J Brand has started naming its pieces after famous people, offering an “Angelina Jumpsuit” and a “Halle Top.” But I’m only interested in the Bergman Leather Shorts.

Obviously, these shorts are problematic. The length is awful and who wants to spend $575 for a cheap-looking elastic waistband?

I just wish I knew which Bergman J Brand has in mind!

Ingmar Bergman? I can sort of imagine Death wearing leather shorts.

Or Ingrid Bergman? Why pick on her? She always dressed so beautifully!

What is your guess?


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8 Responses to Bergman

  1. JLYNN says:

    Lambskin Ass, Darkly.

  2. David Duff says:

    My guess is that when they assembled the model they picked up the wrong legs!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Oh I don’t know- I like to envision Death coming for me clad in leather shorts.

  4. Andra says:

    Fred Bergman. He sells fruit and vegies from a stall outside his home in Oodnadatta.

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    David – No, those are the right legs. All the models have to look like they have polio. Don’t blame me, it wasn’t my decision.

    JLYNN and Bonnie – I think you’re right, it’s Ingmar. But I hoped it would be me wearing leather shorts when Death sat down for the game of chess.

  6. Andra says:

    Duff, I think you’ve got it. Her right leg doesn’t match her left leg!
    Well done

  7. David Duff says:

    Thank you, Andra I do tend to spend a lot of time looking at ladies’ legs and I now consider myself something of an expert – (he said modestly).

  8. Cricket9 says:

    No, sorry Mr. Duff, these legs belong to the same person – it’s just the shot’s angle, showing some vestigial muscle on her left calf.
    As for the Bergmans- I think Andra is right, it has to be Fred.
    SW, I hope you wouldn’t be caught dead (heh, heh) wearing THESE shorts, game of chess or not.

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