Comments For Jane 8-3-2010

Sea has taken a brief respite from shoe curating but the posing and self-adoration continue unabated, like the tides.

Sea acquired an ugly cockroach necklace in an effort to establish her quirkiness, and she heaped on the black eye liner for a Clueless Goth  effect. She and Mom snagged a lame python jacket after a harrowing close call with not snagging it! Whew! Thank god it all worked out.

Most noteworthy is the garbled language skills that Sea has been curating! Here is her observation about her taste in interior design:

“I guess the baroque-psychedelia of Foster’s Home has my eye trained on the more whimsical touches of the mansions from the Gilded era. I got this book at Dolly Python yesterday and   love to see l that so many of these suffocatingly extravagant rooms have touches of candy colors like mint green, bubblegum pink, and robin’s egg blue.”

Hahahaha! “Suffocatingly extravagant?!?” Suffering succotash! That sounds like a description of her own living room!

Okay, you know the drill. I’ll go first:

Dear Sea, You’ll never believe this but I have the same black sweater from Lucky Jeans so we’re almost twins! Do you ever wonder what you would think about if you weren’t wealthy? Did you know that most women have a deep-seated dread of being like their mom? I like how you defy this fear by trying to look like a thirty-something divorcee circa 1980. If you need more cockroaches, let me recommend my kitchen! Love, SW

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246 Responses to Comments For Jane 8-3-2010

  1. Bourbon Drinker Known as MJ says:

    OMG, you are “doing something right” if you are featured in a fashion magazine?

    Way to aim high. WTF.


    I like this photo of me better. Its what happens when you eat too much ice cream!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for the entertainment. Some of the best relationships in my life started out on the wrong foot. Try to have an open mind. You enjoy life a lot more. Try not to get so mad about things you cannot control. (Not good for you bbs!!) You are welcome at Dolly Python ANY TIME.

  3. Katie says:

    First thing is first: I love this blog, and I love SW’s posts to death. I love all of the drama and the battles between the commenters.

    Second, NO ONE should be insulting SW in relation to her personal life. That is just below the belt and extremely cruel.

    …but I also think it’s below the belt to call Sea fat. Below the belt is below the belt. If you want to challenge fashion, don’t perpetuate one body type.

  4. Monique says:

    I like people who think fashion is all one big joke. Have you not seen “The Devil Wears Prada?” Everytime you put on a pair of sweatpants, you’re making a fashion statement, whether you’d like to admit it or not. Just like when Anne Hathaway’s character thinks just because she’s wearing a frumpy blue sweater, she doesn’t “care” about the frivolities of the fashion world.

    Here’s what I see as the funny thing about this whole thread. You mock fashion, but most of you seem to have read Jane’s blog long and well enough to hate on her, her mother (who truly is looking out for her daughters and wants them to be successful like most parents do), and her take on style. To me that says you care enough about fashion to mock someone whose tastes don’t suit your own. So don’t act all fucking high and mighty like fashion is soooooo beaneath you. If you know so much about what good taste is (cockroaches aren’t, so say the masses on here) then let’s see what the fuck you’re all wearing! Oh right, I forgot you all don’t care about silly stuff like that. It’s about being “conspicuous consumers” and wasting money on shoes. Hey, some really fucking rich people waste their money on drugs, hookers, and commiting white collar crime. Why aren’t you making fun of them?

    Anytoots, here’s a message from my sponsor Gretchen, since she’s been blacklisted from posting here:

    “I like this photo of me better. Its what happens when you eat too much ice cream!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for the entertainment. Some of the best relationships in my life started off on the wrong foot. Try to have an open mind. You enjoy life a lot more. Try not to get so mad about things you cannot control. (Not good for you bbs!) You are welcome at Dolly Python ANYTIME.”

    Gretchen would also like to point out the hypocrisy in her being censored from this thread as it was mentioned above that Jane chose to remove comments from her blog. She also wishes to thank you for the free advertising.

  5. Alicia says:

    Her comment posted an hour before yours, Monique. No one is being censored…

  6. theresa says:

    monique. proper grammar doesn’t exist at all. idiotic expression DOES though.

    love from,
    mediocre, bored wasteful cunt, outclassed 21 year old who’s great grandmother has been somehow out dressed out of her shit by judy aldridge.

    deedee just tossed in her grave. she was a spunky old broad from new hampshire- this vitriol would be offensive to her.

    or something.

