Waxing And Words = Pain And Pleasure

unikwax prices

I received a price-list in the mail for a new waxing salon in my neighborhood. As a child of the sixties, I am innocent of the ins and outs of waxing. All I know is that is hurts and I don’t want any.

But this price-list is so captivating! I had to read some of it aloud, just to savor the language.

‘Buttocks strip’ struck me as the funniest, most poignant words I had ever read. It evokes so much…

But then, I noticed ‘Buttocks strip touch-up.’ Hmm.

I also noticed that men are charged more than woman, even for knee waxing. Would anyone actually go to have just their knees waxed? Why? I challenge anyone to explain this.

I love this fucking price-list. It is poetry. It came from ‘Uni K Wax Center’ and you can like them on facebook.

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9 Responses to Waxing And Words = Pain And Pleasure

  1. Andy says:

    I have large knees. Will that be extra?

  2. Srenna says:

    What does “Top Only” mean?

  3. Suspended says:

    “Full legs with toes”


    I had no idea men got Brazilians?

  4. Dj says:

    I hate body hair being from a Mediterranean background. Constant monitoring, plucking, Nairing etc. but, as I’ve gotten older, hair has become less of a problem…ladies out there it’s a perk of being 60. I had a Brazilian once and saw bright flashes of light due to the pain …no, not for me. Butt strip? Deep bikini? I get it. But, I think it all ends up looking porny and pathetic, especially on anyone over 30… Landing strips, vagicials (yes it’s happening), vagicial steam treatments. wtf? I guess all the nail art. Low lights, and lip injections have gotten passé. Boring. I guess if one has to keep up with all the LowT b.s. They feel the need to make the four hour erection worth it! Haaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. I don’t think many men under 30 even know that women naturally have ‘lady gardens’.
    What I don’t understand is why grown women want to look like little girls. Can anyone explain this epidemic and will it go away?

  6. stephanie says:

    Poetry, indeed!

  7. Hammie says:

    It’s not healthy. I have a 14 year old and I want her to think hair down there is normal. So we are rocking a 70’s vibe.

  8. grass is not greener says:

    Thank God for the women that actually have to do the waxing. They charge less for children btw. My mother teased me about my body hair and took me to get waxed at a very early age. I never had issues with my pubic hair. I always knew girls with bush like myself. My mother walked around naked* and had the biggest bush I have ever seen in my life….yet she had no arm hair or back hair etc but I did. My dad said women in his day didn’t shave their legs. Maybe it’s promiscuous girls who do one night stands that do those ugly shapes and shit I’m not sure. My sister shaved all hers off once and my mom saw it and she got in big trouble because my mom knew that meant she was sleeping around with aholes…and she was. With that said if I didn’t have thick black hair all over my body I would date. I am trying to get a good job so I can afford laser hair removal so I can go on dates.

    *(the girls had one bathroom and the boys had another).

  9. Taylor says:

    The worst thing I have seen was this one next to the Whole Foods on Santa Monica and Fairfax that has a MASSIVE sign that says “NO DOUBLE DIPPING.”

    Like…. what the FUCK? Do I really need to be reassured that you are not going to re use the melted wax on me that you previously used on someone else? Possibly on their genitals?!??!?! Is “double dipping” a typical thing.

    It raised more questions than it answered.

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