The Last Taboo: Uh-Oh

I saw this picture of the March issue of British Vogue over here, where everyone is hot for Alex Chung‘s clogs.

I don’t want clogs, but I’m sort of worried about “The Last Taboo” down there on the bottom right-hand corner. Evidently, we need to start talking about it.

Any guesses??

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37 Responses to The Last Taboo: Uh-Oh

  1. aine says:

    can we call a moratorium on the use “the last taboo” as a catch all phrase, just type it into google and see how many articles pop up. And it’s always used for talking about really common illnesses like depression: the last taboo or female hair loss: the last taboo. Anyway rant aside, seeing as this taboo seems to be the obligatory serious women’s interest article, and as these articles always seem to focus on trafficked prostitutes or eating disorders I’m guessing it’s “Malnourished, trafficked hookers make me feel fat!”

  2. Have read it and it is about poo or poop poop as we Brits are led to believe in said article you say in USA.
    Before you think ‘oh crap’, it is the most interesting article in Vogue UK for ages – read what you like into that!

  3. skye says:

    Poo in what context Make Do? Like as a kinky sex thing, or as a way of checking health, or just that we need to be more open about poo in general (why?) Personally I have no desire to think or talk about poo in any context whatsoever – and being stuck in the mummy land for years now I’ve had to listen to my fair share of poo-talk unfortunately.

  4. GLC says:

    I’m going to guess it has to do with sex because anything to do with female sexuality is still considered so dirty that they need to cover up the covers of Cosmopolitan at the supermarket. It’s either about sex or mental disorders.

  5. Ann says:

    Coveting those clogs is the last taboo. They’re awful.

  6. Skye – more basic how to do the perfect poo!

  7. Edith Purdy says:

    It’s a three page article on poo. No pictures though, just three pages of text.

  8. andrea says:

    Fashion rule #1- if you lived through a trend the first time around, never go back for seconds. NOT cool and def not ironic.

  9. arline says:

    I have been having acupuncture treatments, and in Chinese Medicine, they are very very concerned with excrement. All the shyness and shame around it has to go out the window.

    I still don’t love talking about it though.

  10. Stella Mayfair says:

    that alexa chick is the last taboo. why do we have to see her everywhere? her talk show has been canceled, and righteously so. what a pointless non-entity!
    that ridiculously emaciated frame, her permanently knock-kneed stance and ugly clonker-di-clonk huuuuge shoes. waaah! rant over.

  11. Iron Chic says:

    Yeah, I don’t get that Alexa Chung chick. Must be a British thang…
    I find her obnoxious and her style is so obvious.

  12. OMGGMAB says:

    So is the taboo that one does poo, one talks about poo, or one needs to learn how to poo properly? Either way, I’ll bet it is a filthy article.

  13. Deni says:

    I love “You Are What You Eat” so there’s no more taboo about poo for me.
    Love the BBC . . . now that’s a real channel.

  14. dust says:

    Couple of years ago there was an article in British Vogue about word Cunt, the misuse and proper use of it. Interested?
    Those clogs cut her feet in most unflattering part, that bothers me more than clogs themselves.

  15. WendyB says:

    Any time some says to me, “We have to talk,” I think I’m going to be fired, even though I have never been fired. Now I fear Vogue will fire me, even though I don’t work for them.

  16. TheShoeGirl says:

    I guess some people are still shocked that women too, have to poo.

    What are we, 5? We’ve all figured it out by now. Cat’s… no, poo, is out of the bag.

  17. Leslie says:

    Why is poo the Last Taboo? My doctor always asks me how I’m doing with my poo. There is nothing embarrassing about having to expel waste from your body, it means you’re healthy.

    But then again, I’m Chinese, and all we talk about (health wise) is poo, and eating well.

  18. Eliza says:

    Haha, as one of the youngsters I can assure you it’s very common to promote the myth, “Girls don’t poop.” (And probably by the same girls who whine about not feeling clean “down there” unless they’re entirely shaved.)

