Almost Prada, And Yet…


At first glance, the Obscene Boot by Jeffrey Campbell looks like an almost acceptable knock-off of those stupid thigh high garter boots by Prada. But then….


the horror of the side view! Jesus! This kind of thing could cause a cardiac arrest.

Somewhere, there’s a fashion blog with a photo of these boots and a caption saying “Love! Must have.”

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27 Responses to Almost Prada, And Yet…

  1. Alicia says:

    Those are horrible. Fuggin horrible.

    No, seriously. They’re horrible.

  2. dust says:

    Even a long legged Scandinavians would feel short in these! Suitable for flood of Biblical proportions, this look is truly EPIC!

  3. Bratty Duke says:

    Here’s your first endorser:

    She’s actually a really nice person which is why I feel a little bad saying she has the shortest, stumpiest legs this side of Karla’s Closet. I can’t imagine these make her look like she wearing anything but a pair of oddly studded hip waders.

  4. Juri says:

    ZOMG! Fierce. Must have. Major blow job!

    But if I had those I don’t think I could decide whether I should go fishing or audition for a Village People tribute band.

  5. enna. says:

    Are they supposed to be training wheels for thigh-highs? When you master those, you get to try the ones with heels.

  6. The Prada ones were challenging, I found it hard to form an opinion on them because I’m a big fan of Muiccia Prada but these knock offs are hilarious! I think the answer is the thigh high waders were silly and these dreadful imitations prove it.

  7. alittlelux says:

    they look like toggs/waders. can’t wait to rock the fierce fishernista (fisherman/fashionista) look! OMGGGGG!

  8. dexter vandango says:

    They’d be a hell of a lot more attractive if she wasn’t wearing pants.. to me at least..

  9. sarah.p says:

    They are both whorish, and strongly reminiscent of something you’d wear to unblock a cesspit . . . ie, SUITABLE FOR PROFESSIONALS WHO WORK IN WET PLACES:

    Fuck you, fashion. Fuck you.

  10. arline says:

    Sometimes it seems like the fashion industry will pick a trend, hideous as it may be, just to see how many people stupidly follow.

  11. WCGB says:

    Rodeo attire. Not Rodeo Drive, just rodeo.

  12. L says:

    These actually offend me. Ugh, so bad. Jeffrey Campbell shoes do that most of the time, though the Burberry knock-offs are quite decent.

  13. OMGGMAB says:

    Doesn’t Sarah Palin have those in Carhart tan?

    Ah yes, I thought so. Fashion starts with former guvners don’t ya know!

  14. WendyB says:

    They’d be great for trout fishing.

  15. Ann says:

    Those are atrocious. Really horrifying. I can’t help but agree with Arline. There is not a single flattering thing about that footwear.

  16. gretchen says:

    you have to wonder who they took the “average” measurements from ….i feel so petite.

  17. TheShoeGirl says:

    These are almost Prada like I’m almost a Harvard graduate.

  18. jennine says:

    i think they would be great for the Folsom Street Fair.

  19. hammie says:

    Put a bit of gaffa tape around the top and you have yourself a dandy pair of waders. Just the thing for Ireland at this time of year. xx

  20. Andra says:

    Ladies, check out Christina Ricci’s closet in stylesectionla. Apart from the deceased animal on the floor …. wow!!

  21. Alana says:

    I found a horrible post on these boots for you.

    “Rockstar or not, this is one boot every good girl gone bad (or at least wanna be bad) must have. “

  22. youvegotbadtaste says:

    Ew! This is bad. I have the pradas…the lower ones, and I know they’re still ridiculous, but these are just foul! FOUL!

  23. Nats says:

    I love the way they attach onto your belt – very functional, in what way, I cant answer but functional none the less. Maybe someone like Cory Kennedy could make these cool, you know. I, for one, wouldnt and never would be able to make these look anyway near desirable.

  24. caitlin says:

    Feckin’ ‘ell. Those are a crime against nature. Although, given the fact that the fish are disappearing, they could be very useful. If any fishermen fell on really hard times, they could buy those boots and wear them for fishing, ::and:: for working as prostitutes to supplement thei dwindling incomes.

  25. RoseWolf says:

    Ummm… I wear things that look like this on the motorcycle… Us damn dirty bikers call them chaps (well, without the stupid connected boot) and they can be purchased for about $100. I don’t wear them for fashion – I wear them because I value my flesh and use them to protect against road rash.

    It looks like someone was watching SONS OF ANARCHY and designed them.

  26. April says:

    oh wow. ew. and hah to the last sentence!

  27. Rachel says:

    have you seen Sea’s mother’s latest shoe acquisition? the shoes look like these pants!

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