Shoes That Speak For Themselves

Shoes that speak for themselvesThis shoe says “RUN!”

Salvatore Ferragamo is no stranger to maximalist footwear. These Fata sandals are constructed from an eclectic mix of tactile fabrics – note the green reptile-effect calf-leather front, suede trims, and mink-fur block heel and ankle strap. Consider them a fresh, contemporary way of offsetting a demure midi dress.


I agree they would offset a demure dress, if by “offset” you mean adding a note of pure horror. Look at the rear view:

shoes that speak for themselvesIt’s like a grizzly bear ate your feet and is trying to get away with it, like Nothing to see here, move along!


shoes that speak for themselvesThis new offering from Chloe says, simply, “I’m Sorry.”

Chloé’s ‘Liv’ boots are embellished with swirling silver, burgundy, midnight-blue and brown beads and finished with swishy fringing. Made in Italy, this black suede pair has a comfortable round toe and block heel.

Swishy fringing…the words alone are embarrassing.

shoes that speak for themselvesThey’re like someone trying to cover a big butt with a grass skirt. But it’s not their fault!

I forgive them.

But not Chloe.  $1,799





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4 Responses to Shoes That Speak For Themselves

  1. Suspended says:

    I love the first picture because it looks like a strange little black creature pushing a green lawnmower. They made me laugh therefor I cannot must the necessary hatred for them.

  2. Kellie says:

    The painfully ridiculous shoes are coming thick and fast these days, arent they?
    Looks like tiny gorillas on the first ones.
    The boots look like they need a haircut.
    I have bought and entire new McQ winter wardrobe for less than the cost of fringe boots. I now feel proud of that.
    As opposed to ashamed to be adding to the pile of cc debt.
    I will be actual fashionable though.

  3. Scoutito says:

    Looks like someone just got their 1st glue gun.

  4. Madam Restora says:

    A shoe that combines not just calf leather but mink as well? Wow! Surely they could have worked some whalebone and ivory into them somehow.

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