Artists or Idiots?


A disgruntled reader just left a comment on a post about Andrew Krasnow, an artist whose medium is human skin.

I was Googling feminist cunt art when I came across this blog.   No, Krasnow never made lampshades of human skin, and no, the artist never bought the skin at auction.   Dude, get your facts straight before blogging about stuff you don’t know.

Oooh! Feminist cunt art?!? Take it away! But anyone who calls me Dude is worth listening to. This art expert goes on to say:

The idea is to get you to think.   Not everyone understands art. Why did Chris Burden have himself shot? Why did Orlan have 9 surgeries to recreate herself as living art? Why does Paul McCarthy like using ketchup in performance art?   Not everyone is meant to understand art.   If they did, there wouldn’t be such a thing as blue chip art.

Jesus. How many things are wrong with this lecture? I for one have no fucking idea why these artists did what they did, but my guess is that they are idiots. Chris Burden is now part of the establishment and doesn’t want people to kill hamsters and call it art, but that’s a topic for another day.

I’m glad this commenter brought Orlan to my attention, just so I can have another person to jeer at.   She is a French performance artist whose most recent shtick is to undergo icky operations and call it Art.

Why are people so stupid, does anyone know? Who is sillier, Orlan or her audience? I LOVE it when someone challenges me about art, because Dude, that’s why I have a blog. I’m still mad and I’m still getting madder!

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23 Responses to Artists or Idiots?

  1. As Kant would say if he was alive today they are all cunts.

  2. Sorry forgot to add – who can’t paint therefore they have to do other stuff to pretend they have genius.

  3. Eline says:

    Have you heard of Marina Abramovic? I forgot why she did what she did exactly but she has a reason that sort of makes sense;

    It’s basically art that shows us pain & that pain is a medium (just like paint) to make us realise certain things. Ugh, that still doesn’t take away the fact that it’s insane but most of all senseless. In Marina’s time it used to be less senseless because it was supposedly revolutionary & therefore very shoking. Now, it’s just one of the most pretentious things you can do because it has gotten COMPLETELY senseless due to the fact that we’re so desensitised by TV etc.

    This isn’t art to me but to a lot of people (pretentious people probably) art transcends a medium & fixed subject an should be made for political reasons & to get people see how they are living their life is WRONG.

    Sigh, I’ve had a long career of art school & I keep trying to understand them in some way so to get less frustrated with them but I constantly have to conclude they are out of their minds and sadly mostly stupid (my peers who think this is cool, Marina was probably quite intelligent & she did have something to say etc.)


  4. Romeo says:

    Don’t be angry just because you’re one of the person that not understand art.

  5. annemarie says:

    what a fucking cunt. there ARE so many things wrong with this comment, it’s making me tried just thinking about them.

    implying that the point of “blue-chip art” is that people don’t understand it. stupid. i bet this person is an artist. i bet they were googling “feminist cunt art” in the hope of finding what’s already been done so that they can then try to push it a little to further heights of incomprehension. i bet they’d kill their own mother to be considered a “blue-chip artist.”

    it’s because of people like this cunt that so-called “blue-chip art” has become the contemporary equivalent of bad 70s Prog Rock.

    it’s just too ridiculous for words. i can’t go on. Juri? help us!

  6. Jill says:

    I think it’s really called self-mutilation. Which isn’t art, but a psychological disorder. With a touch of grandiosity thrown in.

  7. Danielle says:

    I have a friend who’s an artist, and she still thinks these people are nutjobs. There’s a line between performance art and idiocy, and it’s not really a fine one at that. These people cross it.

  8. Oooooh, I HATE Orlan!
    But I suppose that’s what she wants, isn’t it? I agree that much of this work is psychological disorder disguised as Art.

  9. JK says:

    Who the hell googles that kinda crap? An “art critic?”


    It may’ve been something you said Sister but I’m reminded of an old Arkie saying, “His wheel is turning – but his hamster’s dead.”

  10. Iron Chic says:

    The way I see it, if your “art” is confusing people and not communicating it’s purpose, it IS a pretentious, pointless waste of time.
    Suck it, art snobs!

  11. Kathleen says:

    Well, I’m an artist with a BFA, and I had no idea what “blue chip art” was. I guess I must have been sick that day. Or probably doodling in my notebook, since I was silly enough to think art school is about, oh, doing art.

  12. hammie says:

    “Chris Burden is now part of the establishment and doesn’t want people to kill hamsters and call it art, but that’s a topic for another day.”

    Well thank goodness for that. I can sleep well in my hutch tonight!

  13. Alicia says:

    Why would someone be googling feminist cunt art in the first place??

  14. Bevitron says:

    Yeah — feminist cunt art?!?! (and I didn’t know what blue chip art was, either) — I mean, Jeeze! So I could go to like, the Louvre, and say, Hey, could you please direct me to the Feminist Blue Chip Cunt Art?

    Imagine all those people who wasted their time going to art school when all they needed to do was film their hysterectomy or put boogers in a Plexiglas box.

  15. arline says:

    Perhaps I am a blue chip artist, cause I sure as shit don’t get this DUDE. I have an MFA, and I like Kathleen, must have missed something.

    I remember reading that post about Andrew Krasnow, and it made me think “This is disgusting”.

  16. Juri says:

    “Why did Chris Burden have himself shot? Why did Orlan have 9 surgeries to recreate herself as living art?”
    Dude, why indeed! Why do I want to punch that person in the mouth for using the phrase “recreate herself” here? Why can’t I do it and get away with it by calling it art? Why is it wrong for me to think the only point of this kind of excercise is to help the artists stay self-deluded and, instead of calling the manifestations of their disorders by their proper names, they and their enablers call them art.
    Intervention anyone?
    And I couldn’t agree more with annemarie’s reference to 70s Prog Rock as the equivalent of bad. A friend of mine is dragging me to go see Yes with him in December. I might survive the gig by distancing myself from the experience and pretending we’re all participating in a human installation, instead of a nostalgia night with a 60-year-old band and their 70-year-old audience pretending it’s 1972 again. Dude, why can’t I ever say NO.

  17. dust says:

    Bourgeois boredom is the most wonderful art form.

  18. Iron Chic says:

    Listen Juri, lay off Yes.
    I did some Orlan Googling last night..
    I watched this documantary once about people who have that disorder where they have an overwhelming need to cut off one of their limbs.
    Turns out, all they needed in the end was anti-depressants because they were chemically imbalanced and depressed.
    Apparently Orlan is getting more surgery to have a gigantic nose implanted. AND it is being paid for by the government in the name of ART.
    Prozac is cheaper.

  19. omggmab says:

    Disgusting! reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. I guess feeding girls in a pit to fatten them up and then make lampshades out of their skin is performance art. Is performance art also a criminal defense?

  20. Juri says:

    Listen Iron Chic, I probably won’t, but please don’t take it personally. I didn’t mention them in order to insult anyone. It’s just that I reached my puberty on Punk Rock, and that has pretty much ruined my aesthetics as far as music is concerned. I will go to the concert with an open mind but will probably find myself questioning the point of any song that lasts longer than 3 minutes. I’m also attention-span-wise challenged.

  21. Juri, ah you’ve made me understand why I have the attention span of a hamster (don’t kill ’em). Thank you. I can cancel the pneumatic boob job I was planning in the name of art (ful)

  22. Juri says:

    “No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones in 1977”

  23. Kathleen says:

    Just for lulz, I decided myself to google “feminist cunt art”, and apparently it refers to stuff like Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party”, with the plates that have vaginal designs. Still haven’t gotten around to being truly interested in what blue chip art is, tho.

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