You’ll Wear it, Don’t Argue

The gods have spoken and it’s clear that by fall we’ll all be wearing black leather leggings, shaggy fur jackets and lethal high heels. At least we have two choices for the shoes: toe-exposing boots or something with fringe.

I don’t know what’s up with the open-toe boots but there’s no escaping them. They seem very presentational, like “Look, here are my toes!” Unless your toes are really exquisite, I think you should think twice before getting involved in this.

The fringe business is traumatic for ex-hippies, let me tell you. Same goes for the new “western Look.” Here is a tragic fringed shoe from Sergio Rossi. $960. As if.

No matter what PETA says, fur is gorgeous and wonderful. Cavemen wore it and so should you (as long as it’s not made-in-China, or anything you could find in my back yard like a dog or possum.)

Admit that you love this Dolce and Gabbana fur coat!

What on earth could be more beautiful!   Maybe these furs by Pucci?

Just when I don’t have money to waste, along comes so much scrumptious fur. It’s a good thing that I recently came across this piece of wisdom: “You already have everything you need to be happy.” I know in my heart that it’s true. But the rest of me wants fur.

I would even settle for this rocking sheep if I can’t have the Dolce and Gabbana. It’s at Vivre, where there’s no such thing as a recession and “Now is the time to take new risks and open the door to new experiences.”

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17 Responses to You’ll Wear it, Don’t Argue

  1. Bex says:

    Oh hahaha that rocking sheep is awesome!!! What kind of fur is the Dolce and Gabbana…yeti? Looks like yeti fur. Dig the thigh highs on the first Pucci model.

  2. hammiesays says:

    bold Sis! Fur is nauseating.
    I did laugh when I read “rocking’ but phew, you meant it literally. Now find me a “fierce” sheep.
    still love you xx

  3. annemarie says:

    I hate PETA. The lady who founded it is a crazy bitch and treats PETA employees like shit (I saw a documentary about her). Why doesn’t someone start a similarly high-profile, celebrity fueled organization against sweatshops in Asia? It’s as though they prefer animals to people. Hitler, let us not forget, was an animal-lover and a vegetarian.

    That said, I love animals and I hate to see their skins marketed as a luxury product for the backs of rich cunts. It’s grotesque.

    But vintage and second-hand fur– other story. I think that’s alright.

  4. The fur is gorgeous. And unless one is prepared to commit to an ascetic life of veganism and vinyl shoes, I don’t see how one can take a moral stand only against fur. So many women who are appalled by the cruelty of fur are wearing leather, eating meat. I’m confused by the difference.

  5. WendyB says:

    I love that sheep! PETA went after fur because it’s low-hanging fruit. Easier to terrorize the ladies than go after the steak-and-potatoes men.

  6. HelOnWheels says:

    The whole fringe trend is really hideous, or is it just me?

    The furs are gorgeous, SW. I really love the middle Pucci. Unfortunately for my fur-based-desires I commited to only wearing the hides of species I consume as food. Guess it’s rabbit fur for me. Ooooh, is that rockin’ sheep made out of rabbit fur??

    PETA and other organizations like it need to keep their noses out of people’s closets. People will vote with their wallets: if they don’t like fur they won’t buy it and less of it will be produced.

  7. Deni says:

    Oye vey, here I go:
    Iheartfashsion, there are canvas shoes and other fabric shoes, (vinyl, didn’t that originally come from decomposed dinosaurs? But the dinos didn’t die for fashion so I guess that’s almost okay, it’s only the extraction and the process that is harmful, methinks. We just can’t get away from using animal products without great effort). There are second hand leather shoes and “natural death” leather shoes and I think those are okay. I try very hard to buy canvas or non leather shoes but I’m not 100% there yet since it is difficult to find comfortable, affordable, and fashionable shoes that don’t have leather soles at the very least.
    As far as non-profit organizations, I think there can be organizations that help inform the public about animals rights and human rights and there’s enough people and funding to help both. I, personally, don’t believe in exploiting any creature: fur or furless.
    Someone above mentioned that Hitler was a vegetarian, he also thought he was an artist, (calling yourself something doesn’t make you that “thing” necessarily) and since he was responsible for killing people and using their body parts for lamps shades, etc. I don’t consider him a vegetarian since being a vegetarian, at least to me, means caring for animals, ecology, and PEOPLE. Look at all the great people that have been vegetarians throughout history: Charles Darwin, The Buddha, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Ralph Waldo Emerson. and Tolstoy. I’m sure you can do a search and find many,many more, that not only cared about animals but humanity also.
    So, yes I agree fur is beautiful; it’s beautiful on the animals who own it; however, the way it’s “cultivated” is cruel beyond measure. And I’d rather be furless and cruelty free than wear something that screams “look at me I can afford this piece of current fashion and I care little for the animals that died to make it and the exploited workers who put it together.”
    Okay, well I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years. I try very, very hard not to exploit animals (I’m not 100% perfect at doing it since animal products are used from wine to sugar to paving roadways, old fashioned film, Jello, and vitamin capsules, ad nauseam . . . and mind not the best parts either . . . reminds me of Elvis Costello’s “Pills and Soap.”
    Okay, that’s my rant after a sleepless night . . . and, yes, I’m sure if I took a sleeping pill there would some part of an animal in it . . .

