Things I Don’t Care About

Mad Men
Lady Gaga
Lanvin for H&M
Social Media
Harmony Korine
Rick Owens
Martin Margiela
Food Trucks
Shearling Jackets
Street Style
Anna Wintour
70s Punk Bands
Jane Birkin
Camel Coats
Phoebe Philo
The Situation

What don’t you care about?

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135 Responses to Things I Don’t Care About

  1. Vagabondiana says:

    But Dru, I have commented here before.
    And I am leaving London just in time for fashion week. I might even write up a few show reviews before they have even happened. Zeitgeist.

  2. Vagabondiana says:

    hmmm … before london fashion week I might add.

  3. Grumpy says:

    a few more ..
    people who write ‘I heart’, what’s wrong with love?
    swearing – pointless, grating and lazy
    kids driving dangerously
    badly behaved children
    badly behaved parents
    drunks, so boring
    macarons on every blog
    Hollywood types who never grow up
    People praying for me
    food and wine snobs

  4. Erika says:

    I’m going to admit that I like Mad Men. I rent the DVDs and it’s just really fascinating. I also like the bird platforms. I love birds and platforms. Put the two together and… I also love Prada shoes so.

  5. HelOnWheels says:

    WTF do all of these people have against atheists??

    (And it’s athEIsts, not athIEsts. Although, not spelling it correctly may be an indication of how much someone doesn’t care about atheists.)

  6. Liz!! says:

    Well, there are plenty of people on this board that don’t like religion…

    I’m a Christian, and I admit that I get kind of irritated with militant atheists, just like I’m sure y’all get irritated with militant Christians.

    (And by militant atheists, I’m talking about the people who constantly talk down to me or think that I’m a lower life-form because I believe in a God. I already know that we disagree, but I don’t get snotty and presumptuous around atheists, even if we don’t have similar beliefs.)

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Liz! – I’m surprised about so much not-caring re atheists. Personally, I can say with all sincerity that I don’t care about anyone’s god or lack thereof.

  8. kt says:

    Maybe my reading comprehension skills are lacking lately, but wtf is JK talking about up there in response to my contribution to this post?

  9. RLC says:

    I don’t care about atheists either. To me, believing wholeheartedly that there is absolutely no god is exactly as silly as believing wholeheartedly that there is.

    I also think it’s strange to call Australian Labor voters “sheep”, whoever that was, I am fairly sure everyone is entitled to their political choice without it being assumed they are just following a pack. Labor were not popular this election. There was a lot of disagreement with the Labor government, which showed up in the results. I didn’t vote Labor as it turned out so that doesn’t even apply to me, but it strikes me as pretty weird and uncalled for to label someone as a sheep because of their political preference.

  10. Juli says:

    This is hilarious. I love it.
    I couldn’t care less about:
    – what people and their kids are wearing and/or where they bought/curated it.
    -children’s fashion in general
    -reality tv shows that involve dancing
    -the newest “hip” band
    -and anything new that we are doing to poison ourselves unknowingly aka -microwaving plastic, reusing water bottles, eating processed foods, etc. Unless the food or water supply is straight up poisoned with salmonella or something, I don’t want to know all the ways I am decreasing my longevity.

  11. Grumpy says:

    RLC: but not evidently weird when Mimi calls someone who voted Liberal a ‘wanker’. Interesting, when you didn’t vote Labor.

  12. RLC says:

    @Grumpy: apologies, I didn’t see that bit. Equally weird, in my opinion. I certainly didn’t vote Liberal and can’t see myself ever doing so but if people vote conservative I’ve no right to make assumptions about their motive. I couldn’t and shouldn’t care less.

  13. Ok, thinks we generally aren’t interested in, I’ve got mainstream sport and politics. I am so indifferent it scares me.

  14. Eliza says:

    That’s a profound misunderstanding of atheism, RLC. Even Richard Dawkins only rates himself a 6 on a 7-point scale towards atheism. You cannot know for certain, but facing total lack of evidence for the existence of divinity in any form, you can have a pretty good idea.

  15. Dru says:

    Ellen/Vagabondiana- my bad, I didn’t notice! Your blog is lovely either way, though. Also, I read over my earlier comment and I wanted to say, I didn’t mean to make it sound like your work for Lula was a bad thing- I love that magazine (even when it’s impossible to find). Apologies for that..

  16. jamie says:

    -Chloe Sevigny
    -Karl Lagerfeld
    -Tavi & Bryan Boy
    -Smoking in Fashion Mags
    -Blake Lively & Taylor Momson
    -Alexa Chung and/or Madwell
    -Parents consistently posting Facebook statuses about their children
    -Your drunk pictures from last night (via facebook)
    -Glee & Dexter & Mad Men
    -Slutty Halloween costumes

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    jamie – Oh god, do parents post facebook statuses about their kids?? Is it like “Ethan won his soccer game!” or “I just sent Molly to her room!” ??

