Sting: Still a Cunt

It serves me right for reading Bazaar magazine, but when I came across this picture of Sting and Trudie I was filled with horror and outrage. Why does he keep trying to make us sick?!?!

Here’s the good part: If you read the interview, you will grasp the folly of designer labels.

We like fashion,” Sting says, wrapped in a Rick Owens coat, while Styler wears an artfully ripped Balmain T-shirt and Yohji Yamamoto coat. “We enjoy it; it’s fun. We like going to shows.”

Ugh! Designer labels just define you as a stupid greedy knucklehead. Better to buy your clothes from Target or Walmart.

Thanks, Sting. Now leave the planet. Your work here is done.

*(photo by that other cunt, Terry Richardson)

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50 Responses to Sting: Still a Cunt

  1. I’m just pretending this doesn’t exist and am going back to listening to the Mercury Falling album. Why is it all of my favourite singers (Phil Collins is another, cringe) are total douches in real life?
    Well, at least there’ll in love. And their daughter is so effing cool.

  2. Braindance says:

    Sting is one of those people that manages to fuck me right off, even though I don’t know him. He is like the kid at school who was just clammering for attention all the time, even though they had nothing to offer other than extreme feelings of irritation.

  3. Ann says:

    UGH. Why did I check this post first thing in the morning?! Truly awful. He is the worst excuse for a human being.

    And of course Terry Richardson took the picture. The hits just keep on coming with this one. Thanks for the heads-up to avoid the most recent Bazaar.

  4. The Bull says:

    A mirror to their souls. When I saw this it instantly reminded me of something I cam across at work and which has stayed with me ever since.
    I quote from a 2007 employment claim against the family Sting by their chef Ms Martin…

    Staff at the Sumners country house “operated in a climate of fear” and Ms Martin was regularly required to work 14 hour days when heavily pregnant. Allegedly Ms Styler was enraged when Ms. Martin was sick for a few days with a stomach complaint during her pregnancy and said: “Who the fuck does she think she is? She’s my chef in the UK. She needs to be available if I need her or she should rethink her position.” Ms Martin was frequently required to take a train and taxi from the country retreat to the London residence when exhausted and heavily pregnant just to make soup and salad for Ms Styler even though the London residence contained two nannies, two housekeepers and a butler.

    Ms Martin’s departure “was so badly mishandled and conducted in such an incompetent manner that the true purpose shines through the suterfuge amd calumnious actions seeking to suppress the true facts.Although Ms Styler tried to distance herself from the various unlawful acts and have them carried out by minions on her behalf when the evidence is looked at holistically her involvement is clear. She is without doubt the driving force manipulating others to perform her dirty work. The position is aggravated by her lack of courage either to face the claimant direct and inform her she was no longer required or attend the tribunal to give evidence and have her machinations exposed to the light of day through crossexamination.”

    Now there are some words to conjure with. I can’t look at any of them with anything other than disgust now and I am in no way surprised that they fraternise with Mr Richardson.

  5. Constance says:

    Is this post supposed to be ironic, Sister? Is really their love for designer clothes the worst you can about those two?

  6. Amblus says:

    Oh God, THANK YOU. Those two just sick me out. Reading about their tantric nonsense is like reading about my parents doing it. Nobody wants to know!

  7. dana says:

    And now, I buy a bunch of my favorite cereal, only to find Trudie Styler all over the back of it doing yoga in her boniness. Honestly, this is the last thing I want to look at in the morning. Yuck.

  8. of course Terry Richardson took that horrid photo. Blank white background. Gratuitous ass-grabbing and tongue touching. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he asked them to jerk him off post photo shoot. I think anyone who spends a grand on a ripped Balmain shirt is fucking dumb.

  9. Stacy says:

    I’ve never liked Sting. In all fairness, his butt has managed to stay rather perk into old age…

  10. candy says:

    I don’t know if it’s cultural or something else, but we see nude, asses etc..everywhere. A tongue is not sexy, and a porn kiss is not cute! lol even if you are married.
    That’s his wife who makes him look like an idiot, I watched a fashion show on tv, and he says to the journalist that his wife loves fashion and that he will have to work harder to buy her things, meaning more concerts etc…so she can be sexy. I think some rich people have low self esteem and don’t know it so they buy designer goods to think they are above all. When they get older and lose fame, they get desperate to make themselves look good and think money can buy them their youth back. I loved sting but I don’t know he changed so much.

  11. Ann says:

    Constance: please see the following as further proof of this man’s cuntiness:

  12. Hahahahahahahahaha – he truly is a cunt!

  13. E says:

    A match made in heaven it seems.
    They deserve each other.
    (Reaches for mind-bleach).

  14. annemarie says:

    the comment that The Bull left is incredible.

  15. Emily Bleak says:

    Sting needs to go back and watch his cameo in David Lynch’s Dune. If those plate-armor briefs don’t put him in his place, nothing ever will.

  16. helen says:

    Thank fuck they found each other.

  17. Witch Moma says:

    Saw this yesterday while thumbing thru Bazaar, trying to defeat the Feb. blues. YUCK. They’ve appointed themselves as King & Queen of couples who have it all figured out. For me, NO MORE CLICKING ON THEIR NAMES.

  18. Constance says:

    Don’t get me wrong Ann, i agree that the examples of this pair cuntiness are just endless.

    I just don’t think a love for designer clothes is post worthy or “cunt worthy”.

