Billie Jean*


*Listen here


Amanda Palmer shows attract misfits,
The disenfranchised
Cute gay Latino boy with his Mohawk lover
Noserings must get caught when they kiss

My sons are amped up and ready
One angry about taking off his hat.
The other
Protects me from a big sweaty douche
Who pushes up behind me, up
Against me with his big male self

Amanda is sad about Michael Jackson
But not sentimental
Billie Jean is not the one
But is
The one we want her to sing

She opens her legs at her piano,
Wide open
Creamy thighs like the ones men
Always talk about.

I see for the first time
Why they want to bury their heads there
Amanda works us over like a first rate whore
And delivers us from our petty differences

Even the big fat girl in the wedding dress
Takes on the glow of a martyr in holy communion
With the Source

I feel a Christlike compassion for the fat girl
For the gay boys,
The Goth schoolgirls swaying, arms around each other
The nerd holding up a lighter
But not the big douche.

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12 Responses to Billie Jean*

  1. honeypants says:


  2. Juri says:

    “The Pope himself must often say/After the labours of the day/It is a fearful thing to be/Me”
    …and it is impossible for us to love big sweaty douches.
    Their mothers loath them
    And even our Lord Jesus Christ finds it difficult to generate appropriate feelings for them, sometimes!

  3. Braindance says:

    wow, pretty special that one sister. I am with you on no love for the douche bag, nobody loves a douche. My godmother had one when I was little, I remember thinking back then what the frigg? Nobody loves a douche…

    Sci-Fi Erotica pictures are up, enjoy. Let me know what costume you like best. A lot of my friends are not up on my page, for they are super private people, but the rest are ego fiends like moi. x

  4. Deni says:

    I’m with honeypants.

  5. Very clever indeed! LOL re armpit hair comment. Still love that post you did.
    Have done a mockery for you on my blog – it features petit garcon!

  6. Jill says:

    I love you Sistah!! Linking to this!

  7. Jill says:

    Braindance reminded me of MY grandmother’s douche bag hanging from the shower rod. I always thought it was a really weird shower cap!!

  8. HelOnWheels says:

    Love it, SW. Thank you. I’ve loved Dresden Dolls and Amanda for years because their live shows seem to bring a very disparate audience together, closer. Or, it could just that I’m a big ole Goth geek still.

  9. Braindance says:

    Jill- SO DID I!!!

    I thought it was for her head, because she had really long locks, I thought it was a device for cleaning them.

    how wrong we were…It was for a different and rather darkside kind of head.

    I have never forgotten the day she told me what it really was for, as she lolled there in the bath. And yes, I left the room before she put it in to action, still not really sure how they work, is it not dangerous having all that water swishing around in one’s nether regions?

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Honeypants -Yay!

    Juri – It is just so.

    Braindance – Hahaha!

    Deni – I really tried to write a poem. It’s too hard!

    Jill – My mom had one. It looked scary.

    Braindance – Let us not learn how to use one!

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