Kissing God’s Ass

Watching Hillary and Obama speak about their religious views at Messiah College was a demoralizing experience for us heathens. It was as if they each wanted to out-Christian the other: each tried to prove their cred by blabbing about the depth of their “faith.”

Where the hell are we, anyway? Isn’t religion supposed to be a personal matter here in America? What a horrible spectacle it was. Hillary even stooped to mention Esther, as a come-on to her “Jewish friends.”

I can’t believe it’s come to this in Democratic politics. I don’t want anyone’s god in the White House but now it seems like we’re going to be voting for whoever can pose most convincingly as god’s BFF.

If that’s not bad enough, Hillary has a new ad that takes advantage of Obama’s so-called gaffe about “bitterness.” She’s like a shark who smells blood. How dare Obama suggest that poverty and unemployment lead to bitterness!

I never liked Randi Rhodes much, but now that she’s lost her job for calling Hillary a “big fucking whore,” I think she’s a  paragon of truth and integrity.

Do I sound bitter at all? If you feel bitter too, check out Bitter Voters for Obama.

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3 Responses to Kissing God’s Ass

  1. kari says:

    I have to say it — and hate to be weird — but I love you.

  2. Ethan Lua says:

    Your actuelly somewhat entertaining

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