  19. Jess says:

    “Artfully” is not quite the right word for how the Balmain shirt is ripped. Unless “artfully” means “as if done by a person holding fistfuls of rusty steak knives whilst having an epileptic fit”…

  20. candy says:

    oh my god, I just read one of the comment, made by Bull and this disgust me ! can’t she cook for herself? idiots, plain and simple! karma is a b** so maybe she will be a servant in another life and as Borat says in one of his movies “she will be sorry!”

  21. Andra says:

    Pretentious gross wankers.
    They are hideous.

  22. Alicia says:

    I am GAGGING over The Bull’s comment. UN-fucking-BELIEVABLE.

  23. Janet says:

    Never liked him. Yuck.

  24. annemarie says:

    i would punish-fuck Sting though. i would also punish-fuck Donald Rumsfeld. And Jude Law. They’re all bastards but the sex would be good in a filthy way.

  25. Andra says:

    Annmarie – with what? A lesbian stick would work.

  26. Madeleine says:

    haha “*(photo by that other cunt, Terry Richardson)”

    sting is gross and whoever the fuck this trudie is, shes gross aswell.
    This is why I dont read bazaar or any other fuckholeing magazines
    I prefer looking in the mirror and self commenting on my $10 unripped tshirts
    and my self cut jean shorts that are 8 years old and are still to big for me.

  27. Esme Green says:

    they both repulse me and have for many many years

  28. K B says:

    he did a bikram yoga class when in adelaide, australia the other week. made me hate him even more. apparently wasn’t friendly either.

  29. Cricket9 says:

    Hahaha haha, “artfully ripped Balmain T-shirt” – OMG, can’t stpp laughing at this kind of crap. As for the picture – bleh!

  30. kellie says:

    It is hard to know who I hate more, Bono or Sting.
    it is such a close race.

  31. kt says:

    Looking at this photo gives me anxiety.

  32. gail says:

    ewwwww, yuck.

  33. Aja says:

    Hahahahaa. I won’t even say it, SW.
    I will not be contrary
    I will not be contrary
    I will not be contrary.

    Though I have to say that comment by “The Bull” does make them sound like horrible horrible people.

  34. Aja says:

    Kellie – Hands down Bono!

  35. Another old biddy says:

    I despise this hypocritical, sanctimonious, egotistical, pretentious and self-serving cunt with every fibre of my being!

  36. Marky says:

    I don’t understand why more people don’t hate Sting. I mean, he’s easily as horrible as Mel Gibson, right?

  37. Dru says:

    I refuse to let my love of Yohji and Rick Owens be tainted by these idiots.

    (and they can fuck right off with their tantric crap- it annoys me no end when idiots like these try to co-opt bits and pieces of my country’s culture to make themselves look cool)

  38. ellio100 says:

    Hey SW, if you have a sec check out pretty much anything Marina Hyde has written about Trudie and Sting… They really are cunts and you’ll enjoy Marina tearing them to shreds, I’m sure.
    I’d suggest starting here
    then moving back through the archives

  39. Sister Wolf says:

    Ellio100 – Thanks, I will look. Keep in mind that Sting was my first Cunt of the Weekâ„¢,

  40. Sister Wolf says:

    AND!!! I hate the way we always have to calle her “Trudie Styler” while he is only “Sting.” She’s not getting that Styler out of me, no fucking way.

  41. ellio100 says:

    Ha. I might revert to Gordon for him, it suits him well don’t you think?
    I love that first cunt of the week post it’s good to re-read it!

  42. mustownmore says:

    @annemarie – “punish fuck” is now my new favourite term. love it.

  43. harrybiscuit says:

    Looks like they both vomited one another up.

  44. TRUE says:

    I graduated with Coco when I went to Parsons and when I saw him at our graduation, he obviously had douchebag in lights above his head throughout the entire ceremony.

    I find it hilarious that they go to these lengths to show their “love” ( arrangement) for one another when I specifically saw him at the stripclub I worked at to pay tuition and bills back in the day making arrangements to meet up with an Argentinian stripper, while Trudie was getting ready to go to the Victoria’s Secret show that same evening.

    Birds of a feather, flock together is a saying for a reason.

  45. carla says:

    when I was a young’un
    my brother did declare
    his undying hatred for the pair
    called them “doody and stink”

    I thought it was awfully imaginative of him (he was only 10 at the time) – but I still see pictures of them and think: “oh look, it’s doody and stink…”

  46. Hammie says:

    When I was 14 I wanted to root Sting. Of course when i was 14 he probably would have.

  47. Cricket9 says:

    I’m working on getting my cat a job at Balmain. He (the cat) is really, really good at artfully ripping things.

  48. james says:

    Isn’t every cunt ‘wrapped in a rick owens coat’ these days? Trudie looks like a pale Melissa Rivers in that photo and the only reason I know Sting is because of his song Englishman in New York about Quintin Crisp. My favourite detail about this post is the subtle alt tag “sting and trudie making you sick” when you hover over the image. Amazing!

  49. chuck n. says:

    ew to terry richardson. can he just stop existing? or at least stop taking the same pictures in front of the same bloody white wall while wearing the same plaid shirt while (probs) jacking off. seriously, he’s sick (and not in the pretentious wannabe-ghetto way)

  50. Why says:

    Not that I am a big fan of Sting, I’m sure he is up at night worrying about the pretentious hipsters criticizing him online. I don’t want to waste any more time on this so I will end this by saying; go get a life a job or a real hobby and stop reading stupid crap most people couldn’t care less about. You’re the enablers to this insanity. Next time you’re on your iPad while watching Gossip Girl with your partner Alexander, ask yourself; does anyone really care about the shit that cones out of my mouth, and who are they. Then catch your mother ship home…

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