Gladiator Sandals: No But Yes

I am sick to death of gladiator sandals and being urged to wear them. Every magazine and fashion blog is insisting that they are a Must. I hate them and I’m hating them more with each new batch I see.

But then! I saw these fake gladiator things that you can snap on over your shoes…and I actually ordered a pair. What the hell is wrong with me?

On the same website, I came across these hideous gold fingernail-rings. Now this is something I feel pretty secure about not buying. They are horrible enough to make me happy to be alive, but not something I’m nuts enough to buy. Yet.

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3 Responses to Gladiator Sandals: No But Yes

  1. Mark says:

    Those gold fingernail rings have utterly destroyed me for at least a week.

    Send those snap-on gladiator attachments back!

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