Why would a bloody nose help to sell Givenchy menswear, one might ask oneself upon seeing the above photo from a fashion editorial. The answer is the same one that explains the popularity of nosebleeds on tumblr.   Just don’t expect me to know it.

I can’t tell you the number of bloody noses I’ve seen on tumblr, along with the bloody lips and bruised knees. Obviously, part of the appeal is simply the transgressive nature of these  images. They’re  icky and/or disturbing, therefore popular with the hipsterati.

But is something else going on? Is it a Vampire thing?   I personally associate nosebleeds with children. Is it a pedophile thing?

To find a bloody nose attractive is to  never  have been a parent. Both of my kids were afflicted with routine nosebleeds, usually accompanied by shouts of “By doze is bleeding! Help!” I never had enough tissue if we were away from home.

Once, my youngest got a nosebleed in a jewelry shop and the blood gushed out over everything. The owner tried to help. Other  people  entered the shop and quickly left,  horrified  by the blood spattered scene. I’ll never forget the immensity of that nose bleed.

Another time, my mom was with me and the concern on her face triggered my own fear that my kid would bleed to death. I think we referred to that one later as The Great Nosebleed of April Something.

When Max was around ten, I asked him what subject he would choose if he could make a short film. He thought for a couple of seconds and said firmly: “A bloody nose.” I remember asking, You mean, the whole thing would be just a nosebleed? He said Yep, with an early hint of the perversity to come.

There is nothing good about a bloody nose. They used to tell you to tilt the head back but now we know this is wrong. You can use ice, you can pack the nose with tissue, you can pinch the bridge of the nose, but it will just keep on bleeding until it’s ready to stop.

But maybe I’m behind the times. Maybe nothing says Givenchy like a bloody nose.

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25 Responses to Nosebleed

  1. littlebadwolf says:

    for want of a handkerchief……

  2. i don’t fucking know, but that ad is doing all kinds of things to me.

  3. BethUK says:

    Maybe the nose bleed is there to explain the guard dog standing on his shoulders. ‘Nobody punches my face again and gets away with it.’

  4. Blighty says:

    Because I am not a hipster this pic just looks stoopid on so many levels – what is he doing with that dog? why has he got it wedged behind his shoulders like that? will the smell of the blood prove too much for the dog – will he end up ripping the guy’s face off? Is the pic saying “Givenchy – for the man who does not care about getting blood and dog hair on his suit?” Is it aimed at vets or guys who like greyhound racing??? Nope, quite beyond me..

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Blighty – I swear to god, I didn’t even notice the dog!!!!!! I was fixated on the bloody nose. I’m worried about myself.

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    woolgathering – Uh-oh.

  7. David Duff says:

    That picture is obviously unfinished. Someone forgot to ram two tampons up his nostrils!

  8. Ann says:

    Some may disagree, but I think nosebleeds are far more awful for the witness than the victim. You feel so helpless when someone’s nose is gushing blood, you can’t do a damn thing to help! A few years back, I watched a coworker’s nose bleeding with the force of a garden hose for a good 15 minutes straight. He was FAR more calm about it than I was. As you said, it doesn’t stop til it’s ready to stop.

    How any of this translates to fashion or how it strikes anyone’s interest is beyond me.

  9. Winterbird says:

    So does this mean that nothing says Chanel like a severed limb?

  10. Darque says:

    LMAO! I’ll never understand the current bloody fashion trend. When I first read this post I thought, “Hipsters and Givenchy. Do those two things go together?” But now I think it might have to do with a guy and his dog who have just fended off some criminals. They’re beaten and bloody but still dapper. It’s as if the guy is saying, “Look at me in my Gee-vohn-SHEE suit. Sure I’m a dandy, but I will still f*** sh** up.”

    I recently saw a Tumblr girl post a picture of her nosebleed with the caption, “This was so preeeety.” Why? I just don’t get it.

  11. cantsay says:

    I really would have liked the picture better if the blood was darker. This is just too fake and comical to have real impact. Shame on the stylist.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    This is an idiotic picture which would be much improved by two tampons sticking out from the guy’s nostrils – great ida Mr. Duff! And what’s with the dog? Why a dog, when a pony would look even more stoopid?

  13. sisty says:

    All I could see was the dog, because she’s a ringer for mine. So that’s where she’s been when I can’t find her — guarding douchey Givenchy models.

    Blood doesn’t bother me, strangely. But don’t get me started on spit!

  14. Sandra B says:

    They’re saying that the suit is all-purpose and goes with anything, you know, you can wear it to your friend’s wedding, out to the club, with a giant dog, with a bloody nose…

  15. Suspended says:

    Apparently, violence is sexy. That’s why shit films like Fight Club are so popular.

    I’ve heard guys saying that they’re turned on by the sight of a woman with a burst lip.

    Personally, I’m more into the idea of that dog taking a warm piss on the guys shoulder. Not in a sexual way, just in a juvenile “haha fucker, serves you right!” kinda way.

    I also find the use of a beaded bangle quite funny. The ad is saying “I’m tough, with my bloody nose and my too tight trousers, but I have a sensitive side.”

  16. Andra says:

    Duff gets it!

  17. Carly says:

    Nose bleeds make me anxious
    I used to get them all the time as a child
    I can still picture my mother’s look of disgust as she hands me a bucket (she considered tissues too expensive to waste on my nose bleeds ) so I just had to sit bleeding into a bucket ,outside of course because we don’t want to get it on the carpet.
    Never doubt you were/are an excellent mother sister wolf
    I would have liked you as mine

  18. Hammie says:

    Can anyone else see the dog on his shoulders???

  19. candy says:

    I just jumped when I opened this thread. This pictureis disturbing,uneasy, creepy, what else?…

  20. candy says:

    I did see the dog at first but I think it’s a subliminal picture that f*** with your brain,personally it made me fearful and horrified, something spiritual with the nose and the fact that it’s bleeding makes it unpleasant and plays with chakras.

  21. Sister Wolf says:

    Winterbird – Hahahahahahaha!

    Sandra B – Excellent deconstruction.

    Carly – I can adopt you and we’ll use TONS of tissue.

    Hammie – What dog?

  22. Sister Wolf says:

    candy – Yes, I believe it has messed up my chakras,

  23. diana says:

    it’s probably a ~glamorous coke thing, honestly.

  24. E says:

    It’s a hipster – having beaten off a coterie of other hipsters – in order to win the stuffed (sorry – taxidermied) dog. The nosebleed makes it edgy. Did someone (badly) draw that bracelet on him – to the right?

  25. candy says:

    Yes I want you to adopt me! ah sister! I am away from home I didn’t check the mesage
    love you! stay strong sweetie

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