Zoo: Men Who Love Horses Too much


A new documentary called “Zoo” sounds too preposterous to be for real, but it’s not a joke. The work of someone named Robertson Devor,   its subject is bestiality (whose practitioners call themselves zoophiles.)

Based on several reviews, the film sounds like a demented satire of NAMLA , but by all accounts, it is an effort to depict a taboo subculture without making judgments. It is described as visually impressionistic and arresting, with a moody score reminiscent of Philip Glass. It was inspired by an incident that took place in Seattle a few years ago: A 45 year old man died after having sex with a horse, observed and videotaped by two like-minded friends.

Call me intolerant, but guys who get together to mate with Arabian stallions are not okay, and don’t have a case, period. But this film allows their whining voices to be heard. “It’s much like you love your wife and kids,” one zoo guy explains. Uh huh.

“You’re not gonna be able to ask them about the latest Madonna album,” another one notes, describing his relationship with horses. “They’re not gonna know the difference between Tolstoy and Keats. It’s a very simple, plain kind of world, and for the moment you can kind of switch off.” Hm. This sounds like most of the guys I went out with before I got married. But they were all bipeds.

“I don’t need a high level of interaction, whether it be human or otherwise,” says another horse-lover, not unlike the guys my best friend keeps meeting in bars. It’s the “otherwise” that’s kind of, um, fucked up.

If the zoo guys  seem oblivious to the animals’ feelings and dignity, one of them assures the filmmaker that the horses “are happy to participate.” “They’re hittin’ on you!” declares another.

Some reviews of this film are amazingly sympathetic. It’s classy, it’s lyrical, bla bla bla. One calls it “unexpectedly troubling.” Goodness!   There’s a reviewer who needs a vacation.

I must say, I am almost tempted to go and see “Zoo” which just opened at a popular art-house theater in my city. But I’m the type who yells stuff at the TV. I don’t think I could sit through the screening without laughing hysterically, or at least shouting an impassioned “As if!”


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10 Responses to Zoo: Men Who Love Horses Too much

  1. Suebob says:

    I am not entirely sure I want to live in a world where people are attempting to make unbiased films about dudes fucking animals. I mean, can we just cancel civilization if that is what it has come to?

    And if these guys don’t need a high level of interaction, why don’t they just get some lotion and their right hand and call it a day? Why go around poking the poor animals’ hineys?

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Suebob, clearly you’ve never been hit on by a horse.

  3. weëdman says:

    You need to do some Research before you write an antizoophile article. In other words you dont know shit.

  4. Cappie says:

    I think that if you’re going to see a film or read about a film you should genuinely, y’know, want to see it or read about it. And if it’s a documentary you should see it or read about it because you want to learn something from it or get some information on the subject.

    So… I think you’re just bringing this up because you want something to bitch about. In which case, I have to ask myself, why? Do you really have so little of a life you have to hunt down movies that feature a subject you obviously do not like, just so you can complain? Seriously, dude, get a life.

  5. doglover says:

    there is nothing wrong with animal sex as long as the animal is willing

  6. noob says:

    Seems to me you are a small minded judgemental ass. This movie is about things people really DO and have done for centuries just because you have personel issues and are to small minded to see it for what it is (a storey of how others live). And what gives you the right to pass judgement on something you dont understand? Dont get me wrong I think that sex with animals is more than strange myself but Im guessing that these type people have relationship issues with people which means MENTAL ILLNESS. Not for you or me to judge since we havent walked in there shoes to know what made them like this. So I saw to you mister judgemental next time your confronted with a situation you dont understand instead of condeming it TRY to turn it around and ask yourself WHY these people are acting this way and what kind of treatment did they get from other humans (like you mr judgemental) that drove them to bond with animals INSTEAD of humans. Im very sure mr judgemental your children (if you have them) will be one of the children mentaly destroyed by their parents because there parents are judgemental idiots instead of encouraging and suportive. So the next time you want to just spew ugly words and venom as your OPINION stop to ask yourself what you are really saying and how others will percieve it. All you really showed was that you are willing to condem others with out being willing to address the fact that these people have a mental illness. Which makes you in my opinion a bigger piece of worj than any movie. Get over yourself and stop pointing fingers when yours isnt to clean itself.

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  8. Klages says:

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