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The Handbag Problem, Solved.

For now, at least.

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Rumor Willis: God’s Revenge?

What can be done about Rumor Willis? Is it fair to make fun of her, or is it even possible not to? I’m thinking that since she’s going out of her way to be photographed, we should be allowed to … Continue reading

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Why Women Fall For Bastards

Finally, science looks at bastards! Here is a study that demystifies attraction. Flirty facial messages override bastard qualities, at least  in women looking for a ‘fling.’ I would say “duh” but I’m trying to seem professional. There’s even a little video … Continue reading

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The Best Word To Describe Posh’s Hairdo

When the subject of Victoria Beckham’s hairdo came up during lunch, my friend Tim remarked, “I think it’s assaultive.”   Isn’t he a genius?! Now you know how to discuss this awful hairdo at dinner parties! The style has been named … Continue reading

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Sperm: Not Just a Facial or Protein Drink!

If you’ve been longing for some scholarly discussion of sperm, welcome, this is your lucky day.   I have come upon the mother lode, so to speak: an essay by Camille Paglia in which she reviews three new books about male … Continue reading

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Aimee McWilliams, A Designer To Love

If you don’t love this skirt, you shouldn’t even be here. Scram! If you love it, go here to see more.

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Pseud’s Corner 9-23-07

“For this was the kind of paradigmatic young person it was possible to both extravagantly admire and deeply despair of, a stern intolerant moralist as well as a giddy, buoyant enthusiast, someone perhaps best viewed as a walking Rorschach test.”   … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: Stupidest Answer Ever

Are any of his five sons enlisted in the army, fighting the war Mitt supports? Click here. (Sorry about the ad)

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Hillary Sets The Record Straight

Hillary Clinton was finally asked, point blank, about rumors that she is a lesbian. Here’s her answer: “It’s not true, but it is something I have no control over. People will say what they want to say.” Is that the … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Photo, O.J. Happy Now?

I’m in hog-heaven with all the latest O.J. shit, and it just keeps getting better. The cast of sleazy characters is fantastic! It strikes me that news stories like this one are the equivalent of Victorian novels, for people who … Continue reading

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