The Methadone Doctor


There is a pain-management doctor at the “hospital” who surprised us last week by announcing that he wants to put my son on methadone instead of Oxy’s.

Max’s reaction was, “No, I don’t want to be addicted to methadone!” I decided to ignore Dr. Z, a tense Iranian guy who wears a Jewish skull cap. But on Friday, he came back to warn that he’ll be ordering methadone on Monday.

When Max asked, “What am I supposed to do when I get out of here and I’m addicted to methadone?” Dr. Z answered: “No problem, you come to my office and I’ll write you a prescription.”

Do you hear what I hear???? I hear a doctor drumming up clientele at an acute care hospital. Is this ethical?!?   Do you think for a minute that I’m going to let this cunt fuck up my kid????

I have notified the attending physician and the case manager that under no circumstances will Max accept methadone.   We made a sign to put up over his bed that says NO METHADONE.

If it’s not rabid squirrels, it’s a methadone pusher. It is fucking unbelievable.

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24 Responses to The Methadone Doctor

  1. Actually report him to the Feds!

  2. arline says:

    That is so fucked up! There are other things he can take for pain. Yes, report him.

  3. WCGB says:

    Jesus Fuck. What??? WHAT?????? Drug companies are the new oil companies!?!?!?!?!

  4. Sarah P says:

    Fuck me sideways. I truly cannot believe much of what I’m reading. This should be all over the papers. I mean: this is about MORE than some political debate about healthcare. It’s about how many lives are going to be fucked up, you know? Not everyone has a furious mother Wolf on their side, & thank fuck Max does. And thank fuck he has a whole bucketload of sense.

    On a lighter note, the idea of a furious black-maned Sister pinning a NO METHADONE sign up over a hospital bed did make me smile. Grimly, mind! But it was a smile.

  5. home girl says:

    i really really hope u guys can get the fuck outta there ASAP. life seems stranger than fiction! i do love and admire your fantastic ability to rant and rage with humour under such diabolical conditions. the post below is very funny – i love looking at madame hipster down there with her quirky sunnies over the hair bizzo etc etc through your eyes

  6. TobiLynne says:

    What the bloody hell?? I’d report that one. Seriously.

  7. I understand you’re wanting to avoid methadone addiction, but is Oxy really any better?

  8. annemarie says:

    I thought that Oxy was as addictive, if not more so, as Methadone…?

    Anyway, the Doc sounds like an asshole. Call the case manager again.

  9. Ann says:

    Case manager, Feds, get everyone involved. Once again. Fuckers.

  10. insomnia says:

    normally I am pretty quiet about stuff like this because–as many have observed–everyone in this life receives their full measure of misery.

    However, as one who has abused all the wonders of pain medication (well beyond the point of addiction) I feel compelled to warn you that the Oxy is probably waaaaay worse than the methadone, for reasons far too involved to go into here. Might want to investigate a little more closely exactly WHY the Doctor want to switch the meds before reaching a conclusion. (I know that the visceral reaction–wtf! they give that shit to scabbed-up 90lb skag addicts! NOT ME!–is a hard thing to get around, but you really should find out why first.) I mean, look at it this way, on the one hand you have Keith Richards (and me), and on the other hand you have Rush Limbaugh.

    Good luck.

  11. Lauren says:

    Godammit, I’M MAD now!!!! I’m glad Max took a stand against that shit…we’ve been around that methadone block before and it’s not pretty. It’s such a fucked up system, keep Max FAR FAR away! I’m praying for you guys!!!!

  12. OMGGMAB says:

    First question: Does Max need long term pain management; is he expected to experience chronic pain? If so, he should be treated by pain management physicians, who utilize a number of modalities to treat pain in addition to drug therapy. Look for recommendations for a good clinic in your area and explore what the clinic has to offer.

    If Max is not expected to experience long term pain, then what is the plan for managing his pain while he heals? Again, pain drugs are not the only answer.

    And going further out on a limb, I’d look for alternative medicine treatments, like acupuncture, that many MD’s advocate and have utilized successfully.

    Doing research with your own serious condition is not easy, but perhaps some of the friends from this blog who live nearby you can assist.

    Always my best.

  13. Moda says:

    Insomnia’s comment sounds reasonable but Dr Z still sounds like a total cunt. I hate how the medical profession just throw bollocks like that at you.. “We’re just going to give your child this stuff here, that will help. We’re not going to explain why and we’re not even going to mention the scary fuckin side effects..OK?” I know they get de-sensitised but for fuck’s sake these are our children, their bodies, their lives. Knowledge is power Sister Wolf, I think you need to weigh up all options. Also Max is right. Sending more strength to you.

  14. Dollybird says:

    I am stunned at the endless obstacles you are both facing to just get well and get out of there, I can only say you have my prayers and thoughts. I would freak if my son was offered methadone but worst of all is the fucker’s cavalier attitude about it, I have no advise, clueless, but you have my support.

  15. Look Oxy may be a bad call too but the reality is the mental impact of the methadone would be worse – you know this as his mother.

    I do think explore other pain management options, that will be appropriate at the right time – acupuncture is brilliant but that is a few weeks away.

  16. dewayne says:

    okay i just want to point out that there is more than one medication with the prefix “oxy”. which one is in question here? i mean, from the reactions of some people, one could reasonably assume we are referring to oxycontin, but from your post, it seems that the “oxy” you are referring to not as addictive as methadone. i am baffled. but i still have your back!

  17. dewayne says:

    *is not as addictive.

  18. Suebob says:


  19. hammie says:

    It’s enough to make you want to try homeopathy. xx arse. hole.

  20. Mrs. Shreck says:

    Oxy is no better or worse than methadone. To dewayne, “oxy” could potentially refer to any drug with oxycodone it. This is a range from Percocet to Oxycontin. Methadone and oxycodone interact differently with pain receptors in a way beyond my current ability to recount. What I do know is that some types of pain are better managed at lower doses of methadone than on higher doses of oxycodone. Some types of pain, especially neuropathic pain, is very resistant to oxycodone. All you get from taking the oxy, in those circumstances, is a raging narc addiction. You’ll still be in pain.

    Pain mgmt docs drum up business. Yes. It’s what they do, along with writing scripts for narcs that other docs don’t want to be prescribing on their DEA numbers.

  21. scumbag says:

    wow, are any of you MD’s here? because seriously, before you go reporting this doctor and his “ridiculous” practice of medicine, maybe you should do a little research so that you can argue in a more educated manner. i don’t know the details of your son’s case, but if this doctor believes that your son is addicted to oxycontin, then rather than having your son quit taking the medication cold turkey (which is really really really hard to do if he is TRULY addicted), then one approach is to use methadone which is much longer acting opioid to help him wean off of the drugs. it eases the withdrawal effects yet still provides pain relief.

    get a life people! sheesh…

  22. Kevin Carey says:

    There’s a lot of wisdom on this post. RIP to the people who’ve died…

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