Sister Wolf Video #2

This time, meet my sister, enjoy my hair, and much much more!

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27 Responses to Sister Wolf Video #2

  1. Bevitron says:

    Love the hair, like the sister, and it’s Gustavo Dudamel.

  2. Stella Mayfair says:

    you’re fukken siccccc, sister! yes, you rule, and your hair does, too!

  3. susie_bubble says:

    Oh my god…. your hair….it’s hair-advert quality!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elena Abaroa says:

    Hello!I come from the fashion blogs, im a spanish reader ๐Ÿ˜‰
    By chance iร‚ยดve jumped into your blog and im so soooooooooo happy, i was sick of some of the stupid sides of the fashion blogs and u have the sence of humour i was looking for…
    Great blog, from now i will be your faithful reader ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Jill says:

    Your homage to hair…hairlairious!

  6. Queen Michelle says:

    I think your hair should definitely rule the world.

  7. minzhi says:

    Not only your hair, your voice should rule too.

  8. jools says:

    love you both! by the way, i just saw michael eisner at fancy restaurant called tavern on san vicente. wish i didn’t know who he is…. i know way too much stupid stuff and not enough important stuff. abe laboriel is a great bass player tho.

  9. K-Line says:

    Honestly, your hair has hypnotized me. And Sister Sister does a worthy tribute. You have about 18000 times as much hair as me.

  10. andrea says:

    You are so lucky to have a sister! My one sibling (a brother) does not speak to me. Last time was 14 years ago. (He has issues). Your hair is wonderful. And this is just a suggestion, because you look great just the way you are. I have a thick head of hair too, (but shorter), and if you want it to be a little puffier, you have to have an expert hair stylist cut into it with a few vertical layers. Kind of gives it movement.

  11. Sue says:

    Godammit! I was so proud of being an actual blonde. Collar and cuffs dude, I’m not joking. And now I hate myself. I want THAT. Curses!

  12. dust says:

    I’ll just go with the Sue above.

  13. WCGB says:

    LOL – I love it that your sister said “Gustav” (like Holst?). Not only am I completely in love with Gustavo Dudamel (that dude has some HAIR), I’m pondering a line of “Dudamaniac” t-shirts.

    Your hair is positively splendid! Love your star as well.

  14. I’m just off to a small dark corner to ponder the dreadful rubbish that is my hair – yes it is official your hair rules the world, I bow down whilst blowing my snivelling nose covered by my pointless blonde mane.

  15. WendyB says:

    I laughed my tits off at this. I’m titless. Just “Sister Wolf’s sister” cracked me up.

  16. Tobi Lynne says:

    It’s your voice that shall rule the world. That voice, I imagine, could bring great men to their knees.

  17. Imelda Matt says:

    It was like watching a John Waters classic…I need a weekly dose of Sister Wolf and Sister Wolf’s Sister.

  18. Bex says:

    Bwahahahah!!! I love you and your sister!!! That ulcer comment is hilarious!!!

    PS Flea plays bass for the Red Hot Chili Peppers!! Yay!

    PPS You do not need anything done! Your face is fact more than fine!!!!

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Bevitron – Thank you, for all three points.

    Stella Mayfair -Did I kill it??

    SusieB – Pot calling Kettle!

    Elena -Thanks! Send me links to any Spanish blogs you recommend.

    Jill – It cracks me up, too!

    Queen Michelle – Yep, the hair is aiming for world domination. It’s going to remove American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan!

    minzhi – Hahaha! If only!

    Jools – Oh god, ugh! But how is the shoulder???

    K-Line – It’s the conditioner! I’ll find out what brand it is. xo

    Andrea -No sister? So sorry! I can’t even imagine it.

    Sue – Oh please, I would trade for blond in a heartbeat.

    Dust – Your hair is perfect though.

    WCGB – You SHOULD make those t-shirts, hurry!!!!!

    Make -Do – Did you forget that the WHOLE WORLD loves a blond?!?!?

    WendyB- Are your tits up for grabs now?? I get first dibs.

    Toby Lynne -HAHAHAHAHAHA! xo

    Imelda Matt – It WAS, totally. I’ll try to keep up your dosage.

    Bex – Flea, shit, even I should know that, I’ve seen him play bass with Patti Smith!

  20. alittlelux says:

    your hair could eat my hair for breakfast. and probably still be hungry…
    i burn, i pine, i perish!

  21. Juri says:

    Oh yes, your hair rules the universe and it definitely deserves its own show! Perhaps a Taschen book deal, too.

    I used to like the Rolling Stones but their refusal to retire has ruined them for me. I’ve never really liked Bill Wyman and his way of standing frozen and faceless like a wooden god, but I still could have answered the question. That made me feel pretty literate, bass player-wise!

  22. I hope this is going to be a regular feature!
    And don’t you dare do anything to your face-you’re gorgeous as is!

  23. STING PLAYS BASS! Well I don’t know what he’s playing now, but he played bass in the Police.
    You and Sister Sister both have amazing hair. And I would have answered Keith or Ron also, and would have had to ask my husband also.
    Gustavo, hmm, very strong boy name.

  24. David Duff says:

    I don’t quite know how to put this but approximately 6 seconds into that ‘film’ I began to lose the will to live! Please, please, please, stick to writing, in fact, go one better and write yourself a script! You and your sister’s stream of consciousness sent me into a sea of unconsciousness.

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    alittlelux – Don’t worry, your hair is safe from my hair.

    Juri -Some day, your wife will be making a video and shout out to you for a bass player….

    fashionhearald -You know, I had been thinking of Gustavo and even Augustus so I could use Gus for a nickname.

    David – Again, you are too impatient and ignoring the subtext. It’s really about the vanity of women and way society has relegated men to the role of worshiping rock musicians.

  26. hammie says:

    You both look like native american princesses. Cher is paying millions of bucks to have your cheekbones.
    Bill Wyman is a weiner and he left the band no?

  27. Susan says:

    You rule! You two must keep this video treat going. You’re gorgeous. Your sister is also gorgeous.

    But baby girl, Bill Wyman has been gone from the Stones for decades now. Remember hearing how he dated and later married like a 14 year old girl or something?

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