Shit I Can’t Have

How do you like this draped tartan dress by McQ McQueen? If I could get away with it, I’d buy it immediately from my-wardrobe and never wear it.

Don’t argue with me about this cool collaboration between Anglomania and Lee Jeans. Look at that coppery coating on the light blue denim! It is exactly what I didn’t know I wanted but now I do. I want these jeans badly.

Imagine the insults I’d get from those commenters who think I’m too old, too anorexic, too hateful and too bitter! If I had $265 to blow on more jeans, this pair would be on its way right now. And I’d fucking rock them as well as just wear them.

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37 Responses to Shit I Can’t Have

  1. You’re never too old or too bitter for metallic jeans. And I want them now!

  2. Elena Abaroa says:

    I dont find you “hateful” at all, for me u are pretty tender in your special way…I love the McQueen dress, however the jeans are too much for me..

    I have read the previous post, I send u all my support again (I know the support of a stranger is not very important, but I send it to you anyway). You really touch our hearts with your writing…

    I send you a big hug, Sister.

  3. Consuela@FaithfulRetainer says:

    Tartan does not suit me, bit I like the dress very much.

  4. Top choices both – if I had the budget they’d be mine

  5. Mary says:

    Love both those items. I am sure you would be ‘rad’ in either garment.

  6. I used to work at the place that did PR for Lee jeans, and there’s an amazing pair in an all-over Westwood pattern as well, I seem to recall. Have you seen those? Definitely something I’d have worn if I had your ‘too old, too anorexic’ body shape.

  7. Cricket9 says:

    Love the dress, not sure about the jeans. The dress is fantastic, tough.

  8. Elaine says:

    Ahhh that McQ dress. I remember seeing it in a black and purple version
    I don’t find you too old, anorexic or bitter to wear metallic jeans either.
    I do think you’re one lucky bitch who got to see Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer in the flesh. That’s something you do have.

  9. Witch Moma says:

    i NEED that damn dress. I’ll wear it with boots tho’ cuz those shoes will make my legs look fatter. Or tights.

  10. I love the jeans. But I’m wondering who told that poor model to wear them with Prosti-Barbie shoes?

  11. rebecca says:

    Oh I’d wear the shit out of that dress.

    When I want shit I can’t have, SW, I either find similar things in my closet and pretend, or make them out of similar things I have in my closet. And if it gets really bad, then I start looking at people who have great style who don’t buy a bunch of stuff all the time and just wear the same few things over and over. It helps a bit… though I find it hard to turn the covet-machine off.

  12. rebecca says:

    ps. It must be really easy to find a pair of cheap jeans and paint them with metallic paint, no?

  13. jools says:

    Sweet Sister, I love love the dress. It would look amazing on you. The jeans don’t do it for me tho. Maybe I’d like them better on you, and definitely with different shoes. xo

  14. WendyB says:

    Imagine the insults I’d get from those commenters who think I’m too old, too anorexic, too hateful and too bitter! — wow, best reason to get stuff ever. Set up a search on eBay in case the stuff ever shows up there for cheap.

  15. Juli says:

    I love them both. I love the light blue color under the metallic paint. I’m jealous of whoever has the money to buy them.

  16. Ann says:

    The dress is not for me but I would wear those jeans til the metallic coating fell off. They are achingly cool, mind-bendingly awesome.

  17. Nadia says:

    Yes! The jeans are bloody great. I have a weakness for anything metallic or sparkly that I just can’t seem to shake, and these do it for me fiiiiine!

  18. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    Don’t like the dress. Though I’m sure you would look marvelous in it. Love the jeans – not the price tag.

  19. Alicia says:

    All the more reason to rock the shit out of the radness of both of these.

  20. dana says:

    Any time I can wear red and purple together as sanctioned in a print or plaid, i’m all over it. All of the above rock, and may or may not be worth credit card payments!

  21. Erika says:

    I like the dress. Give me grey and plaid every day. I scored a super tartan plaid dress from a consignment shop very recently that thiis reminds me of.
    Those jeans – you are too good for them. But if you must, spray paint an old tight pair and voila, same effect.

  22. gretchen says:

    the dress, to me, needs a belt…
    the pants? couldn’t you just paint a pair picked up from the thrift store?

  23. Cecilia says:

    I love the dress! I´m gonna copy it. I also like the jeans (just for going out at night, to dance, I would never wear them in the daylight).

  24. Dress and jeans that now I want thanks to you. I didn’t know I needed them but GODDAMMIT it now I do!

  25. I LOVE that dress. I NEED that dress. I have no reason to buy that dress. Darn. You do, however. Wear it for all of us.

  26. alittlelux says:

    love love love the dress… wish i could afford it too…

    also, found this:

  27. JenniferS says:

    I had a little party when I quit my last job, and while drinking told one of my coworkers “Right before I find Jesus I’m going to stop being so materialistic, stop blowing all my money on clothes and shoes.” Well, I was wrong. I found Jesus, but I still love that dress. With the coat.

  28. Lara says:

    I really think you could DIY those jeans quite easily.

    This paint is fantastic! Get a cheapo sponge brush and sloppily smear a thin layer on one side, let ’em dry and do the other side. I’m sure you have some old jeans you could use already on hand.

    They would only get better with wear.

  29. Mark says:

    They are both totally you.

  30. Oh that dress will be MINE! Providing I don’t look like a little kid playing dress up!
    As to your previous post I’m so sorry the pain continues to be so brutal. You are warrior supreme, although I’m sure you don’t feel so right now.
    MUch Love,

  31. Aja says:

    You always turn me on to the best things! The jeans not so much, the dress fuck yeah.

  32. backspace says:

    I’m drooling over the dress!! gorgeous!!

  33. Mark says:

    pair of Lee jeans from a thrift store–$5.99
    can of gold spray paint–$3.99

    For just under 10 bucks you can have those jeans!

  34. carmencatalina says:

    I love that dress.

  35. Joy D. says:

    1.You should get someone to make you that dress. I know it is ripping it off but you deserve to look good Sister Wolf.

    2. Those jeans are so old school.

  36. sisty56 says:

    I absolutely love that dress, and I agree with Joy.D — you can have someone make one for you. And you should.

  37. birdie says:

    Alicia Says:
    July 29th, 2010 at 9:16 am
    All the more reason to rock the shit out of the radness of both of these.

    Both of them, at the same time.

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