What’s Your Price For Sully?

what's your price for sully

Every time I see an ad for “Sully” I groan and announce that I wouldn’t see it for less than $500.

Five hundred bucks is my customary price for a film that sounds truly awful, at least by my very personal standards.

I’m sure Sully is technically well-made and acted, but who the fuck wants to watch Tom Hanks pretending to be an old man trying to land a plane for an hour and a half?

Challenged by the question of whether I think that Sully really rates as the worst movie out there, I decided to find out what else is big box office this week.

There’s another Blair Witch movie, which I would see for $200. I would close my eyes throughout but I feel this still counts as “seeing” it.

Bridget Jones’ Baby or whatever it’s called, $300. I would keep my eyes open and I would probably regret it. I don’t know who’s in it besides Renee Zellweger but $300 is my price.

There’s also “Snowden.”  I’m gonna say $150, because I don’t want to see it but I’m unaware of anything annoying about it beyond its subject matter.

Don’t Breathe” sounds too scary for me. I want to breathe. And I don’t like being told what to do. But for $300 I would cover my ears and shut my eyes.

What’s your price for Sully? And what movies have you seen lately without being paid?




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13 Responses to What’s Your Price For Sully?

  1. David Duff says:

    Tom Hanks could furrow his brow for America at the Olympics! He only has two expressions – really furrowed brow, or really, really furrowed brow. Mind you, looking at his photo I suppose each millimeter of his furrowed brow is worth about $50 million so what do I know?! Anyway, I’m off to practice my furrowing, it’s not too late for Hollywood to discover me.

  2. mark-E of 5.Brown says:

    I’d see it for $250 plus whatever it costs for a night of unmitigated binge-drinking.

  3. suzanne myers says:

    So funny. I would never take a trip with Tom Hanks. Every movie you mentioned made me sad.

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople was wonderful, in my opinion.

    I love horror movies, so I’m in luck with the others. Just broke the kid in with the first Paranormal Activity. He’s game. Will save the Slashers for later, lol.

  4. Mia says:

    I had pre-purchased a coupon for two tickets which I had to use within this week. Ended up watching Bridget Jones Baby. Should have let the tickets expire.

  5. Mary Liz says:

    Sister Wolf, why wouldn’t you take less than $500 to see Sully? I don’t want to see it because it sounds like a load of hooey. The real story has no dramatic arc after the first five minutes: plane runs into gulls, engines fail, Sully lands the plane, everyone is saved. From what I’ve read, Clint Eastwood made up the controversy at the NTSB hearings for the movie; there was no controversy.

  6. suzanne myers says:

    I meant to say that every movie other than the horror flicks made me sad;)

  7. Dana says:

    Mia, thank you for the Bridget tip. Bad moms is prolly just as bad…do you know?

  8. Suspended says:

    Blair Witch ??? Why would anyone be so stupid as to be duped twice? God, that film was so unbearably awful. I don’t know the name of a disorder for the fear of rustling bushes, but this is the only thing that could possibly make you scared of Blair Witch….well, apart from the fear of fucking boredom!

    A few I’ve watched and enjoyed recently…We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Lobster and Panda! Go, Panda! (this one was with my kid.)

    My sibling’s trying to convince me to watch Sausage Party.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    David Duff – the furrowed brow and the goody-two-shoes persona. Can’t stand him.

    mark-e – Fair enough!

    suzanne meyers – I haven’t heard about Hunt for the Wilderpeople, I will google!

    Mary Liz – Clint Eastwood has a lot to apologize for doesn’t he?

    Mia – Condolences! Thank you for verifying.

    Dana – Bad Moms looks like it might be good when it’s free on TV.

    Suspended – Oh god, We Need to Talk About kevin was so haunting…I would recommend it with a strong warning. And I am dying to see The Lobster! Sausage Party… I don’t know, $150 ?

  10. Suspended says:

    Very haunting indeed. The control he had over Tilda was so uncomfortable to watch. Her, torn between her motherly instincts and the fact that she hated him (or his behaviour) and having to stay within certain boundaries so that she didn’t end up looking crazy to her husband. What would you do?? The thought of having a kid like that is terrifying. I think I’d run away.

    Anyway, beautifully made and Tilda Swinton was superb as usual.

    Find and watch The Lobster. You’ll love it. It’s wonderfully odd.

    I’d want $300 for Sausage Party. I know it’s going to make me laugh but I’m going to hate myself for laughing.

  11. rosie says:

    Warning! sausage party $700. Not funny.

  12. Dj says:

    Already saw it..Capt. Phillips ….I am da captain now. Hhhaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Sisty says:

    Because he’s sporting that stupid mustache, they’d have to pay me double.

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