Too Fat or Not Too Fat

If you haven’t seen The Big C, it’s a Showtime series about a spunky woman who has cancer.   A subplot features Gabourey Sidibe as a teenager whose boyfriend is a Russian immigrant, played by Boyd Holbrook, a popular male model and houseboy-quality hottie.

Every single time this couple appears in a scene, I can’t help but mutter, “As if” or “Oh please.” I don’t know how my husband can stand it.

I feel like if you’re not blind, you can see that Miss Sibide is too fat. She’s too fat to be healthy and too fat to be attractive. Maybe she’s a wonderful human being but she’s too damn fat.

Does the show want to make a statement about tolerance? Do we have to pretend that we don’t find the relationship absurd? Is it meant to challenge our “comfort zone?” For me, it only challenges my suspension of disbelief.

While it’s not fair that women are pressured to be thin, does that mean no one is too fat?

It doesn’t help that Miss Sibide’s acting is so awful in this role.   I’m sure she was phenomenal in Precious, but when she drones “You just want to get into my pants!” like she’s reading the phone book, I can’t help feeling she was cast primarily to irritate or disturb us. And it worked!

Thoughts or recriminations?

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64 Responses to Too Fat or Not Too Fat

  1. Sister Wolf says:

    Sisty – What isn’t anybody’s business? Could you clarify? Do you mean it isn’t my business to have an opinion? Or what?

  2. Ann Hooker says:

    She’s just too fat. It’s not healthy, but she does have a take no prisoner’s attitude about it, which now that I think about, many obese people do have that same shtick.

    But as far as the dialogue goes, it appears that Russian boy was using her for gaining a visa, but in them meantime, fell for her (implausible). This role is doing more for his career than most others he would have gotten. Everyone will know him as the girl with the fat, black girl on the Big C. And the same goes for her. Brilliant writing and managing one’s career imo.

    There is no statement about anything except gaining the view’s attention. Pure Hollywood marketing at it’s finest.

  3. sonja says:

    ya, I totally get your point Sister, but I also kinda think, so what? television is just television. god help anyone who thinks otherwise.

  4. SLF says:

    Just read your “Daddy” post and the comments are turned off….

    Very upset for you.

    You have a web community(aka/family) that cares about you and supports you.

    And there are many people more eloquent that I am…

    We care.


  5. Lelewasashehe says:

    I just read your latest post.

    My heart broke for you while reading it. I’m sorry it happened. SLF is right in saying that you have a web community that supports you.

    Please take care.

  6. Janet says:

    It doesn’t require a medical degree to see that she is morbidly obese. I haven’t seen the show, but I find the pairing completely unbelievable. With celebrity comes scrutiny and calling Gabbe fat is not the same as civilian name-calling. Keep expressing your opinion Sister!

  7. sonja says:

    I’m almost always surprised by who ends up together.

  8. kate says:

    i’m just going to chime in here way at the end to say that, for me, my suspension of disbelief is challenged when a show has nothing but hotties for the cast. like cop shows or doctor shows. i have never seen a hospital with seven hot nurses or a precinct with major babes as cops… AND lawyers. so throw in a few fat chicks and that’s more like what i see in real life.

  9. RedHeadFashionista says:

    She is utterly ridiculously atrociously too fat.

  10. Leticia says:

    I won’t comment on the couple choice, but on thatt girl’s body.

    I bet that if the character was portrayed by an anorexic girl there would be a big fuss, but oh well, it would be discrimination to turn against a fat girl, right?
    fuck off!
    That girl is s unhealthy as an anorexic girl, and is spreading a harmfull message to fat people in the world, the spreading of that body as ‘normal’ is a dangerous lie.

    No, it is not okay to be that fat, it is not okay to verge the limits of disability. Not because in real life you won’t get to bang the hot guy (I bet my right hand to it) but because you will die before turning 40.

    What’s going on here? It has to be uber hot people or uber ugly, sick, fat, old, people? What about us ‘regulars’ ? What a freak show!

    I propose calling this girl and her likes ‘fatorexic’ from now on.

    Excuse my bad english, but I’m a mad spanish speaking bitch!

  11. Mally says:

    Fat doesn’t always equal unhealthy. That is a myth brought to in order to further marginalize what tends to be some of the most economically and politically marginalized in society–no thanks to an entire fast food economy marketed to these populations who have neither the time or money to invest in a healthier diet, or go to the gym, or yoga class. You know what’s unhealthy? Starving yourself. Smoking too much. Drinking too much. Sound familiar? Shame!

  12. Ms Q says:

    |:| i felt that this post was kind of offensive! So what if she’s bigger? i’m pretty sure that none of you guys would have to guts to say it to her face. so don’t say it online…

  13. You know I’ve come across a lot of women who are grossly underweight, because I know they eat a banana and a piece of chicken as their whole day’s calories. No one is is naturally emaciated, just as no one is naturally morbidly obese. Everyone needs to apply some common sense and will power when it comes to their health. It’s not unusal to see people who are so overweight they are deformed and can’t move easily, and that’s just at your local shops not on tv, I think it’s disturbing. And they’ll give you every excuse in the book apart from the truth, I eat too much shit.

  14. Alex Mac says:

    None of you idiots ever thought that maybe he was just using her for a green card. Wow smh.

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