The Price of Money

I was reading some crap about Michelle Obama’s style vs Carla Bruni’s, when I was stopped short by this photo. The woman in green makes Carla Bruni look like a PTA lady, doesn’t she?

Shiekha Moza is married to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, one of the wealthiest royals in the Middle East. She is the mother of seven children, and has worked to reform the status of woman in her country. A UNESCO special envoy for education, she has made public education a priority and given Academics a new role in crafting Qatar’s new democracy.

She is often dressed in custom Dior, and no matter how many pictures you look at, she is always impeccably groomed and absolutely stunning. The only problem is, she is married to this guy:

I’m thinking, Tom and Katie, multiplied by a thousand.

Could you do it, ladies? Or put another way, which deal would be easier to turn down, Katie’s or Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned’s?

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26 Responses to The Price of Money

  1. annemarie says:

    WOW!! WOW!! OMG WOW!!

    This woman fucking rocks! She is so much more awesome than Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama or Princess DI. Her Highness Shiekha Moza– I can’t believe I never heard of her before.

    And god bless her for having had sex with that fatty at least seven times. In spite of all her gifts and accomplishments and achievements, she suffers– a tragic figure, like all true heroines. Wow. They don’t come better than this.

  2. annemarie says:

    Jesus, I just can’t get over how good she made a GREEN PANT SUIT look.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahahaha! I’m glad you like her too! xo

  4. Jools says:

    Tom Cruise never looked so good.

  5. skye says:

    She is super awesome etc, I guess if you came from a country that really needed some serious sorting out, maybe you could sacrifice yourself in the name of democracy and have sex with that dude. Either that, or she really likes that custom Dior…

  6. Bex says:

    She wears that blindingly green pantsuit effortlessly!

  7. HelOnWheels says:

    This woman is amazing. I don’t know if I could “do” a Jabba-looking husband, not even for positive, sweeping, ground-breaking political & social reforms. However, he could be a pretty nice guy; his wife is an empowered, accomplished woman that’s changing her country politically and culturally.

    She’s had seven children??? I might as well kill myself now. How can anybody look that good in THAT color green pantsuit??

    I think Robo Katie’s got it easy. Plus, she hasn’t done anything to improve the lives of…well…anybody.

  8. WendyB says:

    I need to hang out with this woman. Find her for me!

  9. Bubba says:

    Hey, wives 1 & 3 ain’t bad looking either. Must be nice to be the king.

  10. Film Upstart says:

    I’m thinking fat and sweaty over tom ‘alien sex’ cruise anyday. It works for her highness – green dior pant suit over hair extensions, wooden face for sure. I’m all for your bloke carrying a few more pounds than oneself. Poor Katie no matter how much she starvs she’s still got her calves. She needs the swishy green pant suit – its brilliant.

    and yes what was all that guff about Michelle and Carla – where was the two gals are great article – get a load of their fitness and finesse. Honestly your queenie one was the best! I tell you I nearly gagged over the price of the Princess Di bags – they are gorgeous and now having lived all my life in blissful ignorance I’m now Lana Max desperado!

  11. Jill says:

    Rocking the turban…what a glam creature. He’s a lucky man that this woman is willing to search for his goodies.

  12. annemarie says:

    HEY BUBBA– where did you find pics of wives one and three? I’ve been looking and couldn’t find any.

    Moza looking totally hot here:

  13. arline says:

    That is frightening. She is paying the price, and doing service work. MAJOR service work.

    I can’t believe he has not crushed her.

  14. hammie says:

    Yeah, I guess if Katie ever gets sick of taking it up the bum she can try a bit of Mufti.

    Green Bean deserves a fucking medal.

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Jools – Good point.

    Skye – Maybe both.

    Bex – Doesn’t she?! Matching shoes, too!

    HelOnWheels – She is a fucking goddess. I wouldn’t be Katie for all the Birkin bags in the world!

    Bubba – Give us a link!

    Film Upstart – God, the Lana Marx bags used to kill me….the colors!!!!!

    Jill – Haha, well, she found them 7 times, at least.

    annemarie – Gorgeous. There’s a gallery at her website too. She is the only Royal wife who is seen in public, so that’s why you didn’t see the other two. She is regarded as the ‘lead’ wife, and her son has been named as the Emir’s heir (instead of his brother….that’s how much he loves her)

    arline – Maybe she is a ‘top?’


  16. arline says:

    God I hope so!

  17. WendyB says:

    OT: I answered your hair question!

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    WendyB – Thank you! Re Mozah: You can contact her via her website and get her to commission a piece of jewelry from you!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Aja says:

    Maybe he’s got a nice personality?

  20. She’s amazing! 7 kids?!

  21. Imelda Matt says:

    I’ve been marveling over HRH for years but never thought to google her husband…FUCK! did he eat their chitlen? I love how she gave Carla the (green) finger in that line up.

  22. Mr Hammie says:

    Was she in lost in space?. The original TV show. She was some kind of walking plant. Still the shiek looks happy. So she’s obviously got a bigger dick than Tom Cruise. The kids are adopted.

  23. I’d do the Sheik over Tom Cruise ANY DAY. He funds custom-made Dior green pantsuits and is obviously supportive of her work for women’s rights in his country. Sold.

  24. reddoorread says:

    she looks like a superhero. that green jumpsuit and matching turban is fucking genius.

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    Aja – Better than Tom’s, certainly!

    Ihearfashion – !!!! Better her than me.

    Imelda – Yep, total smack-down.

    Mr. Hammie – HAHAHA! You are a credit to your wife, sir.

    fashion herald – Same here.

    reddoorread – Isn’t it?! And the strappy belt thing!

  26. carmencatalina says:

    I sort of like the Sheik’s smile. Tom Cruise’s smile makes me feel like I need to take a long scalding hot shower. So I’m saying the Sheik.

    She does look like a superhero – and she must have some pretty awesome super powers, because her body is still bangin’ hot after 7 kids. You go, Lady in Green!

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