The Lure of Yellow


It always annoys me to be part of a trend, but I love yellow. I loved it way back when I bought Mrs. Yellow (my giant handbag, go and look for that post!) I still love yellow, but it can’t just be ‘yellow.’

I’m drawn to the bright acid yellow that hurts your eyes. It can be even be chartreuse, but it can’t be fluorescent. It can be mustard yellow, but not lemon yellow. It can’t be marigold, either. While thinking of all these yellows, I thought of how we used to define colors by our Crayola crayons. I was devastated when they changed some colors, back in the 90s.

Did you know  that Crayola has a color called ‘beaver’ and a newer one called ‘inchworm?’ Eeoow!

Anyway, the leather biker jacket above is by Blumarine. It is staggering on every level, including price. I bought it, but don’t tell my husband. The dress is beautiful too, and if it’s still around when I get out of debtor’s prison, I might try to get it.

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