley says:

    “Michele Bachman says the the darndest things”

  25. Daniel in Mexico says:

    Her 2 oldest sons are hot! I really do hate her though! There should be an amendment to the constitution stating that “any political figure is forbidden to mention god or the bible or in any way govern in a way that promotes a religious bias.” This way PROTECTING the state from the church….I once thought that they were seperate….but I guess not!

    Sister, are you still giving out Cunt awards? I nominate her for CUNT of the year!

  26. Cricket9 says:

    @Andra, <3 <3 <3
    @Jojo, Sarah P. is not cool – not even like a small tiny ice cube. If by "original" you mean "weird", then yes.

  27. Romeo says:

    @ littlebad:
    I guess if you were wearing the bow tie on your erection, then… I dunno, paradoxes like that make my hair hurt.

  28. Witch Moma says:

    Don’t you wonder which candidate REALLY has God in their corner? Hopefully they’ll all destroy each other – all the while entertaining us.

  29. Cricket9 says:

    It looks like I take the clowns and the world in general far too seriously, while you in US expect entertainment, and I’m sure you’ll get it. I’ll go now and smoke a joint and than have giggles. I feel better already.

  30. Elaine says:

    When they talk, I want to laugh. But then I realise they actually have supporters and have an obscene amount of sway in the way the US will develop its policies and that shuts me up.
    I’m waiting for Sarah Palin to run though. With Trump gone, it feels like I’m missing out sound bites that hit another level of delusion, like the farthest ego has been taken.
    But what the hell is up with the Palin toenails? Why would ANYONE take a close up photo of her feet? Do they really worship at the feet?

  31. Elaine says:

    Grammar question: farthest or furthest? It “sounds” farthest but now I’m sure it’s furthest.

  32. Suspended says:

    A pigeon flew over my car today and now it looks like Sarah Palin’s toenails.

  33. Cricket9 says:

    I <3 you Suspended!

  34. Marky says:

    “Farthest” is for spatial distance that can be measured.
    “Furthest” is for everything else.

    The Bachmanns are priceless. Really. It’s only a matter of time ’til some Craigslist rent boy steps forward with a tape of Mr. Michelle Bachmann sporting a few nipple clamps, ass-less chaps, and a few scruffy bus station hustlers on his face. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens to Rick Perry. Google “Rick Perry Gay” and see for yourself.

    But then again, I was the one who was convinced Sarah Palin would have her meth-addict son killed in Iraq back in 2008 to collect pity/patriotic votes, but he’s still alive today, cooking up batches in his bathtub and mainlining with his pregnant fiance, right?

  35. Andra says:

    Marky, Marky.
    I don’t like the word “farthest”. I just don’t.
    So sue me.
    As for the rest of your post, couldn’t agree more. Outings will occur.

  36. Kathleen says:

    If Palin weren’t a politician, and didn’t kill so many things, I’d like her OK. The rest I’m quite terrified of no matter what.

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