The Unbearable Luxury of Hermes

My key impression of the Hermes Fall 2011 photos was : This shit is for rich people who want you to know it. The outfits scream. “Fuck you! I have money!”

Other designers also reek of big money but at  least  it’s money with creativity or daring of some kind. The Hermes woman must be determined to remind us that she is upper class and super-wealthy.

I was pleased to find my impression supported by an article about Hermes and its dread of being available to the masses like that crass Louis Vuitton.

The Hermes family is militantly opposed to being controlled by LVMH, which now owns 17% of the company.

“There is a part of our world that is playing on abundance, on glitz and glamour,” Patrick Thomas, the Hermès’s chief executive, said during an interview the week before Mr. Galliano was fired. “And there is another part that is concentrated on refinement, and basically making beautiful objects.”

God forbid that Hermes ever make an affordable line of handbags. It would be the end of Hermes, Mr. Thomas declares. “It’s not a financial fight, because we would lose that. It’s a cultural fight.”

It seems particularly obnoxious, given the state of the world today, for this kind of class conflict among luxury brands. I’m beginning to hate the rich more than I used to. They don’t want to be taxed, they don’t want anyone to afford their stupid handbags, but they have nothing to offer us as a culture or society.

Fuckers. I hope Berhard Arnault takes over Hermes. “Refinement” is just elitism in their definition, and it’s time for the super rich to be ashamed of their extravagance.   Let them not eat cake.

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55 Responses to The Unbearable Luxury of Hermes

  1. chuck n. says:

    honestly, what’s wrong with something being excessively expensive? who said that fashion had to be democratized and brought down to a level where everyone can afford the same thing.

    i’m not a rich bitch nor do i for for hermès, but i actually believe in their motto of producing high-quality products worth the exorbitant prices. i mean, every single company out there tries to appeal to a certain demographic. what’s wrong with hermès’ demographic being crazy-wealthy people?

    i actually liked the fall/winter 2011 collection, the shapes were interesting and the use of caramel brown leather was excellent.

    finally, hermès is a luxury brand for a reason. even though you may call it elitism, the refinement you’re talking about is part of the dna of the brand.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    chuck n. – Hahahahaha. “Refinement.” If you pay $15,000 for a handbag, you are far from refined. You are a true vulgarian. You may quote me.

  3. chuck n. says:

    though you actually are very quotable, i’m still sticking with my position.

    anywho, it’s obvious this is a rather polarizing subject that’s pretty much on the same basis as the “is fashion an art?” question.

  4. Andra says:

    Everybody sing now.
    To the tune of “The Campbells are coming” ….
    the camels are coming, ho ro, ho ro!!

  5. Marmalade Wombat says:

    the first and only time i walked into hugo boss – mostly out of morbid fascination – i saw a thin men’s hooded jumper made of some cheap looking grey and black squiggly fabric, the sort a guy would buy for $10 at target to wear on a lazy sunday when all he’s doing is sleeping on the sofa, and it cost $350 … and it was also made in mexico.

    that really offends me.

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