All New Chance to Spend Money


Here is the second offering from Sister Wolf’s Hoarded Fashion Collection .

All proceeds will pay bills and enable the Sister Wolf Boat to stay afloat for the time being. Own a piece from this collection and you will own a piece of Sister Wolf’s tragic history to show off to your children and grandchildren or that bitch in your office.


Chanel earrings, never worn. Four inch dangling strings of pearls, rhinestones and sparkly double C’s with a diamante bow clip. Guaranteed authentic. These are serious earrings: heavy and eye-catching, they say “I have a rich sugar daddy and you don’t!” I planned to wear them in Las Vegas on my birthday but I forgot to bring them.   $250. SOLD


Vintage Native American silver and turquoise cuff, with dangling earrings. 1950s or earlier. This cuff is best for a small wrist but it can be adjusted a bit for size.   $110


Oh dear, how do I explain these skull earrings? My brain saw gold and diamonds and rationalized that it was a must item. 14K yellow gold and diamonds, the little hoops can be worn separately, too.   By Sydney Evans, retail for $725.   $400.

Don’t forget there’s still some Chanel and Vivienne Westwood over here that may be gone by the weekend, so go have another look.

If anything interests you, let me know at sisterwolf666@gmail or at my other email address.

Leave comments at your own risk. I really really don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t sound like “Great, I’ll take it!” Being destitute can make one kind of touchy.

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2 Responses to All New Chance to Spend Money

  1. Susan says:

    Omg, was all that stashed away under your bed too? Sounds a tad pricey to me and have never considered skulls particularly stylish. Am surprised you want to sell the earrings though – thought you were a fan of the ‘C’ word?

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Which item is too pricey?? I am open to negotiation if anything is too pricey. Under the bed is the Sister Wolf Wasteland of Unworn Shoes. You really don’t want to see it. Too heartbreaking.

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