Dirty English: More Crap From Juicy

I was rudely awakened to the news of Juicy Couture’s new men’s fragrance ‘Dirty English’ by the envelope that arrived with my Nordstrom bill. I was struck by the stupid face in the ad, which seems based on an Ashton Kutcher prototype.

Some research brought me this boast by one of the two Juicy billionairesses: “Any self-respecting bad boy will want to wear it.” Is “self-respecting bad boy” an oxymoron? Or is the Juicy customer a moron? Either way, the fragrance is supposed to be a medley of peppered mandarin, blue cypress, black leather, ebony wood, amber musk, etc etc.

The envelope smelled like a manly room-spray. Reviews agreed that Dirty English was a disappointment. The ad copy includes the injunction: “Live hard, live fast, live loud, live now.” Obviously, they don’t advise the customer to Die Young, because dead guys don’t wear fragrance.

I want my Bad Boys to smell like their own sweat mixed with my Flowerbomb perfume, as transferred from the back of my neck. They can also smell a little like rusty metal and patchouli, if they want to. They definitely shouldn’t smell like any crap from Juicy Couture, and they better not be wearing the trashy necklace that comes with the bottle.

I think someone should create a fragrance called “Pete Doherty”, which I think is the fantasy that Juicy had in mind. It could come with a little trilby hat! Hurry, let’s get this going before someone copies my idea!

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3 Responses to Dirty English: More Crap From Juicy

  1. Mark says:

    Dear God, Please stop Juicy (AKA LIZ CLAIBORNE!!!!!!!!). Love, Mark

  2. boots ugg says:

    This one is really great. Just found your blog through another blog. What a great project! I love toys, I love photographs — you have just made my day! Thank you! ~Lisa~I’m not very good at English but I hope you understand me 😉

  3. Chelse says:

    this is fucking hilarious.

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