Sparkly Nail Polish Advisory


Here is a beautiful 3-pack Nail Lacquer Set called “Celebrate” by the Lippman Collection.   I’m wearing Superstar (“show-stopping copper-flecked fudge glitter”). You also get a sheer black with a subtle sparkle, and a Ruby Slipper color called Ruby Red Slippers.

It’s only available at Nordstrom for $35, but if you use your Nordstrom charge card like I did, then it’s free.

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6 Responses to Sparkly Nail Polish Advisory

  1. Deni says:

    I can’t start my day w/o reading you! You’re my new morning coffee.

  2. HelOnWheels says:


  3. andrea says:

    I would have never tagged you as a sparkly nailpolish girl. Go figure!

  4. Bex says:

    I hope you didn’t have to actually sign up for the Nordstrom card to get the nail polish for free 😉

  5. Want want want! And I used to have a Nordstrom card but finally had to cut it up.

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