Shoes, Not Whores.

Oh help me Jesus, I have posted and deleted another blog about the crazy whore who keeps getting all up in my shit. I know I should just turn the other cheek, but You know I can’t roll like that. I am not the person to fuck with, that’s all.   Please grant me the wisdom to know how to shut her up, and the courage to kick her ass to kingdom come, amen.

Let us think about shoes instead.

These are all from   The lime satin ones are on sale and they have my size, but eh, I’m just learning to walk again.   What I love about all three is the color.   Each color is a neutral. That’s right, a fucking neutral.   Please don’t argue about it, I am completely drained by that stupid crazy whore.

A neutral color is whatever you say it is. I’ve always thought of red as a neutral, and most of my life I’ve had red shoes or a red bag to prove it.

Shopping at is a lovely experience. Last year I bought a gray leather bomber jacket by Malene Birger. It is soft velvety leather with long zippers at the cuffs. I never wear it but that’s okay because the point of clothes and shoes is to stockpile them.

When the Rapture comes, I’ll have more shoes and clothes than an army of women, and I will be proclaimed the winner of all battles, including the one with you-know-who.

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  1. WendyB says:

    Don’t let trolls ruffle your feathers. I know it’s easier said than done. Still, there’s nothing else to be done, is there?

  2. andy says:

    When your feeling better I will take you to The new Maison Martin Mariglida boutique hidden in weho for some power shopping. K?

  3. Jools says:

    Sister Wolf- I missed the first time crazy bitch harassed you. So I’m somewhat perplexed. How did all this get started? Just curious. I don’t need to know to hate her eastern eurotrash ass.

    P.S. I got a new puppy!

  4. Alannah says:

    Lol you have already won sister Wolf. Your blog is way more up-scale then hers!

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Oh thank god, you are making me feel better.

    Shopping, yes! Puppies, yes!

    What kind of puppy?

  6. Skye says:

    I’ve always thought purple was a neutral myself.

    Also, after the Rapture I have a feeling I’ll be joining the armies of darkness and they’ll have all the good shoes.

  7. hahahaha yeah. best dressed, first into heaven.

    perhaps the crazy lady is the joker to your batman?! She will drive you to greater and more glorious heights of godammit piss-ed-offness. xoxo

  8. hammie says:

    Well as my Mum would say “she’s just jealous”. (Actually MY mum would say “oh you are quite right to be insecure, she IS much better than you” but other normal mums who do not drive their daughters to drink, drugs, and eating disorders would say “she’s just jealous”.

    Seriously, stop giving her the oxygen of publicity. A stalker thrives on any mention of their stalking or affect on their victim. If you just pretend she doesnt exist she will fade away like Tinkerbell and disappear. Say it with me “I DONT Believe in BitchwhoreFairies”

  9. susie_bubble says:

    I do like the increasing amount of stuff My Wardrobe are getting in…. the green patent is tickling my fancy for some reason…

  10. Lady K says:

    Jools – you must tell us what kind of puppy, and does it smell of Digestive biscuits, or is that just me?

    Sister Wolf – I so wish I had seen what you were planning on posting. The others are probably correct, best to ignore her. Very glad you are back on form I missed your wonderful posts when you were laid up.

  11. Tobi Lynne says:

    How do I faithfully read your blog daily and miss the drama? And I looooove those purple ones — I think you should grab ’em up so you have something fabulous to wear once you’re walking again.

  12. annemarie says:

    i’m relatively new to this blog, but to reiterate the question jools asked– how did all this get started? i’m fascinated.
    by the way, this blog is truly great. that bitchwhore clearly needs a proper beating. beat that bitch! beat her!

  13. Edith Purdy says:

    Yeah, I have recently just found this blog so also would like a leetle bit of background on this like jools and annemarie…

    Haven’t been on my-wardrobe in ages, you’ve inspired me to give it another try!

  14. stockpiling, hahahaha! oh, funny, and I am stealing those green liquid patent shoe boots (i’d say “shoots” but I’m on probation) while you’re being distracted by the Rapture.

  15. enc says:

    Shewhowillnotbenamed doesn’t deserve any of your precious blogspace, I don’t think (not that you asked). I’d rather look at shoes than read what shewhowillnotbenamed has to say!

    Especially when the shoes look like this. And she’s boring anyway.

    I’m sidetracked, however, by the jacket you described. I wonder if you’d model it for us. Pretty please?

  16. honeypants says:

    I too love those green boots *sigh* looking at that site was beginning to depress me; I had to quickly close it after looking at some fantastic Vivienne Westwood top. *bigger sigh*

    You know, I actually did see your deleted post about the crazycuntlady. I couldn’t comment because you pretty much said it all. But you’re right, she will never win, only you can! And while she might think her friends are laughing, your friends (who are gobs more stylish and clever than hers) are laughing even harder!

  17. PatrickH says:

    Is this lunaticess who I think it is? I like her, the crazy Slav, but I like you more. And you won hands down on the painter guy with lalala name. You manage to make “no” repeated EXACTLY THE RIGHT NUMBER OF TIMES into a very effective rhetorical device. I’ll have to go back and count the number to use against any foe foolish enough to get up my grill (can a guy use that expression…seems not quite right, somehow).

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    I am the cunt around here, and no one shall try to unseat me.

    That fucking crazy whore is just a stupid nobody who got jealous of me when some cyber-men took notice of me on another blog. She went apeshit (technical term) and has been taunting/ridiculing me ever since. She says she is glad I fell and broke my pelvis.

    But Hammie and enc are wiser than I am in the ways of the internet.

    fashionherald, where have you been all my life? Go ahead and buy those shoots. Just don’t call them “iconic.”

    Miss wombat, if I get any more pissed off, my vital organs may explode or go missing…like my bladder.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    PatrickH, oh god, I laughed out loud when I typed the No’s. You can hear the laughter when you read it, correct?

    Nyet, you are wrong to like her. She is the epitome of an arrogant humorless and hateful spinster. No no no no no.

  20. PatrickH says:

    I hope you weren’t laughing when you typed those nos. As for liking her, I find her amusing. But…she’s said things to Clio and to Shouting Thomas that I despised her for saying. Sigh. Her comment about your dog and your lovely pelvis were beneath contempt. Oddly, I feel contempt for the comment anyway. Inconsistent of me, but there you go!

    Oh, by the way, you are just smokin’ hot. The more pics of you I see, the more I…well never mind. Your beehive shot might scare a lesser man, but it just makes me want to…well never mind.

    Sister, I want to take over as your stalker. But I’ll be a nice stalker. I promise. Please? Can I?

  21. Sister Wolf says:

    PatrickH, would you like to hereby be known as The Nice Stalker? Or we could call you That Nice Manly PatrickH. Appreciative Stalkers are welcome! It’s the creepy malice that spoils our fun.

  22. PatrickH says:

    Great! My stalking will consist of things like, “How you doing?” and “I am listening to the best music right now and eating the best food imaginable. I feel happy!” And of course, the occasional, “Holy God! You’re hot!”

    That Nice Manly PatrickH? Oh Sister, you have made my day! My decade! Do you remember when we first “met” and you said that a comment I made “bespoke a dangerous unbalanced psyche”? Sigh. All the great romances go that way don’t they? Boy meets girl. Girl thinks boy’s a psycho. Boy stalks girl. Girl shrugs and says, “Okay, maybe he’s not that bad after all.” Happy ending!

  23. Sister Wolf says:

    So true. We are a classic romantic comedy. Let the stalking begin!

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