This is Just Wrong

I don’t know why, but it is. No matter how many other times it’s been done.

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35 Responses to This is Just Wrong

  1. sheriji says:

    It doesn’t seem wrong to me so much as stupid, trite, cliché.
    Naked? Pregnant? Let’s take a picture.
    Yes, pregnant women are beautiful; earth mothers and goddesses and the perpetuation of life.
    Blah blah blah.
    It doesn’t help that the retouching has made her look 15.

  2. kate says:

    why are we afraid of nipples?

  3. If her hand holding that breast ever gets tired, I could help her.

  4. andrea says:

    All I can say is I agree with you. Is nothing private anymore? Why do they have to put it all out there? Is it because there are so many assholes putting it all out there that they are competing for their little slice of attention? She does have a second rate TV show starting, I hear. From the commercials, it looks awful, just like the crappy clothes and shoes she sells.

  5. andrea says:

    OMG, she is on Leno’s show and she is a complete moron.

  6. Kelly says:

    It has to do with the look in her eyes that says, “I have been bought and I may be for sale in the future.” I hope she escapes that rat race for the sake of her child.

  7. Chloe says:

    What’s the most beautiful part of pregnancy? The alluring gas they rip every half hour, or maybe the exciting thrill of wondering if you pissed yourself when you laughed at that one joke too hard? Pregnancy is not ugly or gross, but I sure don’t get thrilled at seeing a huge belly bump when I open a magazine.

  8. Sam says:

    Why oh why do we need to look at pregnant women like this – its not the first pregnancy in the world for christ sake!

    Big fuck’n deal!

    I cannot bear the martyrdom & assumed excitement over this perfectly natural & normal part of life. In the right state of health ANYONE can have a baby; some parts of the world are full of them, with no hope of feeding or looking after the wee ones when they are born.

    Decide NOT to bring yet another human being into the world who will eventually help rip it of all its resources, and then I might get excited and think its a beautiful thing.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Okay, I think this is what bothers me: People who would never pose nude think it’s okay if they’re pregnant. Like “Look! I’m a holy vessel!”

  10. Ann says:

    Sister – you hit it spot-on.

  11. Winterbird says:

    Perhaps her child can teach her the difference between chicken and tuna.

  12. Suspended says:

    I’m so bored by this that I can’t even muster a response.

  13. Chip Smith says:

    You’re referring to pregnancy, right?

  14. Andra says:

    This woman looks evil. Common and evil.
    Great hair though. Is it hers?

  15. I don’t get the point of nude photoshoots in general (I think they’re really dumb…like come on, we’ve never seen a naked person before?), but this just seems exploitative of the baby/fetus. I’m liberal in general, but if she’s in what I assume is a monogamous relationship with the father of her child, what she looks like naked/pregnant (and what he looks like naked for that matter) should be between the two of them, not between them and the rest of the world. It’s not like she’s a porn star or something where it’s her job to be naked.

  16. TOO MUCH INFORMATION! When will these women learn that this is something to be kept in one of those overpriced white frames from Barneys and not in magazines!?

  17. Sandra B says:

    Poor JSimp. She just seems so clueless. Like maybe someone suggested having naked pregnant pictures published and she was like Yeah that sounds like fun! The same way someone with poor taste would react to sweatpants with the word “pink” printed across the backside, or fingernail piercings…

  18. Taylor says:


    She’s on a show called “The Next Fashion Star” as a JUDGE. A JUDGE. I cannot.

  19. Madame Fifi says:

    Jesus Christ, does EVERY knocked-up celebutard have to do this???

  20. kate says:

    yeah, i guess i don’t understand why pregnant = naked to the fashion world. especially if it’s pregnant and naked with fabulous hair, makeup and jewelery. i but guess if you can’t fit a lady into a sample size, this is your only other option.

  21. Debbie says:

    Not to mention it is the SAME EXACT POSE Demi Moore did a hundred years ago. These freaking women think they’re the only females on earth who’ve ever gotten knocked up. And then they give birth and wanna write children’s books and make healthy baby food because now THEY’RE A MOTHER and they know the meaning of life and shit.

  22. Sister Wolf says:

    Andra – Ooh. “common” You need to be sipping a fine wine when you say that. I like it.

    Sandra B – Hahahahhaha! She probably has those sweatpants, and I say that with all due respect.

  23. Cricket9 says:

    What? Fingernail piercings??? And why anyone would want to do a Demi encore?

  24. Constance says:

    Simply disgusting.

  25. Aja says:

    Yeah I’m bored with this and I’m with you on the “I never pose naked but when I’m preggers, it’s totally cool”. If we didn’t need to see it then, we don’t need to see it now.

  26. no dice says:

    THIS DID NOT NEED TO HAPPEN. its not even a good looking pregnant shot, and its
    clearly just a blatant scream for attention. i already feel sorry for her poor child, i bet she sells the first “rights” to the picture story (in black and white, centre spread) to some mediocre magazine. its as tacky as her shoe and handbag line.
    ps. whats with the costume jewelery and uber airbrushed everything?
    ughh yuck.

  27. jeri says:

    “Decide NOT to bring yet another human being into the world who will eventually help rip it of all its resources”

    It’s important to make the distinction between your next door neighbor’s slovenly habits and Exxon Mobil’s giant footprint. It’s the giant global corporations, BP, et al, who are destroying our resources. Their non-profits like the Ford Foundation divert our attention away from the real criminals with the disingenous overpopulation argument. No matter how much you recycle you can’t compete with the destruction of our water, air, and land by big mining, timber, gas and oil and nuclear production.

  28. Marky says:

    I’m with Sam. How about a photo of her sutures after she has her tubes tied? I’d buy that magazine.

  29. Sister Wolf says:

    no dice – I like your use of caps to underscore the urgency of this matter.

    Debbie – Yep, exactly.

    Marky – Now that is just mean. I was going to say that she still looks fat, even pregnant, but then people would think I was fat-shaming or slut-shaming. Which I will not do.

  30. Maria says:

    Her photoshopped bellybutton looks weird.

  31. dana says:

    Andra – of course it’s hers. She paid for it.

  32. annemarie says:


  33. Rika says:

    Where are the stretchmarks? This is the weirdest. I mean, maybe it’s beautiful? I can’t tell! But seriously, it just looks so fake :/

  34. Danno says:

    Bah. I don’t care if people take these types of photos but they aren’t for me. I don’t feel the need to be entirely nude on film to convey the fact that I’m pregnant and swollen as all get out. These pictures are so tacky in my opinion but no more than the matching family Christmas sweaters tackiness. However I remember feeling extremely ugly, fat, and unattractive whilst pregnant despite my husbands weird attraction to the whole “that right there is my progeny and vessel” so if it makes you feel better about your body morphing uncontrollably into something completely alien than by all means get that photoshop installed pronto and make like a Simpson.

  35. Monica says:

    I, for one, applaud your post. Thank you. I almost never want to be around children. And why would anyone want to hang around a pregnant woman?? Hormonal, emotional, psychotic and worst of all, imperially entitled. I don’t think pregnancy necessarily makes a woman beautiful. I think we can all agree that the idea of Honey Boo-Boo’s Mother ending up heavy with child again would be a must-miss visual experience.

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