StyleLikeMe: Exclusive Visit with Sister Wolf

(Watch on youTube for HD version) (Yes, the filmmaker has a cold)

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48 Responses to StyleLikeMe: Exclusive Visit with Sister Wolf

  1. Aja says:

    Loved every minute of it. “Pants that don’t stay up . . . “

  2. Stacy says:

    The secret behind your hair?
    It must be highly coveted.

    I like your fluffy black feathery fluffy thing.

    PS I think your filmmaker used to call me late at night.

  3. alittlelux says:

    remember those obnoxious sex an the city shirts that came out a couple years ago? “i’m a CARRIE!” “i’m a SAMANTHA”… they should make ones now for annoying blogger girls. “i’m a BOWIE!” “i’m a BIRKIN!” i fee like those girls all have the same “style icons”…

    this video was excellent. well done. also, you’re hot.

  4. eh says:

    Ha haha ha! “PS I think your filmmaker used to call me late at night.”

  5. Christy says:

    Love it. Can we please hang out and be BFFs? You can come down to New Orleans and wear your sequin pants to get groceries and no one would look at your twice. Seriously.

  6. Paige says:

    Self-effacement is a must!
    Enjoyed this but have to say it was a little weird hearing someone breathing so heavily off camera. But I suppose it added a bit atmosphere to the styling.

  7. The last line was the best bit ‘I’m not saying you HAVE to look like me, but you should’. My new motto! I was cackling in bed here watching this with my morning coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Stacy – Hahahahahha! He IS congested, but I think of him as “my teenager” rather than “obscene phonecaller.” Re my hair: The secret is to insist on only a half inch when you get a haircut.

    Christy – I would love to.

  9. QM says:

    Darth Vadar behind the camera was too distracting for me to truly appreciate your amazeballs style!

  10. nadine says:

    film-maker used to call me late at night! very funny.

    ‘catholic and christian shit is ver important to me’ is my favourite.

    i have to agree with a little lux, you are hot

  11. Gold sequin pants => the new blue jeans. I’m so on board.

  12. Poor Little Wolf with his cold, he done good. His concentration levels were superior and involved none of that to the floor fuckery.

    Those pants are so for posting the mail! You were thinking of Lou and Charlotte of course who are always bitching about using your style first.

    Daphne says can you work the flatties more as she needs a way of exiting her sky scrapers but needs you to do the leg work first.

    You have Catholic shit I have Jewish shit we must swap!

  13. Jane Schott says:

    Whatever she is smoking I’ll take a quarter ounce and make sure the “heavy breather” delivers it!

  14. Carrie says:

    This video was what I had for breakfast this morning (with coffee, of course)…and I loved it so much I had to watch twice.

    Today is going to be a good day – my first in a weeks – owing to a big smile on my face courtesy of Sister Wolf’s video gift to the world.

    Thanks Sis!!!!! (xxxxxxxoooo)

    Btw: I think if Sarah Palin can trademark her name then you should be allowed to trademark the word ‘Crap’. You use it so well that no one else should be allowed without your permission (and a royalty check).

  15. Cat says:

    ahahahah! “Keith Richards”…. hahaha and “everything good put in together”. Oh man, this is so funny. God bless you! And you look great.
    Sending you good thoughts from Canada while freezing my ass off.

  16. Sofia says:

    I think you mean you ‘curated this crap’.

  17. Victoria says:

    you amuse me so much. Wish you lived in Australia, we would get on. Ill get my 10 year old to do my closet, less,heavy breathing but way more negative commentary…

  18. honeypants says:

    I didn’t know you had another New Orleans pal! She’s right though. You could wear those pants on your head and you’d hardly get a second look around here.

    I loved the tour. It made me nostalgic. And you looked as fab as ever. I would totally steal your style if I could pull it off, but it wouldn’t work for me, alas. รขโ„ขยฅ

  19. Dru says:

    Dear Sister

    Thank you for the laughs, I could use them this week after the heartburn football players (*coughfernandotorrescough*) gave me at the start of last week*.
    I also suspect that if it were still the 70s, Marc Bolan would probably like to hang out with you for real, gold pants catholic shit and all, which I doubt he’d want to do with any other blogger girl even if you transport their current-day selves back to those times.

    Much love


    *sport is not apparently a very ‘blogger girl’ thing to admit to liking. Susie is the only one I’ve ever seen who admits to watching any, but she’s special.

  20. kt says:

    This is amazing, and I’m curious as to what crappy shoes you were wearing since we only got a quick second glimpse. Almost looked like thrifted eighties creepers or something of similar radness.