  7. theresa says:

    either way, we’ve all got to agree that anyone arguing their position and loyalties is exercising their brain a lot more than when they are surfing through endless fashion and gossip sites.

    I don’t see how thats negative at all. Some of the greatest and most influential works of philosophy and literature were CRITIQUES.

    Im not saying we’re writing masterpieces about icecream and cockroaches or anything, but its better than OMG I LOVE THAT SHINY THING YOU SNAPPED UP ON EBAY.

  8. Gretchen bell aka dolly python says:

    (I’ve never come across such stuck up bitches with pounds of sand in their cunts. Wears me out big time)

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    theresa – But we are writing masterpieces! Let’s just admit it!

    Monique – WHORE!

  10. HelOnWheels says:

    OMG! Gretchen is being opressed!! (Betcha she doesn’t even know from where that little gem is!). WHORE!

    Monique – WHORE!

    @theresa – Shiny thing?? Where?!!

  11. Monique says:

    Gretchen told me her e-mail was marked as spam and that she hadn’t been able to post with a different e-mail address so I guess her IP address was logged. Hmmmmmmm. Anyways, her message to you all this time is that “the pounds of sand in your cunts must be painful.” I think she might be right. You might want to get that checked out.

    And on a final note

  12. Bells says:

    Monique – TL;DR…except:

    “It’s impossible to beat people who have nothing better to do all day than to sit here and troll comments for any possible chance they get to validify their closemindedness. Plus all your “witty” retorts are boring”

    Awww, Monique, you shouldn’t be so critical of yourself.

    Monique obviously has no idea what irony is. Hey, Monique, irony = your post.


  13. Sister Wolf says:

    Monique – WHORE!

  14. Nati Hell says:

    Wow… Monique is dumb. Who’s talking about hating fashion? Since when Sea of Jane became a synonym of fashion? Shit Monique… if you’re going to say stupid stuff here, at least try to keep it in topic, don’t be such a douche.

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Nati – Just say WHORE! You’re going to like it, you’ll see xo

  16. Nati Hell says:

    Oh my my!! I forgot about that for a moment!

    Yo, Monique! WHORE!

  17. Marky says:


    You’re correct. Most of us are conspicuous consumers. But there is a difference between buying and wearing a piece of expensive clothing, and broadcasting that purchase over the Internet. Sea’s blog is concerned almost exclusively with her ostentatious lifestyle. That leaves her open to ridicule.

    I don’t think Gretchen was ever blocked from leaving posts here; she was asked to stop leaving them. Don’t compare this to Sea’s removing the comments section from her blog.

    I’m sorry you have to live in Texas. No matter how rich you are, it sucks there.

    And now onto the important stuff:

    Dear Sea,

    Hello. Like others here, I think you have great skin. Use SPF 50+ to keep it great.

    I think the best question anyone has ever posed to you is the one SW posed above: Do you ever wonder what you would think about if you weren’t wealthy?

    I suggest you ponder that for a while. Seriously. Turn off your computer, put away your shoes, sit your ass down on your Starck Ghost Chair, and imagine what you would be thinking about if you weren’t rich. What would you do if you weren’t rich? Art? Would you design clothing? Would you read more books and fewer fashion blogs?

    I don’t read your blog enough to know if you graduated from high school this year, but if you did, I hope you’re considering college. I think you’d like it. Especially if you went somewhere thousands of miles from your mother and the state of Texas. It would probably be good to get away from Ronnie, too. I kind of get the feeling he’s not into you in any sort of romantic or sexual way; he wants to *be* you.


  18. P says:

    I will not condone Monique’s comment, but would like to add that I do love that particular scene in The Devil

  19. Monique says:

    I like the how the rest of my previous post has mysteriously disappeared. But we aren’t censoring anything on here, right?

    Most of you probably learned what irony is from that Alanis Morrisette song. Regardless, you’re still a bunch of sorry old

  20. P says:

    I will not condone Monique’s comment, but would like to add that I do love that particular scene in The Devil

  21. Cricket9 says:

    Re: “they must be doing something right”: yes, of course they do, they buy, buy, buy and buy – which matches exactly the goal of these magazines and their editors – to sell, sell, sell – would it be cockroach necklaces, stupid croc bags or anything by “Al” Wang. By the way, the fact that Kanye West or Karl Lagerfeld like someone’s blog does not impress me that much. None of them is exactly a Nobel Prize winner or Mahatma Ghandi.

  22. Marky says:


    I love it!

  23. Kathleen says:

    I really am liking Gretchen.
    She’s fun.

