Billy Goat

“Don’t deny it, you’re kinda obsessed with this right?? I mean it’s pretty amazing. Real goat hair upper on a gorgeous wood heel takes serious fashion cred to pull off.”

Well, they’ve got our number at Solestruck; are they psychic or what? There’s no use denying that we want to pay $229 to look like a crippled goat.   But do we have the cred?

Isn’t there an ogre that hides under the bridge in order to grab the Billy goat? Is the shoe actually an Ogre?

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24 Responses to Billy Goat

  1. Juri says:

    I had furry leopard skin shoes when I lived in Stockholm in 1987. I thought I was pretty and I was right. Then I stopped being 18 and grew up. The people behind this shoe should grow up, too.

  2. Juri says:

    Also, I love you and I’m Sunday afternoon tipsy. Your blog makes the Internet worth paying for xoxo,

  3. Sonia Luna says:

    Or you could just stop shaving your legs and wear some clogs. Just saved you some money, you are welcome.

  4. I’m beyond words after seeing this. It kind of puts me off eating goats cheese!

  5. Heidi says:

    Oh groooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos! What a vile looking pair of boots.

    Honestly, what is wrong with people?

  6. patni says:

    I think sadly, the poor little billy goat gruff must have been raped under the bridge by the big bad troll. Due to lack of funding for lady goat health programs in fairy tale land, she was forced to give birth to a hideous malformed half goat half troll mutant child. Because she had no job and no way to feed her mutant bastard, she was forced to sell it to sole struck to make a few pennies to light her fire and eat her tin cans. Or what ever goats really eat.

  7. honeypants says:

    The perfect footwear for my Satan costume. Finally!

  8. andrea says:

    You’ve picked another winner! Here’s another one from the same web site by our old friend Jeff Campbell- I thought of you when I saw this. Can you even STAND in these?

  9. Debra says:

    I think they belong on the feet of the guy with the bloody nose.

  10. Kellie says:

    and yet some tasteless hipster wannnabe will buy them and be happy about it.
    at least we will see them coming.

  11. Stacy says:

    That is the ugliest shoe I’ve ever seen.
    I used to work in a ski store up in Whistler in the late 80s and we carried those ugly long haired furry Chewbacca boots. My boss told me they were made from dog hair. I told the women that when they tried them on. Never did sell a pair.

  12. BethUK says:

    The baby is trying to pull my hair out and I’m finding it preferable to looking at those shoes.

  13. Faux Fuchsia says:

    I know that some poor deluded fool will think these are Hardcore Visionary.

    But they will be Wrong.

    Very Wrong.

    Isn’t there enough Ugliness in the world already?

  14. Tallulah Eulallie says:

    I can see Prince wearing these. I always thought he looked like a billy goat tripping about the stage in his platform boots. A pervy little billy goat.

  15. The only woman in the world these would look natural on is Michelle Bachmann. Her hubby would just as naturally sport a Baby Huey bonnet and diaper..

  16. Brittany says:

    With Pintrest, Bloglovin, Shopbop, and Net-a-porter (I know I’m missing some) I’m sick of fashion. I think it’s sensory overload; too much everywhere. Has it always been this way? An article dedicated to a shoe or how to wear a floral print and I just want to hang in my pjs. When it becomes business it becomes not fun. When it’s calculated it’s not fun.

  17. E says:

    It’s the natural shoe choice for the taxidermy-fixated hipster (that’ll be most of them then). I’m glad I don’t have the cred. Can you imagine the amount of cred ointment you’d need to get rid of that?

    Brittany – the fash-pack will be hanging in their pjs this summer – pj trousers are just so IN. Apparently.

  18. annemarie says:

    These shoes make you look like a fucking idiot. Why would anyone want that?

  19. Suspended says:

    They look more like Scottie Dog (on a gorgeous wood heel.) Wood-EN you fuckers! Wooden!!

    I can see these looking great with a tartan ankle ribbon and perhaps a vagazzled shin (a shinazzle.) Go on, rock them!

  20. ODYSSEY says:

    How come I never run across these fashion winners when I go browsing the internet? Lucky you.
    “…takes serious fashion cred to pull off” – I swear I read “fashion crud”. What the heck is cred?!

  21. Madame Fifi says:

    Haaaaaaate the open-toed boot, so sorry. What’s the purpose, exactly? Boots with open toes are like non-alcoholic beer–useless. This particular sample is repellent enough without the ghastly bonus of bony, winter-white toes poking out of the end. Hideous.

  22. sisi says:

    Please please sister wolf, for the love of god, write something about that awful seas of shoes again!! This huge dispute she had with so many journalist. It all blown up to her face.. What do you think?

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