  21. Mia Meow says:

    I think I love you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh god….you’re the most RAD (!) person I (virtually sort of) know. You are totally ROCKIN’ IT! ;D

  22. Tanya says:

    I agree with honeypants re: stealing your style (love, but would not suit me). A lesbian stick, on the other hand, would definitely work next to some ‘religious crap’ I’ve amassed. Just have to find one to steal…

  23. I had to come back and say how much your video cheered me up all day – it was so funny and such a good mood lifter, ahem madam you amuse us!

  24. Ms. Fitz says:

    HHAHAHAHHAHA “from a thrift shop, oh wait no I mean THRIFTED”

  25. most awesome. most most MOST awesome.

    minus the sleestak.

  26. Cricket9 says:

    Wonderful. You could also wear the gold pants to a “dinner with Barack”. Your hair guru must be much better than Trudie’s “Manhattan hair guru”. Eat your heart out, Trudie!

  27. Andra says:

    You are the queen of style. No shit.
    I should send you a sarong too. Would go very well with the bracelets.
    I wouldn’t recommend the gold pants during a cyclone but for for walking along the beach looking for storm stuff AFTER a cyclone – perfect.

  28. Andra says:

    You could also look for my missing skylight.
    And furthermore, now my ceiling seems to be falling in.

  29. Srenna says:

    You’re such a cute person, Sister Wolf.

  30. Jaimi says:

    Oh this is just so good! The cameraman with the cold is just icing on the cake. “If you want to be in a relationship and stay in a relationship” — HA!

  31. karafina says:

    ” i just wear what i like…”

    ghghahghhah i fucking love it

  32. Rach says:

    Those gold sequined pants are fucking killer. What brand did you say they are?

  33. E says:

    This is magnificent.

    I do hope you do a fashion week special where you are ‘obsessed’ with everything and remind the world that you are a biped.

  34. you had me guffawing out loud. GOL, as it were.

  35. jlynn says:


  36. candy says:

    You made me laugh, especially when you said “my crap”
    You are funny!thank you for making my day.

  37. candy says:

    Sister Wolf you are beautiful! Really, You have nice features.
    I also have dark hair like yours. take care

  38. rollergirl says:

    I’m sorry but this needs to be a regular feature. We need to see the bag closet, the lipstick closet, the shoe closet ( you could call it something snappy, like, I dunno, ‘Sea of Shoes’ or something?)… Whatever, we need more. Who needs Manrepeller when we have our very own Sister of Style?

  39. adrienne says:

    Ahaha, this is so awesome. I particularly love the part about the go-to pants.

  40. Nickie Frye says:

    First of all, I want those pants. Second of all, I love that you got Darth Vader to film this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Marky says:

    A tour of your lipstick, please.

  42. May I say that you are the epitome of amazing, self-effacing, fabulousness with those go-to pants, thrifted shirt and amazing crap. I can see you rocking those amazing gold pants at the post office. Oh my God, I mean everything is SO. Amazing. You really know how to curate the hell out of a wardrobe, while channeling Anita Pallenberg and David Bowie. And the lingerie? Amazing.

    Okay seriously, though, I love this! You made my evening! Darth Vader was icing on the cake.

  43. Mathilde says:

    yes you do rule Sister Wolf!

  44. Epicurme says:

    “Who looks like a horse.”


  45. Claire says:

    You’re a pretty funny lady, Sister Wolf.

    The stalker-breathing really does add a little something.

  46. Jacqui says:

    This made my day. Heavy breathing somehow seems totally appropriate. Thank you for not having a perfectly organized shoe rack. More videos, please.

  47. Hortense says:

    THANK YOU for breaking me of an over-year-long habit of StyleLikeU reading!
    Your parody is the ultimate undermined-self-effacement coup de grace sort of like when Marianne Faithful had to kick her heroin habit and then her signature gruff voice emerged. You are that gruff voice! A Working Class Hero is Something to Be.

    StyleLikeU…at first it was all; how exciting…hyper creative fashionistas playing Cribs.

    Now it’s” ‘here is an ah-mazing artist-DJ-inventor-part time model-Organic Chemistry Major-Canonical Saint showcasing her understated gallery of Margiela with the absent labels reattached accented by appropriated developing world junk jewelry. Narrated by a vicious Long Island val girl, this exclusive interview will let you know that Kurt Cobain is still relevant and the music your parents listen to is the soil of fash-un’ Y’know? You do know…thus this babelicious video. P.S. You’re fuckable for being older.

  48. lauren o. says:

    I love this! Clever and fun. I also like what you wrote about”the man repeller.”Obviously she has money and I’m assuming she has connections too. Blessings on you and your son and his memory.

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