    Too bad Texas is too damned hot for me.

  24. Kathleen says:

    And, oh yeah.
    Everyone is a whore.
    So there.

  25. Sister Wolf says:

    Kathleen – WHORE!

  26. Angelica says:

    Hey Sea and Mom: Unemployment in the U.S. is at almost 10% and underemployment is more than double that. And that’s all I got to say about that.

  27. Nat says:

    Monique – I have the best fucking dress sense I know AND I have a fucking closet that will make you drop down dead with jealousing so please dont presume that all of SW’s fans shop at The Limited yeah? Also what the fucking does this mean “Don’t live in fucking glass house if your shit stinks.” I think your getting your proverbs mixed up love. What the fuck does that even mean?? I think you dont think your shit stinks and you’re getting confused babe.

  28. Nat says:

    Oh and SW, my boyfriend is on your fucking side – and he rocks, and all you trolls better be scared cos he dont take fools gladly…

  29. a says:

    To me looks like “Sea of Shoes” does too much of photo retouching (infamous shine) and enhancing; she always says “I’m editing my pictures for hours/days” (poor girl). Anyhow who cares, there are better and more popular blogs to focus on. Ciao.

  30. Rat says:

    Come on you guys, be nice, Monique obviously can’t help it that she was repeatedly dropped on her head as a child.

  31. JESSICA says:

    Wow! What a bunch of misinformed, unaware, ignorant, jealous, caddy, moronic, low-life, scum bag, judgmental, RETARDS. I have known Jane for some time now and I CAN SAY, SINCE I ACTUALLY KNOW HER…. that ALL of you who are casting negative judgement are ALL WRONG. First of all, most of what you are all saying isn’t even correct information!!!!!!!!!! Get your shit straight before you go attacking someone you DONT EVEN KNOW! Jane is a BEAUTIFUL, WELL SPOKEN, KIND, SMART, CREATIVE, HUMBLE, YOUNG WOMAN. I have had the pleasure of meeting her mom and sister as well and NONE of them deserve your BEATINGS! You can all go suffocate IN NEGATIVITY with THE DEVIL…. SISTER WOLF!!!! YALL ARE CREEPS!

  32. Sister Wolf says:

    Jessica – Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Caddy, too??

  33. JESSICA says:

    bahahahaha! misspelling a word is the least of my worries you sorry, old, CATTY, hag. this is fun. you are miserable…….. why don’t you stop being a puss and put ALL OF GRETCHEN’S COMMENTS? HUH?

  34. Sister Wolf says:

    Jessica – One day you will will be in your 50s. From the looks of you now, you will be much more of a hag. Start dieting right now. p.s This comment moderation is the business! You’re done here, you fucking moron.

  35. Annemarie – thanks! Are you serious about the Molly likeness? I’ve never had that before. But I do love Molly so I’ll take that as a compliment if it was meant as one.

  36. And I’m very worried by all this reference to 4chan, I thought that was purely the pursuit of spotty teenagers and balding socially challenged types with no constructive outlet. Or so I’ve been told…..

  37. Oh Jessica….it was going so well until YALL. I hope Jane is nice to you.
    And Georgia, I can’t quite tell if the person who included the phrase ‘boundless creativity’ in the title was gently mocking Sea and Mom. It’s just such a deeply sarcastic-sounding phrase.

  38. Georgia says:

    The whole thing made them come across as pretentious arses IMO, it seems like they have changed their tune a bit. Find it strange how they basically say they project a fantasy and don’t really live like that when they do . .
    Love your site btw

  39. Queen of Mayhem says:

    I dunno, I like the cockroach. I have dead butterflies myself. And yeah, if I had any $ I’d go for the Chanel Yeti collection– though probably not the scary pants unless I was going to the arctic circle..

  40. Its better to be kind than it is to be right, bitches.

    -dylan hollingsworth

  41. Sister Wolf says:

    Dylan – Who are the bitches, in your opinion??

  42. Let me rephrase my previous comment just so I don’t get any more ridiculous anon hater comments on my own blog …I didn’t mean Jane was a “side show circus act” …I meant her blog was as riveting as one …meaning you can’t stop watching.

    Apologies to anyone who didn’t understand my comment and was butt hurt over it. 😉

  43. inj says:

    im with you on a lot of issues but i think janes issue is a bit off….

  44. cardy uggs says:

    Have a great day! Thanks for sharing. :0

  45. M says:

    hahahahaha oh god this made my day! hahaha can’t stop laughing

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