Today’s Dilemma

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the baby with two faces. I’ve been sick in bed. I know it’s my duty to call attention to Horrible Stuff, so here are two things to think about.

The baby was born in India and is being worshiped as a goddess. Both faces are operative and work independently.

Here in the US, Pamela Anderson is said to have danced naked for Hugh Hefner on his 82nd birthday. Sleazy hotel owner George Maloof says “He [Hef] had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.”

Which of these two stories makes you feel more despondent?

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2 Responses to Today’s Dilemma

  1. Mark says:

    Just realized the humor in the headline you chose…you’re a sick, sick, sick woman.

  2. Bubba says:

    Hef! Definitely Hef. The Indian kid is an accident of birth, Hef is a leftover from the freak generation. I liked the freak generation, but that bus has left the road. The dilemma is, how do you end a generational icon? I suppose you could just wait until all members of that generation is dead, but Goddammit, subsequent generations will, sooner or later, start a revival. Christ, if we don’t let go now, then when?

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