    I’m annoyed with Alexa Chung the same way I am with Sarah Jessica Parker. Their audience has confused being on a show with a stylist and wardrobe as having “personal style.” That being said, I do like the shoes, but years of wearing boots have made me incapable of walking in backless footwear, even flip-flops.

  19. Alicia says:

    @Deni – I LOVE that show!!!

  20. Sisimae says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone love alexa chung. Has anyone mention how anorexic she seems? Please don’t name her a style icon! By the way, rumi from fashiontoast is such a groupie that went and get the same shoes..
    What is such about poo being a taboo? I am a chinese too, so my family do talk about poo a lot.

  21. Dru says:

    I’m not fussed about her clothes, but I do like her interviews (the ones she does on Tv, I mean- with her interviewing other people. She did have a very good stylist though- Steph Stevens, formerly of Ellegirl UK.

    Wonder what the last taboo is- they already ran an article about vaginoplasties five years ago, what’s more taboo than that?

  22. sisimae says:

    I guess she’s a bit better than a model! Ha, very funny about the ‘vaginoplatsites’.
    What is it? I hope it’s not a lawn mower! Ha..

  23. kate says:

    It seems the last taboo would be *not* publishing some quasi-shock-jock article in the tacky back pages of this filth tome, ensconced by hair removal ads and an editorial depicting skeletal white sixteen year olds groping tribesman in the bush or somesuch. Vogue makes everything except for their sanctioned thinly-veiled advertisements for the month taboo…and then just wait a few weeks and your out-moded goods are poo itself! But you know, if you don’t eat you don’t shit…but Vogue prefers to shit where it eats.

  24. Cricket9 says:

    Alexa Chung – who she? I live in Canada, I have no idea, probably just as well. About poo- didn’t Oprah do an extensive coverage of poo a few years ago? Didn’t people discuss “floaters” and “sinkers” with great fervor? What kind of taboo it is if it was on Oprah? Oh well. I guess Brits are catching up.

  25. the last taboo- being a boring white heterosexual!

  26. This discussion reminds me of a talk I had with a Jamaican guy and a Korean girl in my office. Both said they didn’t understand why Americans were so uptight about poo talk. I said probably because of our Puritannical cultural roots, but who knows?

  27. Denise says:

    clogs???? eewwww.

    now this is really annoying. poor people, rich people.

  28. Sisimae says:

    Just checked out ‘nini style’, this woman should be hanged! What rich people, poor people?

  29. Dru says:

    ^why? I mean, hanging’s a little much for just referring to the existence of poor people, right?

  30. sisimae says:

    Ha, I just can’t be help it. Of course, I would love to be like queen elisabeth I, and say ‘off with her head’! Can she try not to talk about shopping for once the fact that she’s at her home town!

  31. Denise says:

    sisimae – makes me think, what’s happening to the rich people in Texas? oh i don’t know. only know a few. four to be exact. sea, mommy of money, hanh and nini the poof head.

    admit got to laugh. 10$ for hair and make up. Obviously you get your money’s worth.

  32. sisimae says:

    Those people from texas, I don’t really know about texas or ‘dallas’ until I met these
    ‘manificiently vain four’! After her $10 hair-do, she does look like she had poo on her head.
    By the way, anyone noticed how small hanh and nini? This is not a critique, but they do look a bit trying very hard to look tall in the oaf land!

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    POO ?!?!?!?!? What a disappointment! And how bizarre! I am not going to talk about poo. Just like Skye, I have served my time with poo.

    I think this nini person should be a taboo subject. What is her deal?

  34. sisimae says:

    Please sister wolf, please write and bitch about nini!

  35. Trashforce Reaper says:

    The most disturbing aspect of the article is its graphic design – because they can’t really use a photo of a straining model or any graphic illustrations, they’ve been forced to present the text on a background which reads “POO! POO! POO!” over and over again in brightly-coloured cursive.

    I shit you not (Ha!).

  36. Jerry says:

    Poo??!! As in ‘excrement??’. That’s it??? Here I was thinking “so Vogue is going to tell everyone to get into bestiality, or polygamy, or incest, or Millie Vanillie. But shit? That’s the last taboo? What was 2nd place? Drinking urine?

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