  8. Sal says:

    Still just don’t GET fringe … I wonder if I ever will.

  9. David Duff says:

    “The gods have spoken and it’s clear that by fall we’ll all be wearing black leather leggings, shaggy fur jackets and lethal high heels.”

    But, Sis, hard as it is to believe, I’ll look even dafter than I did in my long Johns!

  10. arline says:

    I just don’t like fringe. I am not into open toed boots either.

    I like what Deni says. I have struggled with the leather issue, and I am not ready to give it up, perhaps I never will be. I eat a vegan diet, and I do my best to make as little waste as possible.

    I am not an activist by any means, and I think people should make their own choices. It is terrible how the fur industry treats the animals, but the meat industry is just as horrible. It is easier not to pay attention to this aspect, and put a shield up to the fact that there is suffering involved.There is suffering everywhere though.

    PETA uses aggression to get their point across, which to me is no better. Hate is hate. Most people respond to hate with more hate, and nothing productive gets accomplished.

    If you (anyone) want to wear fur, wear it with joy, and love the hell out of it, Be grateful from where it came from.

    Be grateful period.

  11. Aja says:

    Fur = nasty. There are so many better things which you could spend your money on, dear Sister. None of those coats appeal to me in the absolute least. They just seem painfully over-the-top and utterly unnecessary.

  12. hammiesays says:

    Annemaree; agree with you on PETA. The PETA woman is mad as coot and puts me off any kind of direct action as she is indescriminate in her misguidedness against guide dogs, dairy causing autism, etc etc.

    I object to the fur industry and intensive farming of minks etc. But really I just find the hair attached to skin part a bit nauseating. (she says while wearing uggs from Greenhalghs Tannery in Haddon, victoria where you drive over a cattle grid and past the nice little sheepy sheeps in the field happily grazing while you park at the Showroom and go and choose your next pair. Thanks little sheeps.

    I am totally hypocritical about this. I don’t mind people shooting foxes or rabbits or any other feral species that is ripping the shit out of the ecology. But I don’t agree with a bunch of people chasing down a fox and letting their dogs tear it apart. How are they better than those bastards that breed dogs to go Badger Baiting?

    And I don’t have a problem with fur where people actually kill the animal themselves before wearing it because they have to because it is so fucking cold.
    So yes, confused liberal signing off here.

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    Bex -I think it’s a Yeti.

    Hammie -HAHAHA! You rock!

    Annemarie – Why can’t we use the fur of animals who died naturally? Oh well. I like alligator handbags too.

    HelOnWheels – I think it’s sheep’s wool on that sheep. And fringe is horrible!

    Deni – I salute your idealism and spirituality and I still love fur.

    Sal -Just say No to fringe.

    David – In your case, I would say skip the heels. Don’t be so quick to rule out the leggings though! You were a real hit in those long Johns.

    Arline – That’s good advice.

    Aja – Well, I’m out of money, so the fur is safe.

    Hammie – Your confusion is the sign of an effort at integrity. Keep up the good work.

  14. cassiopeia says:

    hehehe loving the pink sheep rocker. not such a big fan of open toed shoes tho. i get my tights wet if i wear them in winter and i find the concept of seasonal shoes (even sandals) pointless!


  15. Leather Wallets says:

    I really love the middle Pucci. Unfortunately for my fur-based-desires I commited to only wearing the hides of species I consume as food. Guess it’s rabbit fur for me. Ooooh, is that rockin’ sheep made out of rabbit fur??

  16. ANIMAL LOVER says:

    what is wrong with you people? murderers!!!!! they live they feel!
    What if i skinned your best friend to wear? or you! thanx to those who don’t wear fur where it is simply slaughter for fashion.

  17. Winston says:

    FUCK YOU and your shopping mall attitude to fur. The world needs less people like you, ignorant, soulless. It’s a pity the internet is able to give idiots a voice.

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