Should A Fat Pig Be Fat-Shaming?


One thing we learned from the debate on Monday night is that Donald Trump has a thing about fat.

I know his feud with Rosie O’Donnell involved taunts about her weight, but I didn’t realize that fat-shaming is a familiar behavior of Donald’s, verging on an obsession.

In Trump’s value system, being fat is the worst crime a woman can commit. Slobs! Ugly pigs!

He has double-downed today on the fat Miss Universe story. Not only was she a fat pig, she was “the worst [Miss Universe] we ever had. She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.” She was “an eating machine!”

Here’s what fat pig Alicia Machado looked like at age 20, when he invited a film crew to watch her working out in a gym.


Machado’s story about being traumatized by Trump’s insults brings to mind a common trigger of anorexia and bulimia: fat-shaming by the father, often in the form of a single, brutal comment.

A former Trump employee recalls that he used to keep an unflattering “fat photo” of her in his desk.  He would pull it out whenever she did something “wrong.”

I can’t even can’t even on this misogynist shit. Clearly, Trump has a deep fear and loathing of women, whose womanly bodies offend him. You can never get thin enough for men like this.

Let’s move on to his imaginary “400 pound” hacker, cited in his argument against Russia being responsible for breaking into the DMC’s files.

Who is this 400 pounder? Is Trump haunted by visions of fat people laying around in basements or running for Miss Universe? Does he see fat people hiding under every bed, like communists?

I’m wondering if he sees that fat guy in the mirror.

I think Donald Trump is a fat pig, and not because I hate men. I see an obese guy in an ill-fitting suit with a stupid wrestler-style pompadour. He looks like a pig because of his bloated face and little slit eyes. He embodies what we mean when we think a  person acts like a pig. No manners, no dignity, no civility, no self-respect.

Now I’m wondering if he likes to keep Chris Christie around just to look thinner by comparison.

I hope every woman who has ever felt fat because some man disparaged her body will make sure to vote Donald Trump off the island and off our planet.

He hates us because mommy didn’t protect him from daddy or because he can’t admit he’s gay or you know, a projection of self-disgust. Whatever.

He’d be a fat pig at any weight.






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5 Responses to Should A Fat Pig Be Fat-Shaming?

  1. Janet says:

    He is loathsome.

  2. Bevitron says:

    Current excrement/sphincter metaphors are inadequate to describe him.
    I got nothing.

    I get a real kick out of his wranglers trying to prep him and tame him down to civil and poised for the debates. That’s like putting performance tires on a Yugo. A beat-to-shit lime green one with a back seat full of Burger King bags and Snickers wrappers. And used condoms.

  3. Marky says:

    Can we bring back that nude portrait? It should be floating around the internet like crazy again.

  4. Charlotte K says:

    I love you.

  5. Dj says:

    Sister, he’s not fat, he’s Yeeeeeeeuuuge! Bulive me, Bulive me…yeuge. Yeuge!

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