The Statement Shoe

A few days ago, I received an e-mail advisory from Neiman Marcus, revealing that the must-have purchase for the new season is The Statement Shoe.

I believe I have found The Statement Shoe! It’s a fake-vintage red sneaker by Golden Goose, selling for $420. Its statement is “Screw The Economy!” Or maybe “Look, I’m an Idiot!” is nice enough to plan out a whole look for this Statement Shoe.

All together, this look will set you back $2,070, which I think is more than fair. If you’re willing to pay 400 bucks for some pre-battered sneakers, what the hell! You might as well spend ten or twenty thousand on the clothes to wear with it.

If I wasn’t so lazy, I could get out my red Converse lowtops from under the bed and wear them with some denim shorts, a nothing cardigan, a lame t-shirt and some necklaces….and then I’d look just as pathetic, for free.

Last month, some fashion magazine had the nerve to suggest: “Shop Your Own Closet!” As if I want any of the crap in my closet.   I hate to admit it, but now I see their point. I’ve just saved $2,070!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go check out my closet and buy one of those leather jackets in there, if I can get a good deal.

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13 Responses to The Statement Shoe

  1. ash says:

    Those shoes are stupid.
    Do you think they come “stinky”?
    They look like they would smell.
    I hate them.
    I would shop your closet though!

  2. annemarie says:

    Disgusting. There should be a law against that.
    The bastard who buys them deserves to be ripped off.

  3. Jools says:

    The last time I felt a similar fury was over some Marc by Marc Jacobs jellies that were selling for $200. Come to think of it everything by Marc Jacobs pisses me off.

  4. HelOnWheels says:

    This is soooo awesome!! I am ahead of the trends for once. I’m going to make my stinky, home work-out only pink sneakers my “Statement Shoe”. I’ll be shopping my closet AND saving tons of $.

  5. I think I’ve got a few “statement shoes” lurking in my house, but I’d rather shop your closet Sister Wolf! (I’m thinking that black leather dress)

  6. Shop your closet, hahahaha! the recession is really making the magazines work for it.

  7. Juri says:

    Too bad I just did my laundry. I could have sold a nice pile of statement underwear to go with the shoes.

  8. Bex says:

    I have battered sneaks like that!! But they only cost $20.

  9. Mark says:

    Okay, but I actually came up with the concept of shopping in your own closet years ago, long before the recession. I have friends who can vouch for me. I know, SW, that you hate the idea, but it actually can be fun to find something you haven’t worn in years that you still like–like a Ramdane Touhami plaid jacket from 2004 or a Comme des Garcons cardigan that says ‘Tired’ on the back.

    Those statement sneakers are fucking disgusting. That Golden Goose brand sucks relentlessly. They’ve never made anything worth looking at twice.

  10. Emma says:

    Well as a PROUD owner of two pairs of golden goose sneakers, I can honestly say they are worth EVERY penny. We sell them in the store I work at and I have many women that have issues with certain shoes because they have feet problems, and these are one of te few shoes they are able to wear all day because they are extremely comfortable and have a great instep. Some people, like me, appreciate the vintage look and are able to see the true quality of these shoes. If you have seen a lot from Golden Goose and appreciate the brand, then you might understand. With these sneakers you either get it, or you don’t! I Get It.

  11. Emma says:

    Oh and they don’t smell at all.

  12. Don Carlson says:

    I believe this is the “thumb your nose at poor people” sneaker. Should only be worn in public with body armor…

  13. Davidb says:

    I have now bought 2 from E-bay, loved them so much that I bought 2 new pairs, yes they are pricey, however, they hold their price for resale.
    I also think that they are worth every penny, well made and compared to Vans/Chucks, they are the most comfortable casual shoes I own. Bottom line is, do what you like and if others are offended , c’est la vie.

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