All Fall Down: Trumpian Shoes

all fall down

I’ve noticed a new trend in shoes, and it’s perfect for these maddening times. Heels that make walking dangerous if not impossible are kind of Trumpian somehow. Stupid, irrational, and mean-spirited….they are everything but fat and psychotic, right??

The Saint Laurent pumps above are a good case in point. Notice that even though the brand has dropped the Yves from its company name, they’re using it for these heels. Like Trump, they’re flip-flopping on their stated ideals. How dumb would you need to be to buy these shoes?

What about these elephant heels? Why? Just tell me why. Stupid and awful JUST BECAUSE! No one needs to walk on an  elephant, just like no one needs to marry a Slovenian prostitute. To anyone who does either, I remind you that you get what you pay for.

This design isn’t new, but we haven’t had to see it in a while. I remember that Daphne Guinness knew how to walk in shoes like this. But I still don’t get it. Do you have to hop? Is there a thrill in feeling unstable? Again, notice the Trump metaphor.

All roads lead to Trump, I’m afraid. And by afraid, I mean afraid.

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3 Responses to All Fall Down: Trumpian Shoes

  1. Mary Liz says:

    The last shoe seemed to be an optical illusion, or as if you could wear it as shown, and flipped over.

  2. Dj says:

    The elephant shoes are pure red state republican! Statement shoes! MAGA! I’m sure FLOTUS owns a pair, actually I’m sure potus does too……..those bitches Reince and The Mooch will fight over the cast offs, Bannon will chew on one and Speaker Ryan will use one instead of a gavel…I ramble….

  3. Suspended says:

    Hate them all but the elephant wins. I loathe a poorly detailed mould and that elephant looks like something from a cheap Christmas cracker circa ’81.

    I saw those Zanotti’s in his Paris store back in the late 90’s. Now I feel old.

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