Comments For Jane 6-30-2010

This week, Sea posed in an ugly sweter and blamed it on Mom. I sense a rift between them, an overdue separation of their creepy merged identities. They no longer link to each other’s blog and they’re making subtle digs at each other.   I am hoping for a titanic war with no holds barred. Don’t they owe us that?!

Meanwhile, Sea declared herself a tragic know-nothing would-be hipster by foolishly writing a post about “Bad Art.” She doesn’t know the difference between kitsch, outsider art and folk art. All she knows is that stuff that looks crude is cool to like. Like, omg, Bad Art! It’s so funny! My own definition of bad art would be that crap in Sea’s living room.

Sea won’t publish your comments, you worthless proles, but you can leave them here. I will go first:

Dear Sea, Please don’t write about things that are way over your head! Stick to Miu Mui clogs! Go find out about Reverend Howard Finster, Adolf Wolfli, Renaldo Kuhler, and then read Jim Shaw’s mission statement in his book on Thrift Store Art.   What will it take to make you feel ashamed? This is a real question. Love, SW

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60 Responses to Comments For Jane 6-30-2010

  1. annemarie says:

    Who invited the Sea Avengers to this party?

    Jane of Shoes is 17. She doesn’t go to regular school any more. She piles outlandishly expensive clothes upon her back and feet and is celebrated for her “style.” She is duly feted by magazines and designers send her their merchandise. Should she be punished for that. Well, not really; she’s only a child. But should SOMEBODY tell her that it’s a complete load of horseshit, given that her mother won’t because she’s a toolbag and the industry people won’t because they sense a way to make money and target new markets? Hell, YES!!

    To the stupid, Sister Wolf might appear to be a hate-filled party pooper. But anyone with more than six brain cells can see that she is standing up for all that is GOOD AND TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS.

    So fuck off Sea worshippers. You are not fit to attend this party. Sorry.

  2. Nati Hell says:

    why is it that people don’t understand that making fun of someone doesn’t require a lot of energy?? They are always like “OMG YOU SPEND SO MUCH TIME HATING JANE, YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!”.. eh no…

    On the other hand, Seas avengers ( name credits to annemarie ) must have a hard time trying to come up with some response that matches sister wolf’s tone.

    Awww… stop it.

  3. R says:

    Dani makes some good points. Mockery is good for the soul. Especially when the rest of the world bends over so far to kiss your ass . . ahem . . . Steven. Just look at all the sea protectors on here that want to tell us how naughty we’ve been. I’m sure Sea will send you all a lovely hand written card for your hard work. Oh wait, she’s turned off her comments, so you can’t even tell her what a good deed you did defending her honor. How will she ever know??? What will you guys do? Ah shit! Wait, she left a note behind. It says “Out buying shoes, suckers. I’m still too good/rich to be your friend. Ta ta”

    Guess what? Sister Wolf is my friend. We communicate. I don’t just oogle her possessions. There’s a dialog here and it’s fun. We’re a community and I love it. Even when you trolls come along to try and piss on the parade. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, you whiners.

  4. Mark says:

    Urbain–Those fingernails! I don’t know if I love them or if they totally freak me out. The latter. Thanks for linking.

  5. Mark says:

    Dear Sea,

    I think most of the kids your age from your socioeconomic bracket are going to college in a few months. What will you be doing in a few months?


  6. Precious;) says:

    There are a billion fashion blogs out there with semi to full grown up women parading in their crass wardrobe and piling on ridiculous hats, bows, chains and all manners of ornamentation in the PUBLIC domain, goaded by a gazillion breathless, adoring fans that would make Jim Jones proud, and it’s not ok for a couple of blogs to viciously poke fun at this Phenomenally Stupid 15 Minutes Fame Whoring Occurence?

    Worse, these self-obsessed narcissists euphemistically proclaim themselves championing a new “liberalization” of “speech” (understandable as the truth as described is simply too awful to contemplate), but well then, they SHOULD expect this means speech that laugh at their antics will be aired.

    It was perhaps a little fun in the beginning, but the overwhelming Parading of Airheads is getting tiresome and shows there is something seriously wrong with our society where perfectly great technology is used to dumb down and rev up mindless consumerism among the mostly female fan base.

  7. BethUK says:

    Do you know. I felt a little bad reading some of those comments. I was pretty mean about young Jane. For me, anyway.

    Then I looked up what she’d written about the ‘bad’ art and the jacket she’s planning to ruin. I know it’s the preserve of teenaged girls to feel a little superior the rest of us but she has been genuinely patronising and offensive. If she can rubbish people in such a public way then she can surely take a little of her own?

    Jane, if you wanted to paint on something then why did you not buy a jacket at the thrift store? Why destroy someone’s hard work?

    Steven – for the purposes of this comment I’m going to assume that you’ve never lost a child. How dare you be so arrogant as to tell someone else how to handle a grief like that?

    Well said Precious. SW -I keep coming back to your blog because it reminds me not to get sucked in by all the hype.

  8. HypeSwipe says:

    Wondering which minion blew you $99.00 + shipping for a used second tier designer label “MARC” by Marc Jacobs jacket. Could you not convince them they needed the sheep dip coat from “Top Shop” for $150.00. Perhaps if you had suggested they use one to paint the other they might have been oblivious to the hype and doubled your sales.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    HYpeswipe – Oooh, are you following me like I’m Rachel Zoe?!?!? Thanks for your interest! xo

  10. RedHeadFashionista says:

    HelOnWheels, is this high horse you refer to drawn by Sea and friends with a magical leo-pluro-don? I really hope so.

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