  18. I know I’m a tad late to this already wonderful stream of thought but I HAVE to add blogger Bryan Boy to the list and his disastrous tweets!! I just went ape shit at him because he referred to his followers as ‘minions’ who should help him decide which fashion week party to go to!?!

    If I see him at London Fashion Week, there will be words…

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Layers&SWathes – Very nice! I just retweeted him!

  20. @ShiftC says:

    * Lady GaGa
    * Fashion Week
    * Mad Men
    * Mosque @ Ground Zero
    * Willow Smith
    * Angelina Jolie
    * Bristol Palin
    * Jessica Simpson’s “curves”
    * Rumi
    * Bryan Boy
    * Tavi
    * Style Bubble
    * Grading papers
    * The Bachelor
    * Jillian Michaels
    * Trends
    * Hipsters

  21. RLC says:

    Eliza, I do understand that, sorry my response was short and overly simplistic. I think people should really believe in whatever feels right, I just don’t think anyone will ever know for absolute certain and so to assume your belief – whether in one god, many gods or no gods at all – is unquestionably right is silly to me. Obviously I understand the case for atheism and consider myself agnostic, I just don’t like people who get righteous about any belief or lack thereof. ANYWAY. Sorry to hijack your comments section, SW.

    Also: Charles Bukowski. Would have to die in order to give less of a fuck about him than I currently do.

  22. Sister Wolf says:

    RLC – Hahaha, ditto on Charles Bukowski.

  23. Tina says:

    (or any designer per or pets as accessories)
    Celebrity children (I’m looking at you will and jada smith)
    pinkwashing (come October with breast cancer month)
    Labels on months–ex. breast cancer month, black history month. domestic violence awareness month…
    conspicuous consumption
    texting, twittering, social networking…
    reporters faking emotions (as I watch 9/11 coverage)
    arguments based on emotions
    fake tans
    real tans
    fake lashes
    French manicures
    helicopter parents
    pictures of people’s children
    Jesse James and Kat VonSTD
    Zack Braff
    The Duggars (stop fucking already!!!)
    Jon and Kate
    Dancing with the Stars
    expensive weddings
    Say Yes to the Dress.
    Ed Hardy
    Lourdes Leon
    NY Fashion Week (and the concern that it overlapped with Rosh Hashanah and 9/11)–are we afraid that there won’t be any Jews or widows at the shows?

  24. Dru says:

    Layers&Swathes- “minions”? I wonder if he thought he was being funny, because my only thought on reading that was “what an ungrateful little shit”- let’s see where he’d be without that first set of ‘minions’ that brought him to Marc Jacobs’s attention!

  25. firefly says:

    I do like Etsy though.

    annoying people
    people who don’t respect other’s rights
    people who abuse their rights
    a lot more

  26. hammiesays says:

    I like twitter and I thought I had a new reason to live when you showed up. I dont have any other way of breaking into real conversations with the normals so that is my pub or party, virtual though it may be,
    Mad Men – intrigued me when I watched it on the plane. God that pregnant lady that smokes all the time is a miserable bitch even though she is married to the really cute but stupid guy who went out with Liz from 30 rock??
    Why doesnt she just divorce him and get a job – maybe set up a rival advertising agency and head hunt the sparky one from the ad agency where everybody smokes all the time?

    I don’t like anyone with an Irony Deficiency (hence my love of the Fashion Jew) but I do find their absence of awareness somewhat amusing as facetiousness is pretty much a default setting for me.

    You missed out people who think a half bottle of cava is anything more than something to throw at a cat that is mating on your wall, Champagne is only ever Champagne.

  27. hammiesays says:

    oh and when is Jenny McCarthy getting Cunt of the Year?

  28. Carly says:

    Wow! @ShiftC, you totally forced me to comment! I too could not give two shits about Willow Smith, or any of Will and Jada’s pretentious children. I want to throw up every time I see any sort of picture of them on red carpet. I also could care less about Bloggers at Fashion Week…who gives a shit! Do they honestly think they are REALLY part of the buisness???

  29. peaceBwithU says:

    Wow at this point I am wondering if there is anything I DO give a fuck about. Oh yes my children!!!!!!! Thanks to both of them for being who they are.

  30. Graham says:

    I am surprised that you do not care about Lady GaGa, given her shocking behavior. IE waring the kinds of shocking clothes you blog about. Or wearing clothes made out of cuts of meat. I do agree about not caring about Twilight.

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  32. duckalicious says:

    I knew I forgot something. fucking moleskines!

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