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Madonna in Israel: Feh!

Israeli police and soldiers at checkpoints near the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem turned away thousands of Palestinians trying to go to Jerusalem for the Friday prayers, witnesses said. In Jerusalem, police erected roadblocks around the walled Old … Continue reading

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My Pseud’s Corner

The great British satire magazine Private eye had a feature called ‘Pseud’s Corner,’ where any kind of pseudo-intellectual discourse was mocked. I miss it! So here’s my first tribute, and it’s a good one: In the Los Angeles Times, tin-eared … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Fridge

I’ve always loved the 50s style refridgerators made by Smeg, and now you can order them online! Pink is still my favorite but check out the other colors, too. The name ‘Smeg’ is just an extra bonus!

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Funning Up The Workplace

If Office Jargon gives you a perverse thrill, you must read this essay by Mark Labash on the  movement to bring  “Coercive Joviality” to the workplace. It’s about ‘the infantilization of corporate America.’ It is delightful reading material, and enlightening as well. … Continue reading

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Let’s Drool Over Camilla Staerk

I can’t remember how I discovered Danish-born designer Camilla Staerk, but I love her. Everything she does is so good that I can’t even take umbrage at her enormous oversized handbag. You can find her stuff at Brittique, a wonderful … Continue reading

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It’s Not Porn, It’s HBO Porn

Nothing could prepare me for the awfulness of HBO’s new drama, “Tell Me You Love Me,” not even the deeply annoying “Californication,” Showtime’s own genital-driven atrocity starring that guy from the X-files. “Tell Me You Love Me” follows the dirge-like … Continue reading

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Allenna Ward: All the News That’s Fit to Print

Just like any normal person, I am fascinated by stories about female teachers who have sex with their students. It seems like a recent phenomenon, but perhaps it’s just coming to light now. Mary Kay Letourneau will always be my … Continue reading

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The Handbag Problem

A new book called ‘Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster’ cites some statistics about designer handbags that I find deeply upsetting. Apparently, 40 per cent of Japanese people own a product made by Louis Vuitton. Girls in Japan  will resort to … Continue reading

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Owen Wilson: Boo Hoo

What’s so funny about Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt? I’m not sure, but an ABC news anchor couldn’t stop laughing when she had to report it. Is it because Owen Wilson is such a jerk? Or because he is so privileged … Continue reading

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Fall Fashion 2007

The September issue of Vogue is pleasingly hefty, but in all other respects it is a huge disappointment. I remember the days when opening the September Vogue was a sacred ritual. You had to set aside a period of time … Continue reading

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