Here’s Your Photo, O.J. Happy Now?


I’m in hog-heaven with all the latest O.J. shit, and it just keeps getting better. The cast of sleazy characters is fantastic! It strikes me that news stories like this one are the equivalent of Victorian novels, for people who are too lazy to pick up a book.

O. J. Simpson is in a class of his own, though. He is the ultimate anti-hero, and putting him in jail may afford us a sense of triumph that we can’t get anywhere else. Certainly not from our m*****f*cking government, to use one of O.J.’s favorite w**ds.

This is the photo he was all worked up about, only his copy was signed by J. Edgar Hoover (known as ‘Mary’ to his close friends.)

Who cares if it was a ‘set-up?’ Throw his crazy ass in jail and give the Goldmans the f***ing Rolex!


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