We Are Not Fooled


Have you been noticing all the l——s that combine leather and jersey? Every label has its own version, even Helmut Lang and DVF.

What do these garments say to you? To me, they are saying “I can’t afford leather so I bought these instead.” Why else would you buy them, right? That’s why they make me sad. They remind me that I can’t afford a pair of leather l——s, even though they are a key item for fall/winter.   Like any spoiled brat, I’d rather have nothing if I can’t have what I want.

To cheer my self up, I’m enjoying the sight of these “custom-distressed splattered jeans.”


“Alice + Olivia custom distresses each pair of these worn and torn jeans to look like you’ve had them forever.”

Hahaha! Would any of us see someone walk by wearing these jeans and think, “Wow, she’s had those forever?” I think it would be more like “Oh god, ugh, what next, jeans stained with axle grease and vomit“?

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8 Responses to We Are Not Fooled

  1. dust says:

    Sister, I think the leather gets mixed with other fabrics because it’s easier to wear it that way. The garment becomes lighter, stretches better and breaths better, more wearable in one word ( I do it for those reasons).

    These legging are just bad and ugly example.

  2. Sue says:

    Har! Those jeans are fucking ridiculous. Who wants to look like they’ve been sitting under a derelict pier for a decade, pissed on Tennants Extra and being shat on by pigeons?

  3. TobiLynne says:

    I feel like I want to comment on those jeans, but I’m speechless. They make me miserable.

  4. Noa says:

    Although I don’t really like these, these…, whatever they are… I must admit that some panelled leather trousers do appeal to me as I normally get a ‘nappie’ look in my leather ones. You know, the ever so appealing ‘hanging butt’/’I crapped my pants’ look because of the stretching of the leather.

    But to be honest, I don’t think that’s why the panelled ones are f*ing all over the place!

    P.S. the jeans are hurting my eyes!

  5. So utterly true I have nothing to add other than I want your hair – oh and to produce your weekly show.

  6. Sonia Luna says:

    Sue … my sentiment exactly!
    Horrible, horrible jeans, worst of all on the site it says they are dry-clean, who the fuck dry cleans jeans, I want to know! And they’re not cheap, are they? $264 … I don’t think so!

  7. hammie says:

    I am about to paint my attic. Send me some jeans and I will make you some money. xx

  8. Style Spy says:

    Full Leather Racket.

    I agree with dust, the stretchy bits are so you can actually get the things on & off without a boxcutter. But they’re silly. Just silly. They had several pairs of them at the Barney’s CoOp here in Austin this spring. It’s been over 100º here every. single. day for the last two months. Yes, leather leggings. Great idea, Whoever’s In Charge of Purchasing For the Store. Not even the Identigirl Fashion Victims of Austin could be talked into the silly things — they wound up sending them to another store further north.

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