The Susan Boyle Thing

I didn’t actually cry, but I did get choked up. I watched it again, and then I watched it some more. I fucking love Susan Boyle.

What is it that has touched a nerve all over the world?

I know there’s a simple explanation, but I also think there’s much more going on.

First, there’s the fairy tale aspect. I was thinking Cinderella, but my son suggested The Ugly Ducking, and of course he is correct. But why so much weeping?

Are we crying with relief that for once there is justice, and virtue is rewarded?

Are we crying with self-pity? We all harbor a secret belief that we are special and one day the world will take note; It’s happened for Susan but not for us.

Are we crying because we feel sentimental when we root for the underdog?

Are we crying because of a universal longing for authenticity?

Are we crying because we are projecting a life of sacrifice and rejection onto Susan Boyle?

Or are we responding to the sheer passion and sweetness of her voice?

I only hope nothing happens to burst the bubble. Our love for Susan Boyle implies a collective humanity and desire for transcendence.   However, it must be noted that my husband’s response is essentially ‘big deal.’ When urged to elaborate, he said, “It’s Shrek.” ( If you need a cynic, you know where to find him!)

Thoughts, anyone?

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17 Responses to The Susan Boyle Thing

  1. David Duff says:

    I’m crying because I’ve never heard of her!

  2. It proves once again, that we can go from the ordinary to the transcendent. We all need that. It is the essence of religion (from shamanism to Sufism) and certainly the entertainment industry as well (at its best only, not its mediocre manifestations). We seek sublimation, even when doubting its very existence (in fact, especially then).


  3. samantha says:

    I never watch these shows and had purposefully put off finding out what all this Susan Boyle stuff was about, but when I read your comments I just had to see for myself.
    Bloody hell, I cried!
    Obviously it’s got something to do with not judging a book by its cover, and if you have ever been bullied or oppressed or picked on for who you are, this shoves it up the arse of all the accepted ‘normal’ people that usually do the pointing and laughing.
    I know this moment won’t change the world, but I hope it just wobbled on its axis a little bit.

  4. Dexter VanDango says:

    My first cynical reaction to the mass reaction was along the lines of “a talking dog doesn’t need to say anything interesting.. it’s enough he can talk.” ..and in a blind test her voice is very good but not extraordinary.

    But think of all the ugly men selling records, and the few women. Sad.

    In the old days before music videos and even TV we had Bessie Smith, Sophie Tucker, Ethel Merman.

    Being blind has some advantages. a blind world is more democratic.

  5. Jill says:

    We ARE married to the same man…

  6. Aja says:

    When my Dad showed me the video I said “you have to turn this off before I start sobbing”. It’s her voice, I tell ya, her voice. My Dad was shaking his head because his eyes were all wet too. Dad took us to see Les Miserable when I was maybe 8? It was the first play I saw that really touched a nerve with me. Cats, meanwhile sufficiently scared the shit out of me. A very forward cat jumped off stage and proceeded to interact with me. I nearly pissed my pants.

  7. hammie says:

    I believe she has been offered 1 million pounds sterling to star in a porn movie. (sorry to burst the bubble)


  8. hoochiegucci says:

    what a minger!

  9. Film Upstart says:

    I think it is the fact she is selfless and unselfish – essentially a pure person and that purity is there in her singing. God forbid she gets kissed or laid – that will burst the bubble.

  10. mr hammie says:

    I think she’s ugly but has a good voice. She might have got an audition for a sort of umpah lumpah Les Miserables and would have made a very passable Fontaine.But here’s the scandal. Apparantly Simon Cowell was in the backstage toilet taking a leak at the urinal. When he looked to his right, there she was. Hung like a bull elephant apparantly. Now you know why ”she” was undiscovered for so long. Her real name is Hamish MacDonald, a coal miner from the Scotish Pits.

  11. WCGB says:

    You gotta hear her “Cry Me a River.” She has the voice Marilyn Monroe didn’t have.

    As soon as I read the word “cry” in your post I started crying. So that tells you where I am: the verklemmt maven of Planet Emotion. Then I watch the video—I cried because it doesn’t sound like that when I sing. I cried because her voice is beautiful. Most of all I cried because she now gets to make money singing (the justice thing you mentioned).

    Once she gets her brows done and a new ‘do, she’ll be loverly.

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    David – Continue to cry, then get back to me.

    Sardonique – I do seek sublimation, not to mention domination. xoxoxo

    samantha – YAY! Me too.

    Dexter – It is the Whole Package, in this case, that is so powerful.

    Jill – Yep, but at least we’re not married to Mr. Hammie (with all due respect to the super-cynical Mr. H !)

    Aja – HAHAHAHA! ( I hate cats)

    Hammie – Nope, bubble stood up to that.

    hoochiegucci – Cunt.

    Film Upstart -Awwww, let her get laid for godsake!

    mr. hammie – You’re just trying to keep the tears back, aren’t you??

    WCGB – I love you so much, you crybaby, xoxo

  13. crocodilian says:

    Although my tears are reserved for tragedy, I was very impressed with her wonderful voice. I also enjoyed watching Simon’s facial expressions… I hear his heart grew three sizes that day!

  14. we also cried for the relief and joy that after all those years of watching crappy reality tv, we finally saw some legitimate, real-life, and heart touching drama.

  15. Chip Smith says:

    I welled up like a little bitch. I got respect for the underdog.

  16. Lauren says:

    Thank you for making me google Susan…I had no idea. Such an inspiring lady!

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    fashion herald – Yep. You’re right. The anti-Madonna.

    Chip – Hahahahha! I know you do, god bless you.

    Lauren – She is. It’s a pleasure to share something uplifting, for a change.

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