The Secret and Me

Forgive me for being behind the curve, but now that I’ve heard about “The Secret,” I am bursting with excitement, not to mention negative energy. The Secret has been revealed even to those of us who didn’t buy the book or DVD! The Secret to fulfilling all your desires is “The Law of Attraction,” which has been interpreted to mean “Like attracts like.”

Does everyone know this already? If so, why wasn’t I informed? Maybe it’s because I’m sending out too much negativity into the universe. Shit. At this point, I don’t think I can change. It’s just the way I roll. Around 20 years ago, someone tried to fix me up with an eligible single man, a surgeon or something. During our first and only phone conversation, he said to me: “I’m sensing a lot of negative energy from you.” I laughed somewhat maniacally and said, “Let’s stop right now, we already can’t stand each other!”

According to The Secret,   you can change your life by matching the vibrational energy of your desires. If you follow these principals, you can start to “manifest” your desires to achieve a joyous life of prosperity, which is your birthright!  

I love the word “manifest” more than I can possibly express. It has brought me bushels of joy today, even though it has irritated my husband. I guess I have been putting out positive energy without even knowing it!

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I’m thinking that people who buy into this Secret business are too stupid to deserve any sympathy. What leads human beings to look for a Secret? What accounts for their belief that there is one Secret of Existence, and it’s really easy? Looking into this crap has led me to read about Gnosticism and Rosicrucians, dubious belief systems that at least involved morality.   Maybe that’s the key difference in New Age beliefs about self-actualization. You don’t have to do anything good; you just have to cultivate positive energy and wish hard, like Wendy in Peter Pan.

I think we know what this says about all the world’s poverty and suffering. People in Africa are really, really negative. I am, too, but I am nonetheless hoping to manifest a new pair of wide-leg jeans and if I don’t lose my job, maybe even a new car!

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2 Responses to The Secret and Me

  1. Suebob says:

    Oh yeah. People at my new-agey church believe this, too. I always say it is a great belief when things are going well, but when they go to hell (say, a chronic illness) for you or someone you know, you either end up blaming yourself or judging them (“I’m just not positive enough!” or “Cindy is so negative, no wonder she has Lupus.”) Either way, I think it is a pretty sick idea.

    Wide-leg jeans? Is that what awaits us? You are my signpost of all things fashionable. If so, I am going to look cubic on the bottom, since my hips are wide and my legs are short.

  2. Mark Poirier says:

    But you always have such positive energy!

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