Skinny Fat Skinny Fat

This is my current favorite model at RevolveClothing. I call her Doll Girl because of her perfect doll-like face and proportions.

But today, I saw this picture and did a double-take. What the hell?! Is Doll Girl photoshopped here? Who could have such a bizarrely tiny waist? While pondering the photoshop issue, I marvelled at how thin this girl is.

Then, I looked at Doll Girl’s rear view, modeling the same dress in white, and thought, “Oh good, she’s actually fat!”

I am totally fucked up this way. It’s pretty much the same way I view my own self.   Skinny, fat, skinny fat! I blame my father as well as my culture, but the perception problem remains.

Does anyone else suffer from this crap?

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59 Responses to Skinny Fat Skinny Fat

  1. hammie says:

    Gawd. Just, Gawd. That is fucked up that anyone that unhealthy and sad could be used to sell us clothes.
    I have a fat arse but I wear big pants. So there xx

  2. votum says:

    My reaction of my own body can swiftly change from satisfied, repulsed and even sometimes pleased. It depends on what I’m wearing, what the lightings like, my mood and more importantly my hormones. I think I have a terrible realtionship with my weight – stemming from my weight obsessive parents. ‘Nobody wants to be friends with a fat girl’ still rings through my ears when I look in the mirror and am shocked to see I’m not tiny (in my head I’m skinny like Kate Moss). But unlike the moss-meister I think food tastes better than skinny feels; or then again it may be becasue I’m just not coked up all the time like her.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I’m looking and wondering how her torso can possibly be that long. It’s insane. They must be stretching torsos instead of legs now with the photoshopping. The stretched torso makes the small waist look smaller.

  4. i totally suffer from this. and i hate it. but i’m still addicted to it. ugh. wtf

  5. carla says:

    terrible photoshopping. Anyone with a waist that small would be lacking some vital organs – no liver, no stomach, undersized lungs perhaps. I hate these images. My cellulite makes me think I’m skinny fat, until I realize that most women, even the most fit women at my gym (of my advanced age) have cellulite, and rampant photoshopping has led us to believe that cellulite-free is the norm…certainly organ-free is not the norm as might be suggested by these pictures…

  6. Tier says:

    I have been having major issues with my own self esteem since I was a model you get told how terrible you look every day. It has stuck with me I am still thin but my little muffin top and arm fat bothers me severly since I had my two kids. I weigh 120 but feel like 140 it sucks I like certain perspectives but others of my body I just go Ugh….I want so badly to look good again

  7. SGB says:

    Got here by searching for something else. Go get a kitchen timer at the store. Set it every time you spend your time on this crap. I’m 60, and I wish I could reclaim all the wasted time girls spend on obsessing over stupid things like this…no offense please. “Garbage in, Garbage out”….is that a familiar concept to you? What you are doing, writing, thinking, obsessing about this irrelevant body image/fat/skinny/waist size stuff… the equivalent to doing Meth with regard to your brain. The fact that you are actually changing your perceptions of yourself, the world, your family, friends and life….does that mean anything to you? I hope so. You need to feed your brain healthy food………..just like your body. I hope you realize that when a healthy woman, who has a family, a spouse, a great life, looks at these writings she thinks, “wow, these poor girls. So sick, and getting sicker.” It’s like a disease.

  8. Leah says:

    WAHHH! I look fat even though I’m UNDERWEIGHT! IT”‘S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lucy says:

    You know what skinny fat is? Another weapon girls use to despise and degrade themselves with. That model is very very thin. There’s no fat on her. To sit there and analyze her body in pieces is evidence of low self esteem. Constantly comparing yourself to other people is a cognitive cycle that should and can be fixed.

    People rarely apply the term to men, although it could be applied. Why do women do this to ourselves? Why do we let other people do this? Why do we reduce our bodies down so minutely that we can never hope to win. It’s not enough to be skinny. You then have to be the arbitrarily correct kind of thin or else you’re skinny fat.

    Am I the only one who sees the way “skinny” is a concept that constantly shifts in order to keep women in a constant state of distress and sadness? Why are we perpetuating it on this very very thin model? Stop. I’ve suffered from BDD since puberty and I had to learn how to break the cycle by not falling for bullshit thinking and cognitive habits. Yes it’s hard, but gradually I’ve become happier for it.

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