Easter Gifts & Memories


Who wouldn’t want this eye-catching bird’s nest bracelet? It’s made of sterling silver and brass wire, a real statement piece according to Vivre, where you can find the most decadent items for the moneyed classes. It’s only $1,035.


I also like these “gold-plated” jeans from Vivre, which are  treated with an 18K gold painted finish. They’re $875.

Easter isn’t a big deal at my house any more, but it used to be. I would sneak into the kids’ rooms late at night with a basket full of goodies. I’ll always remember the time my son, around 8 years old and a headbanger,  played a Motley Crue tape for one of his friends, who asked where he got it. My son said casually, “The Easter Bunny.” I held my breath. And the friend replied “Cool.”

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